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Mafia III 10 rate Mafia III is an open-world game developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2K games. You get to play as a veteran of the Vietnam War, Lincoln Clay, and will explore New Bordeaux as you go on a journey of revenge while managing your own criminal empire. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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August 2018’s PlayStation Plus offerings for the PlayStation 4 includes Mafia III, the latest installment to the Mafia series. If you’re familiar with its predecessors, you probably know what the game is already about. You’ll get to play as someone involved with an Italian criminal underworld in an open-world setting, similar to the Grand Theft Auto series. Set in an intriguing and controversial time and full of adult themes, the game delivers an authentic experience that makes it feel like you’re in 1968.

So, is Mafia III worth a shot or are you better off hiding it in the shadows? Let’s find out what it has to offer:


Mafia III is set in the city of New Bordeaux, which is a fictionalized, yet accurate, take on the real-world city of New Orleans. The protagonist is American with Dominican descent, Lincoln Clay, a soldier who served in the Vietnam War. Without diving deep into spoilers, his is a story that touches on revenge and coming-of-age. An orphan raised by the city’s black mob, you will guide Lincoln as he takes vengeance upon those who took the people he loved away from him. You will be surrounded by an intriguing cast of characters, each with their own well-written backstories and personalities.

Considering that the game is set in 1968 and his descent gives him the appearance of an African-American, the game touches on heavy themes, like racism and of course, crime and violence. Discrimination is highly evident as you explore the city streets with white folks, as well as the story cutscenes. The game does not shy away from controversy and it portrays it in a respectful and historically-accurate manner, which is nothing short of outstanding and something that most games today should emulate.


In terms of gameplay, Mafia III closely draws comparisons to the GTA series. You move around a city, which acts as its open-world, performing quests while interacting with characters. It follows the usual pattern of “talk to an NPC, get a quest, finish that quest, and get a new quest”. Arguably the best part of the game, the story quests are its main meat, letting you unravel a vast criminal underworld with corrupt officials and policemen, as well as seedy criminals hiding on the shadows of the bayou. Quests range from kill quests to destroying an enemy’s turf, forcing their lieutenants and honchos to come out and go after you.

Mafia III also has a management system wherein you hire underbosses to work with you. You can give them new turfs and districts to run your criminal operations. Unfortunately, you might end up taking out these underbosses since you can’t exactly satisfy everybody. If you have a fall out with them, they could end up declaring war on you, forcing you to eliminate them.

Mafia III’s combat system is standard at best. You can opt to go stealth, taking out enemies with your combat knife or knocking them out using the environment. If you’re a fan of fast-paced gunfights wherein you take out enemies with a vast array of weapons while hiding behind cover, you have that option as well. Guns range from standard pistols, sniper rifles, and automatic weapons like the Thompson SMG, a good variety of shotguns, and finally, military-grade hardware like the M60 machine gun and the M72A1 LAW, which is a rocket launcher. The weapon mechanics are a little realistic, with the Tommy gun other SMGs being rather inaccurate and hard to aim.

One of the biggest gripes we have with Mafia III is the lack of fast-travel functionality. There are certain instances wherein you run back and forth across the city, avoiding the watchful eyes of policemen. A 30-minute quest can sometimes turn into an hour-long one, dragging the campaign a little further. Thankfully, you can bring utilities straight to your location. For example, you can summon an arms dealer, a new car, and even a guy who can keep your money safe by using a pay phone.


Mafia III is solely a single-player game with no multiplayer functionality. Thankfully, it has its own subreddit and Steam community, where you can discuss the game with non-PS4 players.


Mafia III is a beautiful game. The fictionalized version of New Orleans is nothing short of authentic. The sights, sounds, and the French-inspired aesthetics are drag you into the world, and the voice acting - especially the characters who speak French - is superb. To add to the authenticity, the radio stations play news and music relevant to the time, talking about the civil rights movement and playing jazz music.


Overall, Mafia III may have its rough edges, but it is arguably one of the best PlayStation Plus single-player games this year. The world the developers constructed is nothing short of authentic and immersive, and its story elements are superb. The characters are one of the most well-written in this generation as well. In any case, don’t sleep on this game: though it can take a chunk of your hard drive’s storage space (60 GB), it is a game that is worth the long wait.

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New Game Added: Mafia III

by Mikhail Aug 22, 2018
Mafia III is an open-world game developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2K games. You get to play as a veteran of the Vietnam War, Lincoln Clay, and will explore New Bordeaux as you go on a journey of revenge while managing your own criminal empire. Lincoln in formal wear in Mafia III Explosive shootout in Mafia III Shooting a crime ring in Mafia III Read More
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