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Kings and Legends 10 rate Engage in epic battles with your heroes or fight with other players in the Arena in this tactical collectible card game, Kings and Legends. Draw the right cards to win every battle, claim your prize and bask in a true warrior’s glory. Play Kings and Legends today and experience a different kind of CCG! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Kings and Legends is an MMO collectible card game combined with RPG-style quests and turn-based combat. In addition to main battle quests, you can fight with other players in the Arena or battle with bosses in the Challenge Hall. Battles are animated, so it’s definitely more than just the ordinary CCG.


When you start the game, you can name your character, which will be the Hero of the game. You’ll then be guided into a brief tutorial of how to play your cards in the battlefield. Your Hero will be positioned to the extreme left side and your enemy on the extreme right. In between, you and your opponent can take turns placing cards to battle each other. Each card has its own number to the bottom left and right, indicating its Life and Damage, respectively. Cards that draw creatures to fight in the battlefield are called Creature Cards and includes the following Races: Humans, Elves, Halfbloods, Ogres, Goblins, Undead and Beasts.

Your goal is to protect your Hero by drawing cards to eliminate the ones placed by the enemy. When your enemy’s life is reduced to 0, you win the battle. On the top left corner of the card is the countdown timer. You can only draw a card once the timer turns to 0. During battle, you can toggle between Manual and Automatic mode. Manual mode lets you choose the position of the cards, while Automatic mode selects the cards for you. If playing the game for the first time, it’s important to use Manual mode to understand how each card works against opponents.

After winning several battles on the Map, you’ll be prompted to choose a Class for your Hero. This unlocks the Skill Card in addition to those you have on deck. The Skill Card can be used directly on an opponent during battle. There are four Classes to choose from, namely Warrior, Ranger, Mage and Priest. Be sure to read about each Class’s qualities so it fits your fighting strategy.

As you win battles, you are awarded with the game’s currency, Silver. Silver is the secondary currency of the game and are usually gained when winning quests and battles. You can use Silver for buying Booster Packs for your deck from the Shop. You also get Reputation and XP points. Reputation points are awarded for each Race and Class that you used in your deck during battle. Gaining Reputation Points is a great way for your Creature Cards to increase critical hit and block rate.

The premium currency of the game is Gold, which can be obtained by buying with real money or completing a series of missions and tasks including levelling up, logging in on consecutive days and defeating boss monsters in the Challenge Hall. Gold can be used to buy special cards, replenish energy or change your Class.

When you’ve completed enough Main Quests of the game, you will be introduced to the other Buildings within the realm. Buildings serve their purpose for performing different tasks other than the Map battles. Some buildings will be locked until you reach a certain level. The City Hall is where you claim your daily rewards. Upgrading it should be your utmost priority if you want to bring in more Silver without going on quests. Rewards are in the form of Silver and Crystal. You need Crystals as well to upgrade City Hall.

There’s also the The Arena, where you can join Player vs Player battles to gain more rewards and experience. You can initiate a battle by creating a room, or you can select Search to search for a specific room that you might have been invited to in the past. For getting into random fights, you can select Quick Fight to join a fight. Click Invite to invite another player or Go to begin the match.

Other buildings include the Alchemy Lab, where you can combine cards to get higher ranking cards; the Blacksmith, where you can enchant, combine and forge equipment for your Hero to give him better attributes. You need the appropriate Gems to enchant an equipment based on its tier. Check the Success Rate as indicated in the bottom of the Enchantment interface to be sure that it will be successful. Failed enchantments and combinations can downgrade an equipment, but with a bit of Gold you can prevent this from happening.

The Challenge Hall is where you can join battles along with other players to defeat bosses. You can join a guild from the Guild Hall to share strategy and cards and go against other guilds in the Challenge Hall.

Kings and Legends is a collectible card game after all, so you can trade cards at the Auction House, which unlocks at Level 35. You need Gold for buying cards and you’ll be paid in Rubies for selling them. Players can search for a specific card from the Search box, or specify a race or class. You can buy a card outright or by way of bidding. Bidding is done in increments of 5 units (Gold).


Kings and Legends has a notable following, and you’ll see 33,000 likes on the game’s Facebook page. You’ll also find countless forums in and outside the game’s own website, as well as helpful Wiki pages to learn more about the game. Try joining Guilds or chat with other players and you’ll soon have a ton of connections made within the game.


Kings and Legends has the making of a card game that looks very much like an RPG. The images and artwork are outstanding, and the animated battlefield actions are a welcome change to the simple card battle animations you might have seen in other games. There’s also an upbeat soundtrack to keep you on fighting mode, so that’s a plus for the game.


Kings and Legends goes beyond ordinary CCGs with its animated battles and lots of opportunities to get rewards. If you’re not completing quests along the map, you’ll soon find yourself exploring the many Buildings within the game. There’s a lot to do other than trade cards here, and that’s more than a player can hope for when playing this genre. Truly, Kings and Legends offers lots of game features that will keep you earning rewards and collecting better cards as you play.

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New Game Added: Kings and Legends

by Kim Jun 2, 2016
Engage in epic battles with your heroes or fight with other players in the Arena in this tactical collectible card game, Kings and Legends. Draw the right cards to win every battle, claim your prize and bask in a true warrior’s glory. Play Kings and Legends today and experience a different kind of CCG! a three-lane battlefield in Kings and Legends Kings and Legends: battle against orcs arena fight in Kings and Legends Read More
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