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Roblox 8.8 rate If you enjoy building your own world, you’ll definitely like Roblox! Roblox is a sandbox, voxel-based game which is very similar to Minecraft. Build your own place brick by brick or for the creative, you can even use Roblox to design your own games! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review Dec 3, 2014 | 0 Votes 0     0

Create Your Games, or Play Games Others Created

There are two sides to Roblox, playing games and creating games.

Roblox contains a very impressive game building mechanism, you don't need any programming knowledge, and you don't need to develop a complex game engine. Hop on Roblox and start building fun games quickly. It's fun when other players log into your games and play them online.

The other side of Roblox is playing games, and this is what I've done most of my time in the game. It was fun to explore the different games players created, and see the diversity in the genre and quality of the games. Some games are very simple in terms of graphic sand game play, while other are truly complex games with high quality of graphics.

Everyone will find their game on Roblox, whether you like to play first person shooters, or enjoy a sims-like family simulator.

Recently Roblox also launched their mobile apps, so you can play on your cellphone or tablet.

I think that game is especially for younger kids, when I was 13 years old I used click and play to build games, and now Roblox makes it even easier, and you can make online games which I find more fun.
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A complete world you can explore!

For starters, this is not a game on its own, but a portal where you can find hundreds of games that have all been designed by gamers like you. The platform is very simple and almost similar to that po...Full Review
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