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Last Chaos 7 rate Last Chaos is a rather old MMORPG that offers some interesting features in addition to the usual stuff that MMOs have. Last Chaos may not be the best MMORPG out there, or even comes close to being in the top 10, it is still a pretty decent game granted that the game itself is more than 5 years old... and counting! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Being one of the first MMORPGs that Aeria Games ever published, Last Chaos is a rather old MMORPG that offers some interesting features in addition to the usual stuff that MMOs have, including the less than ideal ones such as grinding mobs. You are given up to 6 gender-locked archetype classes to choose from with 1 special class which can only be created if you have a level 90 and above character. These characters have their own skills that are upgradable. The game also provides questing, item crafting, pets and a unique battle system. Although the game has quite a lot of invisible walls, latency issues in the city and glitches, the game makes up for all of its problems by offering exciting large scale castle sieges (PvP) as well as personal dungeons to test your skills. Last Chaos may not be the best MMORPG out there, or even comes close to being in the top 10, it is still a pretty decent game granted that the game itself is more than 5 years old... and counting! Do give it a try!


In Last Chaos, two gods had created the world, Iris – Eres, the God of darkness created the elves, while Apollon, the God of light had created the humans. Over time, Eres had become jealous of Apollon, and the joy he brought to the people. Driven by jealousy, Eres had gathered a huge army.

Included in his army of evil creatures are the Titans, a race of invincible warriors created by Eres. Angered by this, Apollon bestowed an army of humans with great skill, creating the Knights of Apollon to fight with the Titans toe-to-toe. Many years into the struggle, more were called on to aid both sides: rogues, mages, sorcerers, and healers. After many years of fighting, the two Gods retreated, each worn from his battle with the other. In his weak state, Eres was forced to sever his ties with the Titans, taking with him their invincibility.

Years has passed with a standoff between the two forces, while the armies slowly began to fall apart and a peace is finally setting in. However, that peace does not last as a new army appeared. This is where the game picks up!


To start, you’ll first have to choose your server. There are 2 types of servers, namely PvP and non-PvP. For a beginner though, it’s best to start with a non-PvP one to test the waters before going into PvP. There is also a recommended server which technically means the server is currently running a special event that provides bonuses for low level players such as bonus drops. After choosing a server that you’ll like, you can get right into the character selection!

Last Chaos offers up to 6 archetype classes to choose from, namely Knight, Titan, Mage, Healer, Sorcerer and Rogue, with 1 special class, the Knight Shadow, which can only be created if you have a level 90 and above character. All of these characters are gender-locked and you are only provided with limited options to customize your character. Each of the game’s playable classes has two job advancements at level 31.

Each class also provides different skills, both active and passive, for you to use. The game’s skill system allows players to learn the skills they want to learn, rather than simply having access to every skill in the game. Furthermore, you can also “empower” your character’s skills, which technically means that you’ll increase the level of your individual skills, preferably skills that you use often in combat. This skill advancement system promotes some rather heavy grinding due to the fact that players will not only be leveling their characters, but also their individual class skills too!

In addition, every level up in this game will provide you with 1 stat point and considering that the game has a very high level cap (more than 120 levels), you’ll end up with quite a lot of stat points. These points can go into strength intelligence, dexterity and constitution depending on which stats your character class will need to most. After all, a Knight won’t need intelligence as much as a Sorcerer for example!

The controls in Last Chaos are pretty simple (WASD or point and click) and there aren’t a lot of special movements that most other MMORPGs provide. You are not able to jump or swim in this game, but you can sink to the bottom of the river or pond and get stuck there. However, this is an old game after all, so this is perhaps forgivable. The E.R.A.S. Battle System used in Last Chaos is pretty interesting as well! It allows players to attack not only a single target but also other targets caught in the swing/blast radius, which is pretty realistic. Not to mention, you are not able to adjust or move the camera view when your character is moving around as well, which kind of sucked. Loot dropped from monsters is free-for-all too and can be picked up by anyone within the vicinity of the loot.

In terms of questing, Last Chaos offers the usual stuff which includes the killing quests or the “running around” quests and a nice quest tracker. Questing can be very repetitive in this game and as you reach higher levels, you’ll be running out of quests to do and are forced to find other methods of gaining experience, such as running dungeons or PvP encounters repeatedly, purchase experience boost potion using real money, or god-forbid, grinding mobs. Moreover, considering that the game has a rather high level cap, this only means more grinding and farming. For people who hated mindless grindfests in MMORPG, you should definitely avoid this game. If not, carry on!

You are also provided with an item creation feature which allows you to gather materials to craft your own equipment for your use or to sell. To sell, you can opt to use the in-game auction house or open up your own vendor-like stall in the city... a lot like the vendor system in Ragnarok Online. If you’re looking for better weapons, you can even rent weapons from NPCs at a price for a day.

For fans of PvE, Last Chaos provides one of the first personal dungeon systems, whereby players level 5 and above can participate in. Like the name of the system stated, this dungeon can only be run by you only. The dungeon difficulty is adjusted based on your character level and it gets much harder as you increase in level. Ranks are also awarded depending on how fast you clear a dungeon. While for PvP, Last Chaos provides a very interesting large-scaled castle sieges.

The game also has other nice features, such as character reputation that will tip your character from being the good guy to a villain or vice versa, adorable pets and mounts, titles, and surprisingly for a free-to-play MMO, sufficient starting inventory (but you can always buy more using real money, of course).

On the downside, Last Chaos has quite a number of bad points. The game is rife with gold spammers and it has a persistent latency problem in cities due to the excessive number of players congregating in such places to sell their wares. The game also has plenty of invisible walls and glitches that only a restart of the game will fix... and the bugs occur pretty often. The economy in this game can be pretty inflated as well, especially considering that high level players can earn millions of gold from mob drop while low levels are scraping by with less than 10 gold per mob kill. The game’s English, particularly in quest texts, can be rather incomprehensible at times, so thank goodness for quest tracking!


The community at Last Chaos is very welcoming and friendly, though they tend to group together in guilds. If you’re new to the game, it’s best to find a great guild with friends to keep you company while you journey through the world of Iris! You can even get some tips on how to play from your guildies, who are, more often than not, willing to help you. The game also provides a Guardian and Apprentice system which attaches you with an experienced player who will guide you through the game, if guilds are not your thing.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Last Chaos is pretty much out-dated even when you run the game at high resolution. However, taking the game’s age into account, the visuals in the game is still acceptable. In terms of music, the game provides some very inspirational music that is pretty nice to listen to. The sounds feel fitting in this game!


In short, Last Chaos is a pretty dated MMORPG that still somehow managed to withstand the corrosive tides of time! The game provides up to 6 archetype character classes for you to choose from, each with their respective skill sets which are in turn upgradable. The game also provides plenty of features, which are mostly common in any MMORPG, such as questing, world PvP (depending on the server you select), crafting, player vendors, dungeons, pets and mounts. The gameplay in this game feels like a Lineage 2 clone, though the game has some pretty unique features such as large-scaled castle sieges and personal dungeons. If you’re looking for an old school MMORPG, then perhaps you may be interested to try out Last Chaos. It may not be the best game out there, but well, it is still a pretty decent game. Do give it a try! It’s free after all!

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by Aethyna May 18, 2015
Last Chaos is a rather old MMORPG that offers some interesting features in addition to the usual stuff that MMOs have. Last Chaos may not be the best MMORPG out there, or even comes close to being in the top 10, it is still a pretty decent game granted that the game itself is more than 5 years old... and counting! Last Chaos: Cool pet AoE farming in Last Chaos Last Chaos: Succubus Read More
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