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Rodinia War 8 rate Set up a strong economy and an army by constructing and upgrading various buildings in your city as well as recruiting and upgrading your units. Recruit knights of varying classes to lead your army and level them up via Knight mode. Plan and launch attacks, either to pillage or to conquer, at your neighboring cities! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Touted as being the first of its kind, Rodinia War is a brilliant mix of MMORTS and third-person MMORPG that can be played in both your browser or on its downloadable client (free to download, of course!). In this game, you’ll be kept busy developing your empire and your territory by constructing and upgrading various buildings, including the most vital buildings – the resource-producing ones! With a growing economy and a ballooning army, you can then plan and execute your huge battle plans to conquer or pillage other players’ empires. The most interesting aspect of the game is its knight system. You’ll need to recruit knights of varying classes (archer, mage, warrior) in this game to lead your troops to victory. However, a weak leader is a huge no-no, so you’ll need to level him or her up via the knight mode a.k.a. the third-person MMORPG mode. As you travel from location to location, help your villagers by completing quests for them. Does this game sound immensely fun? Well, why don’t you head on over to Rodinia War and experience the game yourself today?


A long time ago, the Rodinian continent was trampled with destruction by Black Dragon Nidhogg. The Gods of Asgard fought it and eventually Nidhogg's soul/essence was locked away in the Sealstone and moved up to Asgard.

Hundred years have passed... Radam, the God of Knowledge took interest in the Sealstone and Nidhogg. While observing and touching the Sealstone, the dark power from the stone latched on to Radam’s his hand. In his panic, he had to cut off his hand instead! He also took his prized possession, a god-forged weapon, and attempted to destroy the foul Sealstone.

The blow from the god-forged weapon shattered the Sealstone and it, along with Radam's hand, were scattered across the Rodinian continent. The creatures tainted by Nidhogg's power became monsters. Driven to madness by Nidhogg's influence, they started to destroy the continent

As the destruction of the continent started, the king called upon all the powerful noblemen to help prevent the monsters from further causing any destruction. Heroes are born from all the fighting - reborn like a phoenix rising from the ashes! Being one of the newer nobleman, you will have to contribute to the war effort. Will you be able to survive in Rodinia’s war? Well that’s up to you to decide!


Before the game starts off with a rather comprehensive tutorial, you’ll first be prompted to create your Lord’s name and your territory name. You’ll also need to choose a territory image and select a region to establish your empire. There are 4 regions to choose from, namely Adria up north, Herimos in the south as well as with Bellimis and Selinus in East and West respectively. The resources in each region are fairly distributed, so it doesn’t really matter which region you choose. So, just pick one that you like!

Once you’re done, you’ll be brought to your rather barren city. Don’t worry though! You’ll soon be building it up in no time! But first, before you start planning massive invasions or splurging your resources in your army, you should definitely begin by strengthening your economy. For all things “resources”, you’ll need to head over to the resource map where it shows you the location where your resource buildings are at.

There are generally 4 types of resources that you should be keeping track of – wood, stones, iron and food. You can start producing these resources at a steady supply rate by building lumber camps, quarries, mines and farms. Don’t forget to upgrade them as well while your empire grows! After all, a bigger empire will most certainly consume more resources and you’ll need to feed that consumption or your empire will be weak.

If you need more resources, fear not! Rodinia War provides other ways for you to earn those extra resources you need! Firstly, you can get some bonus resources by completing quests and turning them in. You can also trade the resources you don’t need with the ones you need with other players at the marketplace. Also, you can reduce the booty of resources that your enemies will pillage from you whenever they have successfully attacked your city by building a secret storage. Similar to resource-producing buildings, you should also upgrade your buildings periodically to increase their level and enhance their efficiency.

Now that you have a huge load of resources... what’s next? Why, it’s time to build up a force so formidable that people will tremble when they saw you coming from miles away! To do so, you’ll need a barracks to recruit your soldiers and a rally spot that will become the base of operations for your troops to prepare for war. Rodinia War offers a large range of units that you can recruit, such as scouts, archers, spearman, gladiator, cavalryman, monk, wizard and a range of siege weapons like ballista, battering ram and catapult. Most of these units are locked at first though; you’ll need to unlock them by constructing additional buildings like the archery range, mystic and workshop. Don’t forget to enhance your troops’ armor and weapons at the forge to give them that extra edge to win the battle!

An army without a good leader is like a well-sharpened sword without an owner. Thus, you’ll to recruit knights of varying classes, namely warrior, archer and mage, from the knight mansion as well! You can recruit 1 knight daily for free and you can hire up to 4 knights (but you’ll need to unlock additional knight slots first). There are different grades of knights, namely superior, rare and unique, and, of course, a knight with a better grade would be much stronger than an inferior knight. Furthermore, besides leading your troops, knights also make your cities stronger by being appointed as magisters to increase the efficiency of your cities or help in defense, making it much harder for enemies to conquer your lands.

The most interesting aspect of Rodinia War is that you can send your knights off on missions via the gateway and subsequently the Knight Mode and bam! You’ll be dropped right into the continent of Rodinia in a full-blown third-person MMORPG that is very much like a standalone MMORPG (and not those browser MMOs)! It is in this mode you’ll be able to help your fellow distressed citizens by completing quests (lots of them, in fact) and in the meantime, you’ll get to level up your knights, one at a time, to make them stronger!

Questing is simple in this game since your map will show you where to go and your quest tracker will let you know which item to collect or which mob to kill. Though, it is also very unique as there are no quest givers in Rodinia War. Instead, by going into specific zones, you’ll automatically be given that zone’s mission quests. So, there’s no need to return to the quest giver to turn in the quest. Once you’re done with whatever the quests need, you can just complete it and claim the gold reward (and of course, experience points).

Each questing location also has its own accumulative mission rewards in addition to your quest rewards. By questing in that location (and completing those quests), you’ll slowly inch your way to the bonus mission rewards. There are 3 levels of rewards for you to obtain, so this means that you’ll be grinding your way through quest after quest to obtain all levels of rewards. Once a zone mission is complete (meaning that all mission rewards have been claimed), you can move on to a new level since there won’t be any quests for you for that zone and that you should be leveled up enough to face the challenges in the next zone.

Each zone has quests for a specific character level as well. For instance, the Miner’s Shelter zone provides only level 2 quests, while the Topaz Qaurry offers level 3 quests. And, unfortunately, the quests can be a tad bit grindy since the quests given for missions are usually recycled. Don’t get me wrong, there are quite a variety of quests, but they tend to be “kill X minions” or “collect X items”. Anyway, as you level up, your knight’s abilities evolve according to the knight’s level, allowing you to use better abilities during combat. You can also equip better gear (gear are dropped from mobs or purchased from vendors). There are even achievements that you can obtain for some bonus rewards too!


There are no guild system implemented as of yet, but since it’s still in beta, Rodinia War will probably have a guild system later on. The community in this game is also rather small as of current – reason? Well, again, the game is still in beta and any promotional effort to get the game out there has yet to be executed. Eventually, the game’s community will grow and you’ll get more new friends to play with.

Graphics/ Sound

Graphics-wise, Rodinia War’s visuals look pretty nice for browser (as compared to other browser games) and are slightly above average if you use its client. The soft lighting effect they use for the rendered environment in Knight Mode does make the graphics in this mode to look a bit blurry, though the combat animations look awesome. The browser version is also very buggy and often times out when you’re entering knight mode. The number of typos in the game is atrocious as well, but since it is still in the beta phase, hopefully, the final version will look much better. In terms of sound, the game doesn’t provide any music but it contains plenty of sound effects. Perhaps the music will be added later.


In short, Rodinia War is an amazing MMORTS/RPG hybrid of a game that allows you to build up your own empire and wage war with other players’ empires while enjoying some third-person MMORPG “downtime” by questing in and experiencing the continent of Rodinia! Build a strong and rich empire by upgrading your resource-producing buildings and recruit a massive army that will be later send on pillaging and conquering missions all over the map! Recruit knights to lead your army and switch them to Knight Mode to level them up. Have fun helping the citizens in your empire out by killing pests and monsters or collecting items that they need from the wild, while you’re making your knights stronger! So, bring the continent of Rodinia under your rule today in Rodinia War!

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New Game Added: Rodinia War

by Aethyna Jul 9, 2015
Set up a strong economy and an army by constructing and upgrading various buildings in your city as well as recruiting and upgrading your units. Recruit knights of varying classes to lead your army and level them up via Knight mode. Plan and launch attacks, either to pillage or to conquer, at your neighboring cities! Territory map in Rodinia War Rodinia War: Combat Resource map in Rodinia War Read More
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