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Kingdom Rift 8 rate On your arduous journey in this game, you will be able to experience a beautiful fantasy world, as well as take part in exciting PvP battles, dungeons, and everything in between! Join forces with powerful Goddesses, loyal Mounts and amass rare gear to save the world from an otherwise certain doom! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Kingdom Rift is a fantasy-themed MMORPG, in which you play the character who is the Chosen One to save the world from the seven demon kings! The game provides a variety of features that are common in most browser-based MMORPGs, such as gear enhancements, plenty of automated options, competitive arenas, challenging dungeons, mounts, skill tree and many more! There is also an AFK mode and a meditation mode so you can level up your character even while it is idle! Are you truly the chosen one that the world has be awaiting for so long? Play Kingdom Rift to find out!


Hellgate is opening once again! The Seven Deadly Sins have reincarnated as seven demon kings and are hell bent on the destruction of all that is good in this world… unless you stop them, being the ‘chosen one’ and all!

Your first mission though is to help the Spirit of Past Elven Queens to save Elfwood from an unknown threat. Elfwood is a holy place for the elves and they are currently electing a new queen. From your investigation, you realized that someone malicious wants to destroy the beautiful Elfwood! In your pursuit of the truth, you found out that there is a traitor among the elves. Can you find out who’s the traitor before it is too late?


The game starts off by asking you to choose between the 3 character classes available, namely warrior, warlock and hunter. The classes are all gender locked – 2 of them are males (warrior and warlock) while 1 of them is female (hunter). You can easily switch servers and create a new character if you’re interested to try out different classes, so you need not worry too much about your choice of character class on your first go!

The tutorial in this game is simple to understand and it will guide you through the major aspects of the game. The controls in Kingdom Rift are fairly easy as well and considering that most features in the game are automated… the most you’ll need to do is to click on a button. Like any browser-based MMORPG, the game provides auto-routing for quests, making the process of leveling your character in this game super convenient and rapid. Moreover, if you plan to go AFK for awhile, you may want to consider placing your character under the meditation mode whereby you can automatically earn experience points and Arqus, which you’ll need to improve your skills, or the AFK mode, in which your character will farm the mobs in an area repeatedly until you cancel the mode. There are also several other automated functions in this game, such as auto-combat, auto-use potions, and auto-collect loot.

Even with so many automated features, you will not be great at this game if your character is weak. Thus, what you’ll need to do is to improve your Battle Rating (BR). Battle rating is the score that represents the accumulated strength of your team and is of utmost importance if you plan on winning any, if not all, of your battles.

There are many methods to increase your battle rating and to ensure your victory in Kingdom Rift. One of the most important is by equipping and enhancing your character’s gear. Gear provides a sizable amount of your character’s battle rating. By enhancing or even by enriching it at the forge, you can earn yourself a much needed boost in for your battle rating. However, there’s a maximum limit on how many times you can enhance the stats of your equipments and this limit varies depending on the quality of your gear (uncommon, rare or epic).

In Kingdom Rift, you’re given mounts to ride. Besides boosting your movement speed, your character’s stats will also be given a leg up as well! Mounts can be evolved using pyxis and in-game money. Once you reached the maximum evolution limit, you can truly evolve your mount into its second tiered form. You can also equip mount armor on them as well!

Not to mention, after you’ve defeated the first 3 bosses of the game, you would have collected enough amber to release your very first goddess. She will actively participate in battle unlike your mount and will drastically increase your battle rating. Don’t forget to extol your goddess by using adama crystals to upgrade her. When her extol is maxed out, you just need to upgrade once more to increase her Genus to the next rank (there are a total of 8 Genuses for your first goddess). You can also equip artifacts to your goddess to further boost up her power. Artifacts can in turn be upgraded using sky opals.

Although they do not directly contribute to your battle rating, class skills are the bread and butter of your combat and thus, it is vital to upgrade them too! You’ll need a lot of Arqus and coins to upgrade your skills. There are even skill tomes that you can get from the PvE encounter, Warsoul to supplement your skills. As usual, skill tomes can be learned and then upgraded as well!

Another important aspect that will affect your stats and hence, your battle rating is your zodiac. After selecting a zodiac of your choice (it doesn’t affect your gameplay in any way), you need to cultivate it using Arqus to level it up. Every level up will have a duration cost, whereby you’ll have to wait the set amount of time before you can upgrade it again. There are also glyphs that you can equip to permanently boost your character’s stats.

Furthermore, you will even have a dragon pet in Kingdom Rift. When it hatched, it will add a nice amount of battle rating (around 3 thousand of BR) and not to mention, it’ll also actively help you in combat. As you progress, you will encounter another few options to increase your battle rating, which includes equipping wings. Getting your battle rating up will be an uphill battle, but the end rewards are sweet enough to be worth all the trouble!

In addition, Kingdom Rift offers a huge range of PvE dungeons and PvP arenas for you to enjoy! Dungeons, including Warsoul path (for epics and skill tomes), World boss, Hellgate and even the guild-based Star Bright (whereby you’ll fight super-strong bosses with members of your guild), will help you get a shot at obtaining some really awesome loot for your character! However, dungeons have restrictions to prevent excessive dungeon farming, and therefore, you will need to wait for the reset time before you can run the same dungeons again.

For PvP, you can either fight in the 1-on-1 arena, death arena, massive guild vs guild fights in Royal Dominion and Gladiators (whereby the champion of the arena will earn the coveted title of Warsoul)! These PvP matches can be pretty hard to win in, so ensure that your character’s battle rating is as high as you can get it to be before jumping into the arena to test your skills against other players!

Moreover, there is a trading feature, called Pawn (you can find the button for it, on the rim of the minimap) in Kingdom Rift. This is the option to use if you want to buy items from other players or put up stuff of your own to sell. There is also an exchange option, also on the rim of the mini map, whereby you can exchange tokens and special event/dungeon currencies for items.


The community in Kingdom Rift is very friendly although they do not chat much on the chat system. In fact, if you used the instant friend button, you’ll be definitely getting some love from the friendly players in the community! Most of them though are enrolled in guilds and, thus, if you truly want to chat with someone or ask for help, you can try there as well!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Kingdom Rift is pretty much acceptable for browser-based games, but they do not particularly stand out from the slew of browser-based MMORPGs that R2 Games releases on a rather clockwork basis. On the other hand, the game starts off with a very inspirational epic music on its interface that intends to lift your spirits up while the battle music in this game is very upbeat and rather ominous in some sort of way. Different locations in the game will have different soundtracks as well, for instance, while the city of Idris has a similar music as the interface music, Ilyan broadcasts a more opera-type music instead.


In short, Kingdom Rift is just your typical free-to-play fantasy-themed and browser-based MMORPG. It has features that almost all browser-based MMORPGs have, including automated features, equipment enhancements, PvP arenas, half-hearted storylines, mounts and their upgrades, PvE dungeons, skill upgrades, wings and others. Although it has both AFK and meditation modes (while other games only have one of them), the game still does not stand out enough in terms of its many features and even gameplay to be unique among the browser-based MMORPGs available on the internet by R2 Games. However, if you enjoy the simplicity and convenience of this sort of games, you may find that Kingdom Rift is very interesting alternative. Check out the game today!

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by Aethyna Mar 20, 2015
On your arduous journey in this game, you will be able to experience a beautiful fantasy world, as well as take part in exciting PvP battles, dungeons, and everything in between! Join forces with powerful Goddesses, loyal Mounts and amass rare gear to save the world from an otherwise certain doom! Kingdom Rift: Wraith Golden dragon in Kingdom Rift Kingdom Rift: the king Read More
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