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by Aethyna
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Rakshasa - Street of Demons 9 rate Rakshasa is a party-based MMORPG that's inspired by the popular Chinese manga, Rakshasa Street. In this game, you’ll not only get to improve your skills as a Spirit Pacifier but also to recruit an entire team of guardians to help you. Battle against the most nefarious of spirits and the hardiest of rivals now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Featuring an intriguing story that’s set in a world where the living and the dead lives in parallel yet different dimensions, Rakshasa puts you into the shoes of an up-and-coming Spirit Pacifiers, the elite force of summoners who have trained in the art of vanquishing evil supernatural beings while being able to communicate and use the aid provided by friendly spirits, such as the Guardian Spirits. Hone your skills, recruit a team of strong guardians, and battle to put evil spirits back where they belong – behind the seal.


This game is based on the Chinese anime, Rakshasa Street, and thus, the setting of the game is pretty similar – it takes place on a unique street called Requiem Street, where spirits and humans co-exist, in a seemingly quaint little town. Not all humans know about the existence of this street however, let alone enter it… but that’s exactly how the story begins.

A young college student by the name of Yuexi found herself on Requiem Street one night and she stumbled upon a roaming band of Cacodemons, evil spirits who have the tendency to harass the living if they get the chance to. Thankfully, the local Spirit Pacifier, Cao Yaojing, together with his brother came to her rescue.

Unfortunately, you reached the place a bit too late and have missed all the fun action. However, this event set off a chain of events where you decided to stick around to help Cao keep the evilest spirits in check (these spirits are usually locked behind seals maintained by these very pacifiers) and ensure that the people who live here are able to live peacefully with their ethereal neighbors.


To begin your journey to become one of the best Spirit Pacifier ever, you will first need to choose one of these four classes. They are Galeblade (assassin), Chiba Eternity (warrior), Manaflame (summoner), and Frostbiter (mage). Each class has their own sets of unique skills and they are all gender-locked. The character you choose will start the adventure alone, but soon after, you’ll be able to recruit fellows via the game’s story-driven dungeons as well as other fellows randomly through its summoning system.

The fellows, a.k.a. Guardian Spirits, that you can recruit comes in different forms and naturally, roles and attributes. Some fellows are more suitable to take and mitigate damage while others are damage-dealing powerhouses. Depending on their roles, you’ll then need to decide their position in your formation. Note that you can ultimately deploy up to 9 fellows in a formation.

These fellows can also be improved in many ways. You can level them up, upgrade them or their gear, and also “star them up” as long as you have the rare upgrade materials required. Similar to certain games, Rakshasa offers a range of bonus attributes which will only kick in provided that you have the specific fellows in your team. This synergistic effect can be quite difficult to obtain since it requires a certain level of strategizing and the need to have a certain card, but it does provide a stats boost that you mustn’t ignore, especially if you aim to be the best player around!

Aside from fellows, you and your team can equip a range of weapons, armor, and accessories as well. As you may expect, you can upgrade every one of them with game currency, making it the easiest way for you to bolster your overall Battle Rating (BR). However, as you progress, more features will be unlocked, giving you more and more ways, such as socketing gems, to increase the attributes of your gear.

In terms of your own character, you also get to further enhance his or her combat efficiency by unlocking more talents. This, in turn, allows you to equip more passive talents (up to 4) or use better active and stunt skills in fights. Once you reach level 21, you will even unlock the Narakagati system. It is a system which grants you bonus stats as long as you complete the quests or conditions required of you. This is a rather interesting and easy enough way for players to further bolster their BR.

As Rakshasa is a casual, browser-based MMORPG, you can expect several typical features such as automated questing and combat. However, it’s interesting to note that at least for combat, there is some strategy involved when you go up against a constantly-healing enemy. In this case, the game allows you to specifically select the enemy you’d want to attack first, allowing you to focus your team’s firepower on that pesky healer. You can probably still win if you overpowered your opponent by a large margin but if every bit of DPS counts, then this is a strategy you could use.

In terms of activities, Rakshasa focuses a whole lot on PvE, offering tons of dungeons, be it story-driven or not. There are also elite dungeons where only the best of the best can conquer! Although I have not gone far enough into the game to discover if the game actually has a PvP arena, based on experience with this sort of games, I reckon there will be at least one type of PvP which will be unlocked later down the road.

When it comes to monetization, Rakshasa offers the usual, including lavish rewards for “recharging” – the game’s term for spending real money in the game. The real money you spent can be used to purchase its premium currency or some exclusive packages. The premium currency can then be used to purchase a myriad of items, be it upgrade materials or a higher chance to get an epic hero when summoning. There are gacha-like, randomized surprise bags to buy as well!

Every “top-up” (another word for “recharge”) you make will give you VIP points too, and these points will slowly accumulate over time, helping you move from a lower VIP rank to a higher one. Naturally, the higher you go, the more perks you’ll get. You can also purchase “Monthly cards”, which function a lot like monthly subscriptions. As long as you’re a subscriber, you’ll get some passive perks and extra currency daily.


At a certain point in the game, you’ll probably be asked to choose one of the five factions to join. Once you’re in, you will then be able to search for a suitably active guild to join. Being part of a guild can be a pretty crucial part of the game since you will gain a ton of perks simply by being in one. However, if you really want to make the most out of the guild system, you will need to be actively contributing to the guild and its members.

Graphics/ Sound

As Rashasa is based on a Chinese manga/anime series, it is not surprising to hear Chiese voice acting in the game. Thankfully, if you don’t understand the language, you can refer to the translated text versions of the characters’ dialogues. They aren’t perfect, but they are serviceable. I also enjoyed the background music a lot. The soothing soundtrack is complemented with plenty of ambiance (mainly birds chirping) as well.

Graphics-wise, every visual in the game, from the environment to the characters, remind me strongly of Japanese anime art style, and in many ways, the Rakshasa series is inspired by their Japanese counterparts. The colors used in the game are also pleasant to the eyes and made me feel like I’m back in elementary school watching Doraemon on TV.


Overall, Rakshasa is an MMORPG that has a very interesting storyline and concept behind it. Not only so, the game is also pretty fun to play and offers tons of features to help you sharpen your team into the best spirit-hunters on the server. The Narakagati system is also pretty ingenious. This is sort of ingenuity is rarely seen in browser MMOs as most of them are pretty cookie-cutter. That isn’t to say that this game is unique in every way, but it does offer something different and that difference may help it appeal to more casual MMO gamers.

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by Aethyna Sep 13, 2018
Rakshasa is a party-based MMORPG that's inspired by the popular Chinese manga, Rakshasa Street. In this game, you’ll not only get to improve your skills as a Spirit Pacifier but also to recruit an entire team of guardians to help you. Battle against the most nefarious of spirits and the hardiest of rivals now! Rakshasa: Boss fight Frostbiter class in Rakshasa Rakshasa: Questing Read More
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