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Lipa Theater 10 rate Looking for a kids’ game that not only you can join in the fun but also allow your child to unleash their creativity? Lipa Theater may just be the game you need! In this game, your child will be able to use a wide range of puppets, props and places to come up with their very own theater production. Try it now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Looking for a kids’ game that not only you can join in the fun but also allow your child to unleash their creativity? Well, look no further - Lipa Theater may just be the game you need! In this game, your child will be able to use the many puppets, props and places of varying themes to come up with their very own theater production. Record down your child’s play and play it back for others to see. You could even join in on the fun and craft an exciting fairy tale story or even a pirate’s tale together with your child. Lipa Theater provides unlimited fun for the family, and if you would love to have a game that you can play with your child, this is definitely the game you should get.


Ready to let your child become the best storymaker there is? Well, before you head into the game with your child, Casper, Lipa Theater’s resident tutor and possibly the showmaster, will first guide you through the game’s tutorial a.k.a. the theater school. However, for kids who are more advanced or would like to figure out stuff for themselves, you can let them get right into the thick of the fun by helping them create their very first story.

To start, your child will first need to select a backdrop for their story. There are currently 4 different backgrounds, namely on an island, on a random planet in space, a western town, and a fantasy realm. Your child can easily hold and swipe between these scenes to pick the one they like. There are also plenty of other options for your child to change the setting for their production – one of which is the weather button, located at the top right corner of the screen. By tapping the weather button, your child can scroll through the many weather types available, including rainy, sunny, night, evening, sunrise and snowy, and pick the one they want. There’s another button right beside the weather button as well. This button, the music button, will allow your child to select the background music they want for their theater production.

Now that the setting of the story is set, it’s time to cast the characters of the story. Lipa Theater provides an array of puppets for your child to use. Generally, these puppets can be grouped based on their respective themes – western (cowboys or cowgirls), outer space (aliens, robots and kids in space suits), fantasy medieval (knights and princesses) and pirates, but your child has complete freedom to mix and match whichever puppets they like. After all, it IS their production! It’s also nice that Lipa Theater created their puppets from varying races. It is a great way for a child to learn to tolerate other kids that have different skin color or looks by playing the game.

Furthermore, the game’s controls are very simple to learn and use. Since Lipa Theater’s a mobile game, your child basically just need to touch and drag in order to move the characters around. Your child could even pinch their fingers together or open them up in order to resize the puppets to their liking. If there are any puppets that your child wants to change, they can easily open up the puppet drawer and drag the unwanted puppet into it. However, there’s a limit as to how many puppets you can add in a scene – 5 to be exact – and it’s actually better this way since you wouldn’t want your child to overcrowd the ‘stage’ with puppets, which will in turn slow down your mobile device.

Anyway, once the characters are set, your child could now add props to their production. Lipa Theater overdone themselves when it comes to props – there are just so many varieties! There are make-believe weapons for the pirates and the cowboys; different types of vehicles, a ship and even a space rocket for the characters to ride in; animals that can or cannot be mounted (depending on which animal it is), a plethora of hats, and other stuff like balls, dolls, adorable babies, and books. Each prop has its own animation effect and sound when it is selected (by tapping on it) and this is particularly interesting as it does add some extra charm to your child’s theater production.

Your child can easily get any one of the puppets to hold onto any of the props by dragging and dropping the prop onto the puppet. For mounting animals, your child just need to drag and drop the puppet onto the properly sized mounts and the puppet with automatically hop onto the back of the animal. To dismount the puppet, just tap twice on the mounted puppet. Similar to unwanted puppets, your child should keep all the toys or props that they don’t need into the props drawer. However, unlike puppets, there is no discernable limit as to how many props your child could use.

Everything’s done and ready for the camera? Awesome, just tap on the red button at the top middle part of the screen and it’s...... show time! Lipa Theater doesn’t use your mobile device’s actual camera or microphone, so your child’s story won’t be recorded down. Instead the recording feature is has a screen capture function. This means that every move your child makes in the scene, for instance, by moving the puppets and the props around will be recorded down. There’s also a limit as to how long the game can record your child’s play, but don’t worry, the time provided should be more than sufficient. Interestingly, there is also a share video option whereby you can upload the video your child have recorded to your social media sites and let your friends and family enjoy your child’s show.

The game is available in multiple localized languages, namely English, Deutsch, Espanol, Cestina, Japanese, Chinese, French, and Russian. So it’s much easier for you and your child to navigate within the apps. As with any Lipa games, being parents, you might also want to get the Lipa Gateway app which will help you monitor and keep track of your child’s progress as they play. It will also help you find other games that are suited for the age and needs of your child.


As the game is still pretty much brand new, the community around Lipa Theater is rather small. However, you could always rely on Lipa’s tightly-knitted community of parents to get advice with how to best utilize Lipa’s many games for educational purposes.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Lipa Theater are mostly brightly colored. The art style is quite unique and will definitely be appealing to kids and even people from other age ranges. In terms of sound, the variety of background music is amazingly well-composed. The sound effects for the props are very realistic and helps add to the immersion of the story as well.


In a nutshell, Lipa Theater is an amazingly developed game that is perfectly suited for kids. The game helps children to unlock their creative selves and aid them in coming up with their very own incredible stories. The storytelling fun doesn’t stop there! You could even join in the excitement, particularly if your mobile device supports multi-touch, and help your child with their stories. Don’t forget to record down your child’s theater productions and share them for all to see. Sounds like something your child would love? Well, be sure to drop by Lipa Theater and buy the game for him or her today!

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New Game Added: Lipa Theater

by Aethyna Mar 11, 2016
Looking for a kids’ game that not only you can join in the fun but also allow your child to unleash their creativity? Lipa Theater may just be the game you need! In this game, your child will be able to use a wide range of puppets, props and places to come up with their very own theater production. Try it now! A pirate's adventure in Lipa Theater Lipa Theater: Cowboy story A production based on Pocahontas in Lipa Theater Read More
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