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Krosmaster Arena 10 rate Collect as many krosmasters as you can by playing matches with the ones you already have to earn Kroz. Each of these krosmasters is unique in their own way, allowing for plenty of combinations to make up a team and also for obtaining team synergy effects. Sounds like fun? Play Krosmaster Arena now then! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Create your own team of krosmasters and take the arena by storm in this amazing turn-based game, Krosmaster Arena! There are a crazy load of krosmasters that you can collect and play with, and each of them is unique in their own way. Play matches with your krosmasters and earn Kroz to buy even more krosmasters to fill up your team and collection. There is even a campaign mode for you to enjoy. If you love turn-based strategy games, Krosmaster Arena is definitely the sort of game you wouldn’t want to miss out on! So download and play the game today!


Krosmasters Arena starts off with a 5 part tutorial which did a very good job of teaching you the basics of the game. Generally though, there are a couple of things you should know if you want to play this game. First things first, at the beginning of every game, the Incentive value of each opposing team are totaled up and compared. Naturally, the team with the highest Incentive will move first. By the way, the Incentive value of each individual character will also determine which character gets to move first within the team. Then, both sides are allowed to adjust, if they wish to, their characters’ starting positions. There are only a few fixed spots for you to place your character on though.

Once done, the game can actually begin! Each round will have a turn bonus pop up which will ask you to assign the 2 randomly generated bonuses to any of your characters on the team. Of course, 1 character can only get 1 bonus. If you’re lucky, sometimes, you’ll get a Dofus turn bonus instead. In this case, instead of a random bonus, you can pick the bonuses, from among 4 different choices, namely lock (will turn an adjacent enemy into a sitting duck – not literally), dodge (reduce chance of getting hit by a critical), defend (reduce damage) and critical (boost up your character’s critical rating), that you want or need.

Interestingly, for certain rounds that has the demonic head tiles, you can trade in these bonuses for kamas (in-match currency), which you can then exchange, while having a character standing on top one of those demonic head tiles, for amazing demonic rewards. Demonic rewards can be assigned to the most ideal krosmaster and activated whenever you want. Kamas can also be obtained by picking them up, at the cost of 1 action point, as they are usually scattered around the arena.

That being said, let’s get into the combat proper. In each round (this is a turn-based game after all), you’ll have your movement points (MP) and action points (AP) to spend. Each character has their own number of movement points but most characters have around 3. Each point allows your character to move 1 cell on the grid... and no, you can’t move diagonally.

On the other hand, action points are needed for your characters to perform a skilled action and most character will get 6 points per turn. Different skills will consume different amount of action points as well, so it’s vital for you to strategize and plan how you spend your points carefully. Do take not that you don’t need to spend all of your points, MP or AP, in a round. Once you’re done, you can just click “pass” to hand the turn over to your opponent.

Naturally, playing in Krosmaster Arena is a lot complex than just MPs and APs, especially once skills are involved. Skills can come in many different forms, for example, some ranged skills cannot be used in close range, while some other can be turned into a free MP for your character. There are even healing skills, buff and debuff, traps/ bomb setting and many more! Not to mention, each damage skill is associated with a type of element and if the opponent has that exact elemental resistance, you will definitely have a bad time trying to kill him/ her. Each arena also have trees and stones (big ones) scattered around on it and these obstacles can be used as cover to prevent the enemy from having your character in his/her line of sight.

Now that you have a good idea how the gameplay of this game works, let’s take a look at the plethora of characters Krosmaster Arena has to offer. The characters available for the free to play player right after the tutorial include Oscar Kass, the remorseless swindler; Bad Aboum, the bomb expert; Lil Healey, the immensely altruistic caregiver, and Bill Tell one of the World of Twelve’s finest archers. You can also purchase more Krosmaster characters by buying character packs. Each pack will only give you 1 of the many characters the pack contains. Some of these other characters include the steampunk-loving Chrissy Entrinch; the super digger (including digging to the very bottom of a bottle), Diver Birel; the pain-points expert, Anna Tommy; and the adorable yet proper Pandawa, Mil Kluva.

To buy character packs though, you’ll need Kroz and thankfully, you can earn them by participating in a ranked PvP arena match with another player from a similar rank as you. Of course, if you win, you’ll gain more Kroz. There are 4 levels of arena leagues (with level 4, consisting of leagues 20 to 15, being at the bottom, and level 1, containing leagues 4 to 1, at the top). If you managed to get to level 1, you have a chance to enter the elite league where you get to fight against Elite of the Krosmoz and potentially gain the highest rank in the game. Although technically Krosmaster Arena is mainly a turn-based PvP-oriented game, the game also offers a nice campaign option for those who prefer non-competitive gaming.

Right, if you want to play a game though, you’ll need a team of characters – not just 1. Interestingly, to create your team of characters, you’ll need to find the best characters that can complement each other perfectly to get that extra edge to win a match. For instance, Anno Tommy is a suitable choice for the experienced player as her spells can be used to move close-range fighters like Oscar Kass or Poochan nearer to the enemy. After plenty of trial and errors, you can match up various “sets” of teams that can counter every kind of enemy team that they can throw in your way.

Each Krosmaster can also be equipped with only a weapon and which weapon you use can significantly affect the chances of winning a match. Different weapons have different elemental powers and depending on the resistance your opponents have, if you use a weapon that deal elemental damage that your opponents can just shrug off, you’ll definitely be in for a really challenging game.


As Krosmaster Arena has just entered into the open beta phase, it is expected that the community in this game is rather low. However, the Krosmaster brand, on the other hand, is a very well-established turn-based board game that has fans from all over the world. Once the game moves into launch, you can definitely bet that the player base of the game will spike up rather rapidly.

Graphics/ Sound

The top-down 3D cartoony graphics in Krosmaster Arena may bring to mind the visuals in Dofus or Wakfu. This is because the game is developed by the same people behind these two other games. That being said, the graphics have a certain dreamy-like quality to them that perfectly dampens the bright colors of the characters and the environment so the graphics won’t look too childish. In terms of music, the game features some rather soothing yet at times quirky tunes that provide a serene feeling as you play the game.


In short, Krosmaster Arena is a fun-filled and challenging tactical turn-based action MMO that has an amazing range of characters for you to collect and try out. Earn Kroz by playing matches either via the PvP arena mode or through the campaign mode and purchase the character pack that suits you. You can even customize your characters by equipping them with weapons to boost up their respective stats. Don’t forget to utilize the game’s unique turn bonus and demonic reward system to give your team an edge to win the match. Sounds like fun? Well, it sure is! So, be sure to drop by Krosmaster Arena and give it a go!

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New Game Added: Krosmaster Arena

by Aethyna Oct 30, 2015
Collect as many krosmasters as you can by playing matches with the ones you already have to earn Kroz. Each of these krosmasters is unique in their own way, allowing for plenty of combinations to make up a team and also for obtaining team synergy effects. Sounds like fun? Play Krosmaster Arena now then! Campaign mode Enemy knocked out Bomb placement Read More
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