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Prime World 8 rate Magic and Technology are at war, and now it is up to you to pick a side and join this dramatic conflict. Choose either the Technological Edge of the Dokht Imperium or the Magical Might of the Keepers of Adornia as you battle for control of the Prime. A substance so powerful it can alter the land at your command. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Prime World takes on the MOBA market by offering a unique experience through its amazing hybrid casual-MOBA/castle-building gameplay. This means that besides being able to play in battle arenas, you are also the lord of your own castle. The castle acts as the base of operations and can have buildings that will help when you want to create new talents and skills for your heroes. The game even has special talent and prime systems that in turn allows you to customize your hero to fit your own play style! The game also has an intriguing storyline surrounding the control of Prime, an extremely valuable alien substance that gives its users special abilities. Sounds like fun, right? Why not head on over to Prime World and check it out for yourself!


Prime World is based off on the huge virtual world that Nival has built around an extremely valuable alien material that is able to give its users special abilities, Prime! Being a critical resource, Prime is highly sought after, particularly by the two major nations in Prime World – the Dokht Imperium and the Keepers of Adornia. In this game, you will need to choose a side to fight for. Which side is more suitable for you?


You’ll start off the game by choosing a faction – either The Dokht Imperium, which is heavily influenced by steampunk, or The Keepers of Adornia, which is more attuned to the natural elements. Your faction choice is permanent, so do choose wisely! Once you’re done, you can hop right into some battle arena action!

Similarly to any MOBA game, Prime World features the classic 3-lane MOBA map, in which you can use to move towards the enemy base. However, its similarities stop there – the game has plenty of distinctive features that set it apart from the generic MOBAs, like Defense of the Ancient 2 (DotA 2) or League of Legends (LoL).

A prime (no pun intended… for real!) example is the flags and native terrain system. Flags act like capture points and are strategically placed around the map with most of them being right next to a defensive tower. Once captured by, for example, your team, the area around the flags will become your team’s native terrain and will push back the fog of war. Native terrains offer bonus skill damage to any member of your team that is in its area of influence. This makes it a perfect ground for you to pick fights with your opponents since the opposing team will be slightly at a disadvantage. In addition, these native terrains also function as convenient teleporting sites for your team members to hop from the upper path to lower, for example, within the blink of an eye!

Another feature that makes Prime World stand out from the other MOBAs is its scroll workshop. The scroll workshop basically contains several different mini bubble shooter games that are easy to play and rewards you with different scrolls (as well as a nice pile of prime). Some examples include bird scrolls, which boost all nearby allies stats and reduce enemies’ stats by a certain percentage for 10 seconds, and divine scrolls, which restores health at a steady rate and if the hero dies during the healing period, the resurrection time is reduced by 20%.

These scrolls are pretty powerful and may turn the tide of battle especially when used properly at the beginning or near the end of a match. The best part is the scrolls that you earn can be given to other players to aid them in, for example, defending a path that is heavily under siege or pushing a lane to take down an enemy critical structure. Thus, most teams assign the weakest player of the group to be in charge of farming for scrolls to send to the higher level teammates.

Moreover, once you start playing the mini-game, your character will virtually sprout a bubble of invincibility. Hence, you cannot be ganked by enemy players. However, after the game ends, well, that’s another issue.

Instead of having coins like in other MOBA games, the currency in Prime World is, naturally, called prime. You can easily earn prime by dealing the killing blow on any creeps in the game or enemy heroes and buildings, but if that’s hard for you, you’ll be glad to know that you can also earn some prime by being near to a kill. These prime that you’ve accumulated can then be used for a variety of purposes.

However, for starters, you may want to use these prime to invest in your hero’s talents. Prime World offers a thoroughly unique talent system which contains 6 different levels in total. Each level will in turn be able to contain up to 6 active or passive talents. Furthermore, each talent has a variety of grades, namely uncommon (green), rare (blue) and epic (purple), and they are level-locked, meaning that talents have their allotted levels and you cannot, for instance, place a level 2 talent into that empty slot in level 3.

After setting up your talent system, you can then active them one by one during a match with prime in order to use it. You can only unlock talents from the lowest level first. Once the entire level of talents is unlocked, you can then move on to unlocking your second level talents and so on and so forth.

There are currently 425 talents available in the game that can be won in battles or produced in the castle. Talents can also be upgraded up to 4 times by combining them with other talents. If you add the hero-specific talents that cannot be upgraded (up to 9 per hero) to the number, you will be looking at a shocking total number of talents of 803! With such a huge reservoir of talents in Prime World, it’s pretty addictive to frequently be fiddling with your talent tree, especially with the new set of talents that you’ve earned in the last match you’ve played!

In fact, by having a talent system as opposed to the item-buying system that MOBAs like DotA 2 or LoL uses, Prime World sets itself up as a pretty accessible game for players who are new to the MOBA genre! To put it simply, the game focuses on actual talent building and not on how well you can memorize the boosts that you need to buy for your hero or how fast you can buy those items (unlike in DotA 2 or LoL).

The game also offers a special PvE challenge mode for you to play with when you’re bored with MOBA. In this mode, your team of 5 will have to stop the relentlessly advancing armies of the Touched and their fearsome leaders. There are 5 different difficulties for you to choose from and there will also be sub-quests and boss fights in the game! This mode emphasizes on teamwork and cooperation as each member of the team will have to play his or her role in defending the lanes from the onslaught of these prime-tainted monsters!

Besides being primarily a MOBA game, Prime World even offers a castle-building aspect to its players. There are a huge variety of buildings that you can build in your castle. Each of these buildings has different functions – some will produce resources for expanding your castle as well as to craft new talents. Some of them will provide your heroes with passive bonuses instead!


The community in Prime World is definitely not as toxic as in other popular MOBAs like DotA 2, LoL and, without a doubt, HoN, due to being a rather casual MOBA. Its tightly-knitted community is not as massive as DotA 2 or LoL, but the small loyal fan base that the game has, has stuck with the game through thick and thin since its inception 2 years ago. Furthermore, considering that plenty of other MOBA has cropped up recently, the community in Prime World may face further erosion. However, only time will truly tell!

Graphics/ Sound

Prime World has some of the brightest and most colorful graphics in any MOBA that made its background stands out... perhaps a bit too much. The buildings, hero models and maps are all incredibly detailed and polished. The music in the game is superb and of high quality as well. Although the voice acting for the heroes is pretty awesome, the castle music is perhaps the best soundtrack in the whole game. Some players actually went idle in their castles just so they can enjoy the soothing music playing in the background.


Prime World is a game that has successfully fused various exciting elements from other game genres, like castle-building and MMORPGs, into the MOBA genre. It offers a unique MOBA experience with its amazing graphics, huge variety of heroes and very interesting gameplay and a one-of-its-kind talent system! This game is very approachable to new MOBA players and can be considered as a MOBA game that you can actually play casually. In spite of its occasional latency issues, Prime World is a very nice MOBA hybrid that has brought several new features to the table. Fans of casual MOBA would definitely enjoy this game! Try it today!
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