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by Aethyna
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Rage of the Righteous 10 rate Choose one of the four classes available and fill in for the missing Monkey King as you do your very best to protect Xuanzang from being eaten by the myriad of ravenous demons on his quest to retrieve the sacred texts from the west. Experience the legend yourself in Rage of the Righteous today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Plotline Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion Note: Take note that the game is only available in the US and European regions and that the game is not compatible with tablets in general.


Embark on the epic journey to the west in this brilliant action MMORPG, Rage of the Righteous! Take on animal demons of various shapes and forms with your team of heroes as you try your best to protect Xuanzang on his quest to retrieve the sacred texts from the west. Upgrade your character and your heroes through a variety of means just so you can defeat tougher creatures and bosses. With so many things to do and stuff to upgrade, Rage of the Righteous is one game fans of Chinese RPGs wouldn’t want to miss out!


The storyline in Rage of the Righteous closely follows the Journey to the West legend where you get to play the role of Wukong since for some reason, the Monkey King is nowhere to be found. Similar to the legend as well, you’ll need to escort and protect Xuanzang from the vast host of demons who had bought into the widespread rumor, perpetrated by the White Tiger Demon nonetheless, that eating Xuanzang’s flesh will grant them immortality.


To begin your journey, you’ll first need to log in. There are interestingly 3 methods for you to do so – you can log in via your Google account, your Facebook account or simply as a guest (your game will be saved locally on your device). Personally, I’d advise you to log in using either one of the first two options mainly because it’ll be easier for you to recover your account if you happen to switch devices, but if you just wanted to take a quick look, then the guest account would work fine.

Now that you’re in, you’ll then need to create your character. The game has four different classes for you to choose from, namely the staff-wielding Monkey, the hawkeyed Fox, the Draconian with her dual swords and the knuckle fist-wearing Bull. As you might have noticed, each of these classes correspond to a specific animal which is a really nice touch because the classes stayed true to the lore behind the Journey to the West legend where most of the characters in it are animal-based demons. Naturally, different classes will have their own different set of skills, which in turn provides players with a varied gaming experience.

Aside from classes, there are also three states and you’ll need to ally yourself with one of them. Each state has some principles that they stand for, but generally, the state you choose will only determine which side you’ll be fighting for in the faction war later on. So, since there are no bonuses involved, you can simply choose a state that you prefer.

Like most MMORPG, questing is the bread and butter of the game. Granted that most quests in this game still require you to kill something, they can be considered to be quite varied. Not to mention, although there is an auto-pathfinding feature, the game doesn’t bounce you between NPCs like many other similar games would. There are also some side quests as well. These usually function as guides to help you progress in the game.

When it comes to its story-driven campaign, Rage of the Righteous has two main types to offer – one of which includes the instanced dungeons which will see you fighting off mobs and ending with a rather epic boss fight; while the other is more “open world” since you’ll be fighting mobs on the non-instanced world map.

That said, the action combat in this game is pretty awesome even if you’re playing it manually rather than using the game’s auto-combat and auto-cast. The controls just feel so smooth and the flashy combat animations will definitely keep you engaged as you hack and slash your way to the final boss. You’ll also get a nice selection of upgradable skills to use, including a rage-charged ultimate skill and a special chance-based ultimate skill called Annihilation that will light up whenever you can activate it.

All bosses and some mobs also have the ability to cast spells and use skills of their own, and at this point, you might need to utilize your dodging ability to avoid getting harmed by these damaging effects. However, bosses often have a frenzy mode that will be triggered if you take too long to defeat them, so if the boss you’re fighting is weaker than your character, then you might want to just weather through the damage and save some time.

Similar to the legend, the journey to the west is not a journey you should make alone. Thus, you can recruit various heroes to get them to join your team, as long as you’ve gathered up all the hero fragments you need. The 3-hero party system in this game is interesting because it allows you to deploy your heroes when you really needed them as opposed to deploying every member of your team by default. You can even bring along a friend to your battles. The friend will usually appear during the boss fight to help you drastically reduce the boss’ health before you’ll get a go at it.

In addition to heroes and skills, there are many other factors that will influence the strength of your character and your team as indicated by the Combat Power (CP) rating. These factors include equipment, wings, mounts, attire (grants bonus stats when upgraded), titles, peerage and even Meridians which works like bonus stats that you can unlock by investing Soul Stars. Soul Stars can in turn be obtained via the game’s fun mini-game, Fishing. In fact, there are plenty more activities and dungeons such as the Ancient Arsenal, Longevity Puzzle and Gold Rush that will give you the chance to earn more upgrade materials to further boost your CP.

For players who enjoy PvP however, the game’s first PvP event, the Arena, will only be unlocked once you reach level 27. Thankfully, once that PvP floodgate’s open, you’ll get to enjoy a whole lot more fun PvP events like world PvP at level 35, an escort mission where you can attack other players’ carts, faction war, guild war and more. In other words, the variety of stuff you can do in this game is simply astounding!

Last but not least, this review wouldn’t be complete without a quick look into the game shop. Like most Chinese RPGs, the shop has multiple pages of items to offer provided that you’ve got the corresponding currencies to buy them. It’s important to note that most items can be purchased with currencies that can be earned but if you are a spender, you’ll find that you can earn these currencies a lot faster than a non-spender. So, by investing real money in this game, you can cut out the grinding to some extent.

There is also a tiered VIP system where the more you spend, the higher you’ll get. High-tiered VIPs usually will gain access to certain perks, which may tilt the game in their favor, and some really convenient features. However, this is not to say that non-spenders will never be able to compete with a spender – it’ll just take a whole lot of commitment and time to do so.


Rage of the Righteous has a guild system to help group their community of players together. You can opt to create one for 300k coins or 300 gems, or you can simply join one that’s available – there are many. Being a part of a guild is crucial in this game mainly because you’ll gain access to plenty of guild-only events and perks that you wouldn’t have access before.

I’d like to also point out that the chatting system in this game is rather unique too. As opposed to having only text-based chatting, players can actually use the microphones on their devices to record what they want to say. It’s a lot like the voice chatting feature available in Whatsapp.

Graphics/ Sound

When it comes to the graphics and sound, Rage of the Righteous did everything right! The game doesn’t only have impressive graphics and brilliant combat animations that will keep your eyes on the screen; the well-composed soundtrack also managed to truly bring out the oriental culture that the game is steeped in.


All in all, Rage of the Righteous is an incredibly addictive mobile game that fans of Chinese RPGs would immensely enjoy. The gameplay is engaging and fun; the progression system is rewarding; the graphics and sound are immersive, and of course, the legend that the game is based on is most certainly a crowd-pleaser. So, if you’re looking for a fun MMORPG for your phone, we’d highly recommend downloading Rage of the Righteous. You’ll love it!

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New Game Added: Rage of the Righteous

by Aethyna Sep 12, 2017
Choose one of the four classes available and fill in for the missing Monkey King as you do your very best to protect Xuanzang from being eaten by the myriad of ravenous demons on his quest to retrieve the sacred texts from the west. Experience the legend yourself in Rage of the Righteous today! Rage of the Righteous: In the city Hero in Rage of the Righteous Rage of the Righteous: Gameplay Read More
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