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Master X Master 9 rate Take on other players or battle the evil Synd in a stunning new MOBA where you become a Master, taking on monsters and other heroes alike. Take part in epic arenas, battle across the stars against the hated enemies or just play games for fun. This next generation game is full of amazing features and characters all at your command. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Earth is no longer a human world, it is run by the mechanical Synd, humanity fled to the stars and rebuilt. Now with the aid of the Amaari they have returned to earth to reclaim their planet. Together human and alien will retake the world with a handful of specialist Masters leading the charge. Using your skills to battle robots and players alike you can make a difference in this stunning new MOBA game with a brilliant twist.


In the future mankind has developed robots to help with everything from manual labour to medical surgeons. A time of chaos came in in its wake the Synd were created, thinking self aware masters of war. And being masters of war the decided they wanted the planet and turned upon humans. During the war colony ships fled the earth and entered the stars. During this time the alien race Amaari, also displaced from their homeworld join forces with humans and using heroes known as Masters the battle to retake earth begins.


When you first enter the game there is a short cutscene with some of the plot and it introduces the 2 characters you are able to begin with. There follows a tutorial where the ship you are flying called Dredgion is hit by a boarding party in Earth orbit. Here you get a taste of the game in a series of tutorials that unlock as you level up.

This part will take you through the basics of combat and into the ship proper where you can see the vendors, meet the captain and gain full control of the game. Following the tutorial quests is a great way to learn the game, and there are some good rewards for you too. These also grant XP which counts towards your overall level. Each level you will earn rewards including Sol which are very important.

Sol are used to buy new characters for you to play. The stronger the character the more Sol you will need. Some characters are also locked behind achievements or by the need to collect certain items. Once you have complete the requirements you can play them, and earning them is actually fun as there are lots of different things for you to do.

Each character has a set of skills, you get 2 for free and can unlock the other 2 for a little bit of gold. These are the main abilities that you use in combat both in PvE and PvP. You also have a basic attack that you can do all the time and some are melee, some are ranged and some can do both. All of these skills, both basic and advanced can be improved through the game. Using a variety of resources you can find skills and weapons can gain new traits, from simple damage increases to specialized options for that unique ability.

The next level of personalization comes in the form of Nodes, these are items that grant bonuses to all of your characters and they come in 3 brackets: Attack, Defence and Auxiliary. Each different node will add to your defence and have a specific extra ability, like speed or attack power. These can be stored in sets of 6, and the specific combination of your set is important. Each character has a pattern of nodes that they need to be 100% effective. If the pattern does not match they are less effective. But you can save a set to a character and swap them easily.

Finally you have what are called Support Kits, these are items that are consumed on use, but have an automatic effect. For example if your health drops below 20% the pack will automatically heal you. There are varying levels of these Kits and they can be found or purchased when you need them.

When you have your characters set up how you want them, then you are able to get involved in the action. And there is a lot of action for you to take part in. PvE adventures where you can find treasures and enjoy the story. Or straight into the PvP arena where you battle against other players for rewards and glory. All of this comes from the Dispatch button at the top of the screen and the tutorial shows you how to use and engage in all of these game modes.

What's unique about this game's gameplay is the Tag system which allows you to seamlessly switch between your 2 chosen characters while in the middle of combat. This unlocks a further level of depth in the gameplay, giving players the opportunity to vary their play styles as they adapt to the situation at hand. For instance, being able to switch over from a weaker damage-dealer to a tankier character once the 1-on-1 battle you're engaged in became a 2-vs-1 (the "2" refers to the opposing side).

There is also a few aspects of free to play games that have made it into Master X Master, such as daily login rewards and daily quest that give good rewards. There is also the option for a membership that renews every so often. This comes with enhanced rewards for you if you do take it.

There are 3 currencies in the game: Sol, Gold and Xcoins. Gold is found through missions, quests, PvP and pretty much everywhere in the game. It is the currency you use for upgrading skills and buying items. Sol is gained every time you make a level and through some quests, as mentioned before this is used to but heroes. Xcoins are the premium currency here, they are bought for real money and can be used to speed up the game. While you can unlock everything for free, these help you along if you want to spend the money.

The UI is simple and easy to use, and the in game controls favor both new and experienced players as you can set the style however you want. With a simple design and gameplay that lets you just get on with the combat it is a really engaging and nice way to play a MOBA.


There has been a lot of buzz about this game for a while now, especially considering it uses some of the better known characters from other NCSoft games. Throw in a lot of really good marketing and suddenly you have a huge fanbase before it released. Now the game is live you can see the players joining in their droves. With lots of people to be seen, an active forum community and lots of new guilds sprung up there are lots of players here.

Add in the social media platforms like Facebook and Reddit and there are lots of places for you to chat to people and find information. Though the game is brand new there is a huge following and player base now in there and as the reputation for this game grows there are sure to be more.


Master X Master is beautiful, though it has an Anime styling to it, the actual gameplay is brilliant. With clearly defined areas, skills and enemies you can just throw yourself in and enjoy. All of the characters are fully voiced as well as the NPC’s and you get a lot of unique and interesting sounds floating about. Put it all together and this game looks and feels amazing to play.


In a nutshell, Master X Master is amazing. With the Tag system there is a lot more depth to the game and you can really balance out your play and that of your team. There are lots of characters and play styles for you to master and this brings a lot of variety. Throw in the huge amount of PvE gameplay alongside the usual PvP in MOBA games and you have a really appealing and interesting package. With lots to do, lots of players to group with, and a fun place to do it you have a great game just waiting for you to step into.

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New Game Added: Master X Master

by Adeaphon Jun 22, 2017
Take on other players or battle the evil Synd in a stunning new MOBA where you become a Master, taking on monsters and other heroes alike. Take part in epic arenas, battle across the stars against the hated enemies or just play games for fun. This next generation game is full of amazing features and characters all at your command. Taejin in Master X Master Ultimate in Master X Master Jinsoyun in Master X Master Read More
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