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Ruzzle 10 rate Love competitive word games, like Words with Friends? Well, try Ruzzle! In this game, you’ll get to pit your expansive vocabulary and speed against another player. The time is ticking down on the clock, are you ready to challenge other players in the fastest word game on the planet? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Love competitive word games, like Words with Friends? Well, try Ruzzle, one of the most popular and addictive word games on the internet! In this game, you’ll get to pit your expansive vocabulary and speed against another player. Use the bonus multipliers to your advantage and of course, the longer word you can match up, the more points you’ll get… just don’t spend too much time on figuring out a long word. Sometimes, multiple short words can get you the same score as 1 long word. The time is ticking down on the clock, are you ready to challenge other players in the fastest word game on the planet?


The game starts you off with an optional tutorial. You can choose to skip the tutorial if you want but it will only take up around 2 minutes of your time, so why not give it a chance, especially if you’ve never played such a game before.

Generally, like most games that require you to “find as many words as you can”, Ruzzle provides you with the option of linking up letters in a 4 by 4 box to form words. You can link up letters by moving your cursor upwards, downwards, diagonally or even a mixture of all these 3 methods. In fact, any direction is allowed as long as one letter piece is connected to the previous letter of the word. You can even do cross overs and link all the letters in a 2x2 box into a word.

In Ruzzle, you are not allowed to reuse a letter once it is already used in the word and the word constructed must be consisted of a minimum of 2 letters. But of course, the longer the word, the better score you’ll get from it. However, this is not always the case due to the presence of bonus multipliers much like what Scrabble offers, namely double or triple letter and double or triple word bonuses. Sometimes, if you could link up as many bonuses in your word (perhaps even all of them), it doesn’t really matter if your word is “merely” 4-letters long. The resulting score that you’ll get can possibly be so much higher than even a 7 or 8 letter word!

The challenge in Ruzzle is further ramped up by its time-based aspect. Each match you play will limit you to only 2 minutes. You’ll then need to find as many words as you can within that duration. It may be rather difficult to get used to the time-limit since you’ll need to be not only fast, but accurate as well (every wrong word you make will cost you some time!). Therefore, you might want to begin by trying out the game’s helpful, single-player practise mode. Here, you can improve your skill by playing on your own before taking on the more experienced players from around the world!

Ready to compete? Well, there are 2 forms of multiplayer games that you can play in Ruzzle, namely normal multiplayer matches and weekly tournaments. For normal multiplayer matches, you can challenge and compete with your Facebook friends or even with any of the players in Ruzzle’s huge community to see who has the widest vocabulary and the quickest hand. There are 3 rounds in this type of matches and you’ll need to win 2 or more rounds to win the game.

Furthermore, other player may also challenge you via that multiplayer feature, and if you accept, you’ll be immediately dropped into a match. The matches are not compulsorily in real time as you can play your round later if time doesn’t permit, but they usually are in real time. You can also resign the match if you feel that your vocab is not up par with this particular player.

For the week-long tournaments, you’ll be playing single player matches, but there’s a twist, your score will be ranked on a leaderboard where only the top 20 scores are displayed. You can play as many times as you like for tournaments so you could try to get as many points as possible every day for an entire week. Your best round score each day is added up to the week total. Do take note that although you can replay rounds, the last round you play for the day will become your final score. It doesn’t matter if that score is your highest, lowest or somewhere in between. Thus, once you get a high enough score, you might want to stop playing tourney matches to avoid accidentally overwriting your high score with a lower one.

Tournament matches are not exactly fair though, as the game offers you boosters as long as you have the cash to spend. Some examples include extra 20 seconds and extra triple word bonus (both costing 50 coins each). These boosters when used correctly could help bolster your final score and naturally, people who spend may earn that extra advantage over everybody else. However, if you managed to somehow win a tournament, you can win up to 100 coins!

Ruzzle is an incredible and fast-paced word finding game as at the end of every round, you’ll get a total score and some nice stats, such as the longest word, accuracy (correct vs incorrect words), and swipe distance. You’ll also get a detailed comparison of the words you and your opponents have found as well as those that are not found (for multiplayer). For single player, you’ll get a list of all the words that can be found in the match as well as a list of the words you’ve actually found. It’s a nice way for you to learn new words by comparing what you know and what words you don’t know. Interestingly, Ruzzle can also be played in other languages such as Spanish. If you love competitive word games, Ruzzle is definitely at the top of the list.


Ruzzle has a huge and vibrant community of wordies (word lovers) that spans between platforms, namely Facebook and mobile. The game is still going strong after 3 years – after all, it’s a classic word game – and has over 570 thousand likes on its Facebook page. If you’re looking for new friends to play Ruzzle with or even to chat with your fellow Ruzzlers, be sure to head over to the Ruzzle fan page and mingle! Don’t forget to like the page to be a part of this amazing community!

Graphics/ Sound

The interface of the game itself is rather simplistic, giving it a clean and orderly look. The letters on the tiles are very clearly displayed, particularly with the tiles’ white background. In terms of sound, Ruzzle provides sound effects whenever you’ve made a correct or wrong word. There is no background music, which is actually a good thing as you’ll need all the concentration you can get to spot words and match them up as rapidly as you can.


All in all, Ruzzle is a fast-paced and fun word game where you can challenge your friends or even other players in its very vibrant community of wordies (word lovers). Find as many words as possible in 2 minutes and see how high your score can go to! Climb the tournament leaderboard to reach the very top and stand a chance of winning up to 100 coins. If you’re a true “wordie”, you mustn’t miss out on this incredible game. Play Ruzzle now!

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New Game Added: Ruzzle

by Aethyna Sep 23, 2015
Love competitive word games, like Words with Friends? Well, try Ruzzle! In this game, you’ll get to pit your expansive vocabulary and speed against another player. The time is ticking down on the clock, are you ready to challenge other players in the fastest word game on the planet? Triple letter in Ruzzle Ruzzle: Play in other languages Link up words in Ruzzle Read More
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