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Legends of Honor 4.3 rate Set up an efficient resource production and taxation system to support your potentially massive army, led by capable heroes you’ve recruited. Join one of the 3 different factions and head out to war against the neverendless marauders that roam the lands... or even against the army of another empire. So, don't wait - play now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Build your own formidable castle and set up an impressive medieval empire in this amazing MMO strategy game by Goodgame Studios, Legends of Honor! Set up an efficient resource production and taxation system to support your potentially massive army, led by capable heroes you’ve recruited. Join one of the 3 different factions and head out to war against the neverendless marauders that roam the lands... or even against the army of another empire. Don’t forget to be prepared and have a bulwark of defenses back in your city to deter any potential invaders from attacking you as well! So, start amassing your troops, power, influence and wealth today in your bid to become the strongest empire in Legends of Honor!


Welcome to your new castle! Your guide and advisor, Lady Jasmine, will be running you through the entire length of the tutorial, but admittedly, the tutorial provided wasn’t comprehensive enough. There are quite a few aspects that you’ll need to figure out yourself, such as anything that involves castle defense.

Anyway, to begin setting up your empire, you’ll need to first build up a strong economy. There are 3 different types of resources that you’ll be aware of in this game, including wood, stone, and food, which are supplied by constructing woodcutter’s huts, stone quarries and farmhouses respectively. In Legends of Honor, you are given limited slots to build resource-producing buildings and thus, you might want to consider constructing the resource-producing buildings in an evenly manner. After all, having a surplus of stone while you’re lacking in wood and food won’t help your campaign of conquest… it might even cause a delay to it instead!

To boost your resource production, you will need to regularly upgrade your resource-producing buildings. This is the best way to maximize the productivity of your buildings! Furthermore, as you progress, you’ll be able to construct buildings like sawmills, stone masons or windmills that will increase the production for wood, stone and food respectively by 5%. Of course, you can also upgrade these buildings to get a better and much higher boost. You can even get some extra resources by using the resource gathering tool on the mountains and on the forests on your city map. In fact, if you don’t mind clicking idly for extensive periods of time, you can easily get a lot of free resources this way. Oh and all the resources you’ve gathered will be automatically collected and sent to the storehouse for your use.

Mighty castles require an abundance of resources in order to grow, but let’s not forget about money as well! Taxes in this game depends on how many house you’ve got. The more houses you construct, the more taxes you can claim from the treasury... and yes, that means you just need to collect from 1 location in the game and not click on each and every possible house in your city. However, the treasury has limited storage capacity so you need to collect your taxes regularly or the excess money will go to waste!

The only downside to this taxation method is that building houses, in Legends of Honor, are surprisingly detrimental to the happiness of your people. To balance out this negative effect, you might want to place decorations to boost the happiness back up again. Happiness is very important in this game as your citizens work harder (which equals to more resources produced) when they are happy. You wouldn’t want your city’s productivity to suffer just because you decided to build houses for them, right? You can even go beyond the 100% happiness rating to gain additional resources from your resource-producing buildings!

In addition, you can also obtain additional resources and cash by completing quests. All available quests in Legends of Honor are helpfully listed in the quest log and basically, the quests will not only help you develop your city, it rewards you for doing so too. Running out of space in your city? Well, you should know that you can buy expansions using resources you’ve collected from the in-game shop.

Now that you have a rather formidable economic standing in your section of the map, it’s time to show what you could do militaristically as well! Once your barracks is built, you can then start recruiting units using in-game cash (no resources are involved, though you’ll need to then pay for the “upkeep” of your units with food). There are many types of units in this game, including archers, axemen, militia, swordsmen, and cavalry, which can be generally grouped into 3 categories - infantry, cavalry, and ranged. Different units have certain terrain advantages against other units, depending on whether they are on the attacking or defending side. For instance, axemen are good against cavalry while swordsmen are good against archers. You can also upgrade your units’ stats at the armory. Naturally, both barracks and the armory can be in turn upgraded to decrease recruitment time and unlock new upgrades for your units.

However, to use them, you’ll first need to assign them to a hero. Heroes are like generals (or a character in an RPG) in this game. You can customize the looks and even rename him or her. You can recruit more heroes from the Hall of Heroes to lead your army, provided that you’ve upgraded the building to allow for more hero slots. Also, according to the huge “coming soon” sign in the game, you’ll soon be able to access your hero’s attributes and suit them up with equipments and armor, individually, too.

Interestingly, in Legends of Honor, you can craft unit boosters to give your troops that advantage they need to win a battle. Unit boosters affect a certain category of your units, namely cavalry, ranged or infantry, and similar to your units themselves, the boosters can also be upgraded at the smithy. In fact, these boosters are integral to the game combat mechanics, though, of course, you can also decide to play without them, however, you’ll then need to make sure your army not only outnumbers the enemy but also is higher in level.

Now, for combat, it’s pretty much straightforward. Just go up close to a target on the map with your army and then click on it to engage it in battle. Marauders are rampant in the world, so you’ll probably be attacking them the most. Each victory will yield you resources and cash, along with experience points for your hero. For attacking another player’s army or city though, you’ll earn honor instead, which will affect your empire’s ranking on the leaderboard. There are no limits as to how many times you can battle other players or the marauding armies in this game.

Let’s not forget about castle defense too! Your castle is mainly manned by units that you’ve left behind, but if your hero returns with the army, your defense will be bolstered by the units under your hero’s command as well. Naturally, there are also plenty of defensive structures that you can build, like moats, walls and towers. Each of them can be periodically upgraded depending on availability as the upgrades are restricted by your empire’s level.

With a strong army and economy, other nations and empires are beginning to take notice of your growing reputation and power. This is when you’re offered the choice to join 1 of 3 factions available in Legends of Honor - Order of the Golden Claw, Knights of Ash and Shadow and Warriors of the Wild Lands. Choosing a good faction is important as you can only join alliances from your faction. So, unless you insist on joining a particular alliance, it’s fine just picking whichever faction that resonates with you the most.


As you’ll start with a small castle at the beginning, just like every other new player, you might want to join an alliance, depending on which faction you’re in, so you can have someone powerful watching your back for you. Also, since the game’s pretty new, the community isn’t as big as of current. However, the solid gameplay that offers hours of fun will definitely bring in a lot more new players in time. So, at the moment, if you fancy chatting with other players, you might want to forgo the deserted in-game chat system and head on over to the community forums instead.

Graphics/ Sound

The game doesn’t provide any music whatsoever and this is kind of disappointing, particularly considering that Goodgame Empire has “Lord of the Rings”-like sound. However, Legends of Honor does provide a very nice art style and beautiful graphics. The buildings, environment and unit models are also detailed and very lovingly designed. Overall, the game gets a thumbs-up for its graphics!


All in all, Legends of Honor is an exciting and addictively fun MMO strategy game that allows you to take up the mantle of being the lord of a castle and grow it into an impressive empire. In this game, you’ll need to manage your city’s economy, swell the ranks of your army and set up formidable castle defenses. Exert your influence on the roaming marauders or even other players within the vicinity of your map. Earn honor from defeating other players and rise up the ranks to become a truly fearsome ruler in Legends of Honor today!

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Set up an efficient resource production and taxation system to support your potentially massive army, led by capable heroes you’ve recruited. Join one of the 3 different factions and head out to war against the neverendless marauders that roam the lands... or even against the army of another empire. So, don't wait - play now! Keep in Legends of Honor Legends of Honor: The factions City in Legends of Honor Read More

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