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by Adeaphon
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Pool Elite 10 rate If you are looking for a fun, competitive and really good looking pool game then look no further than Pool Elite. With fantastic 3D graphics, several view settings, different styles of pool and snooker and most of all a really smooth and realistic game. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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When you enter the lobby for Pool Elite, you can already see the quality and effort put into the game, there are several options available to you, and the best place to start is the Play button, where you can jump straight into the action and join in a game against another player.

You can choose from 3 different games, 8 Ball Pool, Carom and Snooker, with the standard layouts and balls you would expect from these games. It is then up to you to play and pot all the balls, or score more points than your opponent. In 8 Ball Pool you will need to pot all of your balls, and then the black, where you are either stripes or solids.

On the snooker tables, you will need to follow the formal rules for the game, so you have to pot a red ball, and then a color to keep control of the table. The reds are worth 1 point each, with the remaining 6 colours going up in value to the black being worth 7 points. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

Carom is a little different, there are 3 balls on the table, a red, white and yellow. The aim of the game is to get to 8 points, you score a point by hitting your ball into the opponents one. So for example if you are the red ball, you have to hit the red, into the yellow. But you are only allowed to hit the red with the white ball. This game is a lot of fun, and something a little different from having to pot balls on the table.

There are also several different venues for you to play in, so that you are not stuck in the same room each game. The rooms unlock as you level up, and each one is really nicely designed, giving a fun and interesting backdrop to your games. While these rooms are only places to play in, they add a really nice touch to the game, and of course you can always play in your favorite one.

When you play you will place a bet of some of your chips, and if you win you win them back plus your opponent bet too, so winning is a good thing for your in game bank account. You will be matched with another player and you then go to the table and begin your game.

There are 3 different views that you can play with, a view down the cue, from the top of the table and a free form view. When you are not playing you can also look around the whole table from the side or the top. These different views are pretty cool to play with, and you can swap between the cue and the top view by holding down the Ctrl button. This gives you a quick glance to check your aim is good.

There are several things to take into account when you play a shot, the spin you place on the white, the power of your shot, and the aim assistance that you have to tell you the direction of the balls. There are a couple of simple controls that allow you to move the cue around so you can get the shot off you want.

By moving the mouse left and right you are able to look at the table, when you want to aim hold down the left mouse button. Moving the mouse around decides where you will be aiming and which way the white, and your object ball will go in. If you want to change the spin you hold down the right mouse button and move where you want the cue to hit the white ball.

On the right side of your screen is the power meter, this determines how hard you hit the white, the more power you use the harder you hit. You can either pull the mouse backwards towards you while holding the button, or press directly on the power meter how hard you want to hit the ball.

There is also a timer that you need to watch out for, it appears around your portrait on the screen, and starts at 30 seconds for you to make a shot, you slowly run out of time, and if the clock ends you lose your turn and the ball goes to your opponent. You will have a few urgent ticks before your time is up, as a warning but do keep an eye on the time.

Each of the controls has a star rating, from 1 to 5, when you play for the first time they are all at 1. There are several items than can increase the rating the first of which is a new cue. You can rent a cue for a certain period of time for either chips or gold coins. There are lots of different cues, and they each have different statistics.

These 3 statistics are Power, Spin and Helper. The power is how hard you can hit the ball, the spin is the area of the white that you get to choose from and the helper is how far the direction arrow will go when you aim. The better the stats the more expensive the cue. There are also several accessories that can help, from a glove to the glasses you wear, they also help increase the number of stars you have in each of the 3 statistics.

Each game you play has a bet, in chips and if you win the game you win the whole bet. So the initial games are 50 chips each, if you win you come away with 100 chips, if you lose you don’t get your chips back. The higher your rank, the more chips you can bet on a game.

Once you have played a few games, you will be placed into a league, the league you are in depends on your Elo rating, this rating goes up and down for each game you win or lose. The higher your rating, the higher your rank and the better the league you are in. This is a really nice feature, as it means you should be playing people your own skill level, rather than people that have a much higher Elo than you.

The more that you play Pool Elite the more you can get out of it, some of the cues are worth quite a lot of chips, though it is worth buying a lower level cue to give you the edge in games so that you can then earn the chips you need for the bigger cues and items.

But what it all comes down to, is what it looks and feels like when you are on the table. Simply put, this game is stunning, both in its graphics and presentation, but also how accurate the games are, and how smooth and simple the controls are. The balls react as you would expect them too, and being able to look down the cue as well as from the top really quickly is a nice touch to the game.


There is a growing player base for this game, more and more people are coming across to play, and the game is still only in its Beta stage, there are some new features in development to help bring more to the game.

You will hardly have to wait at all to get a game, in any of the different styles, and you can see how many players are there at the time you wish to play. If something looks a little quiet you can always try another table or game. There is a bright future for this game, and more and more people are playing all the time.


There is a really nice quality feeling to Pool Elite, the mechanics are well thought out, the design is simple and the controls easy. As you look and move around the 3D tables you can really see the effort that went into the design.

It looks really good when you play, both the table and the setting and this really helps the game feel smooth and playable. Everything is really well laid out too, so the game is easy to play. The sounds also help add to the atmosphere, with the click of balls easily recognisable, and a gentle background music, which you can turn down or off as you wish.


Pool Elite is a really nice game, the rating system ensures that you play in a balanced way and won’t meet a devastating opponent. There are lots of different items you can buy to help you and these can be really beneficial. The gameplay is gorgeous and makes this a really fun place to be. For a free game there really is a lot of brilliant features and you really should take a look at this game.

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New Game Added: Pool Elite

by Adeaphon Nov 16, 2014
If you are looking for a fun, competitive and really good looking pool game then look no further than Pool Elite. With fantastic 3D graphics, several view settings, different styles of pool and snooker and most of all a really smooth and realistic game. Over the Balls On the Pink in Pool Elite Pool Elite Among The Balls Read More
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