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Hi Word Blast 10 rate Featuring a gameplay which combines the addictive fun of match-3 games with the challenge of word puzzles, Hi Word Blast offers a game experience like no other. Have fun making words, collecting candies and building impressive castles today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Unlike many other “cloned” word puzzle games out there, Hi Word Blast seeks to innovate the genre by merging popular elements in current word puzzle games with features that are present in match-3 games, resulting in a word-finding game that allows you to collect candies and build magnificent confectionary-made castles.


So, how does this work? Well, basically, you’ll still get the “plate” of 6 letters (more letters will eventually be added) that you’ll then need to link up to form words. However, the interesting thing here is that each letter is associated with a certain color or type of candy, and your objective in each level you play is to collect a specific number of candies of a specific type or color.

Sometimes, you may even need to form specifically lettered words to get a special item which you then need to collect. For instance, to get donuts, you’ll need to form at least a 4-letter word. A donut will then appear along with a letter that you can then try to chain up to form a word.

Of course, you’ll need to form valid words (emphasis on the word “valid” here) using the letters you are given, and like most match-3 games, the minimum letter count per word in this game is 3. Once a letter is used, it will be replaced with another (new) letter while the letters you don’t use will remain in the playing area.

One more thing to note is that you are given a limited number of moves per level, so you’ll need to complete your level goal before you run out. If you do run out of moves, you’ll fail the level and lose a life. On the other hand, if you have plenty of leftover moves at the end of a level, these extra moves will be converted into bonus points (a whopping 2000 points per move). Sounds pretty much like a match-3-inspired word puzzle game? It essentially is!

What I really like about Hi Word Blast besides its innovate gameplay is the really good dictionary that it uses to determine the validity of the words you make. I’ve noticed that the game accepts rather obscure and uncommon words and so far, I have yet encountered a level where the valid words I made are rejected. This raises the game pretty high up in my books. However, I have also noticed that this game doesn’t really censor potentially inappropriate words either, especially if a child is playing the game, so parents, please take note!

The game also offers several ways to help you out of a tight spot, if necessary. The default Bomb booster should work well enough to help you collect the candies you need at a much more rapid pace. This booster, unlike the other 3 types of boosters (Shuffle, Wand, and Magic Letter) in the game, is completely free to use and can be charged up by forming words. Once it’s activated, the bomb will clear all the letter tiles in the playing area, basically helping you to collect all the candies you need from the “plate” and get a fresh set of letters to make words with. It can be used to obtain donuts too.

Before entering a game, you can choose to bring along ready-to-use bombs or a random booster which you can get by playing a slot machine. The slot machine is free to play if you watch a video ad, so if you want free boosters, which may include stuff like extra moves, you can pull the lever and see what boosters you can win! You can also spend coins to buy a spin.

If you leave your game idle for a while, you may also notice that the game will automatically suggest valid words that you can make. These words aren’t usually the best words available, but if you completely have no idea what words to make, these free hints can be incredibly useful. From time to time, a Free Hint balloon may pop up as well. This is the “premium” hint where you’ll have to watch a video ad to get, but in return, you’ll get the longest word the game can find with the letter tiles you currently have.

Now, like most casual games, each level offers up to 3 stars for you to earn. These stars don’t really do much except helping you to unlock special rewards-filled chests. The game has quite a lot of levels – 200 and counting – and these levels are spread out across various episodes.


The community for Hi Word Blast is a bit on the lower end, partly because it is a brand-new game, and partly because there aren’t just as many people playing it. The game is buried under the tons of word game clones and this is something that’s incredibly unfortunate. However, if you love playing the game, be sure to recommend it to your friends.

Graphics/ Sound

In terms of its graphics, I really like its cutesy style and bright colors. The overall theme of the visuals also matches perfectly with its music, a catchy and upbeat tune that may even have you bobbing your head.


When you thought you’ve seen it all, a game like Hi Word Blast saunters along to prove you wrong! By cleverly merging popular elements of a match-3 game along with the now-common word puzzle format, Hi Word Blast proves it is able to further innovate the word puzzle game genre, putting other “clones” to shame. Couple that with a good dictionary of words and sprinkle in some challenge, you’ll get a game worth spending hours in!
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New Game Added: Hi Word Blast

by Aethyna Mar 30, 2018
Featuring a gameplay which combines the addictive fun of match-3 games with the challenge of word puzzles, Hi Word Blast offers a game experience like no other. Have fun making words, collecting candies and building impressive castles today! Hi Word Blast: Form words Gameplay in Hi Word Blast Hi Word Blast: Play the slots to get free boosters Read More
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