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Heroes Evolved 10 rate If you love MOBA games but for whatever reason - may it because of the toxic community or that you simply can’t invest that much time into the game to stay competitive – do not enjoy playing any of the more popular ones like DotA 2 or LoL, Heroes Evolved looks to be an excellent alternative. Give it a try today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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If you love MOBA games but for whatever reason - may it because of the toxic community or that you simply can’t invest that much time into the game to stay competitive – do not enjoy playing any of the more popular ones, Heroes Evolved looks to be an excellent alternative. The gameplay is pretty much similar to Defense of the Ancient 2 (DotA 2) or even League of Legends (LoL) so players with any experience with MOBA games will feel right at home here. Due to it being a new game, the game’s collection of heroes, which is currently above the 50 mark, is incredibly impressive. Not to mention, the game has recently entered into its Open Beta phase, so this is your chance to be among the first to try the game out!


To begin your journey to the very pinnacle of the rank ladder in Heroes Evolved, you’ll first need to select a character portrait. The game currently offers 10 different portraits for free, but if you decide to purchase the game’s VIP status, you’ll gain access to a whole lot more portraits. Once done, simply add in a name and you’re ready to get started!

Heroes Evolved starts the game with a tutorial prompt. You can then decide if you’d like to go through the tutorial or not. Since the game’s pretty much similar in terms of its gameplay to popular MOBA games like Defense of the Ancient 2 (DotA 2) or even League of Legends (LoL), players who have played those games before, whether extensively or not, should be able to start playing almost immediately. However, if you’re completely new to the genre, it’s best to go through the tutorial since it doesn’t really take a lot of time.

Basically though, the game’s controls mainly involve the mouse and the QWER keys. You’ll be using your mouse to move, aim an ability, and select an enemy to target. You can also detach the camera from your character using the Y key, and subsequently, use the mouse to move the camera around the map. Although you can literally play the whole game using only the mouse, the QWER keys are important because they function like hotkeys for your hero’s abilities. You’ll definitely need to use them if you plan on being even remotely competitive.

Being a MOBA game, Heroes Evolve touts a wide range of heroes for you to play as. Heroes are generally separated into 3 groups based on the main stat they are more dependent on, namely strength, intelligence and agility. Each hero can also be group under various roles, including but is not limited to some of the common ones like Carry, Pusher, Ranged, Melee, Jungler and more. Depending on the type of playstyle you prefer, you can pick a hero that’s the best fit for you.

The heroes in Heroes Evolved each has 4 abilities in addition to 1 auto-attack. Out of these 4 abilities, you’ll find the hero’s unique ultimate skill. This ultimate skill is usually the best possible skill the hero may have but it is also the skill with the longest cooldown time. Thus, it’s crucial to only use it when absolutely needed. Each skill, including your hero’s auto-attacks, can be upgraded several times (3-4 times depending on the skill itself). Heroes also can be further augmented with glyphs, giving them some passive boost to their stats or to their abilities. Each hero even has unique skins that you can purchase.

That being said, not all of the 59 currently available heroes are provided for you. Instead, the game will unlock 12 heroes for free and this roster of heroes will be rotated every week. There are also free heroes that you can use during special events, making the total number of heroes available for the free-to-play player to be more than 15 heroes. So, if you stick around the game for around a month or so, you should be able to try every hero the game has... and more!

Now, in terms of the actual match, the game mechanics in Heroes Evolved are, again, quite similar to DotA 2 and LoL. The maps that you get – only 2 types at the moment - contain 3 lanes with “jungles” in between each of these lanes. There’s the fog of war, so wards are kind of a huge thing in this game especially for a Jungler and maybe a Ganker. Each lane is consisted of several towers that you’ll need to either defend (if it’s your team’s tower) or attack (if it’s the enemy’s tower).

Let’s not forget about the adorable creeps which will spawn every now and then, and run headlong towards the enemy tower. These creeps are your bastion against the towers’ heavy damage lasers and can be very handy to serve as a nice distraction for any enemy hero you encounter. Of course, like in a conventional MOBA game, these “critters” will evolve into a much tougher-to-kill version once the enemy’s barracks is destroyed. These tougher forms of creeps will prove to be incredibly useful when you finally are able to start hacking away at the enemy’s Aegis.

Killing blow is also a thing in Heroes Evolved, so it’s very important, particularly for a newbie, to learn how to get that last blow so he/she can earn some coins. Thankfully, in this game, the mobs’ health bar will turn from red to yellow once their health is low enough for you to kill them with 1 shot. Coins can then be spent at the in-match shop, which is located right between your team’s Aegis (the building you’ll need to protect from your opponents) and the respawning/healing area. There are no carriers though, so you’ll actually have to make the trip back to your base in order to spend any of the coins you’ve accumulated.

Another interesting aspect of Heroes Evolved is that sometimes, fallen mobs will drop boosts on the ground which any hero can pick up. There are 2 that I’ve encountered so far – the healing and the damage boost, but I reckon the developers may add in some more, such as a movement boost or even an attack speed boost, before the game’s officially released. Considering that these boosts can be picked up by any hero, you’ll need to actually compete for that boost item with your own team members, or worse case, with the enemy hero.

Every player will also get a teleport spell with a somewhat long cooldown, which they can use when they are injured and are in an urgent need of some rapid healing or when they have too much coins that they really need to spend. Players could also use the teleport spell to move their hero rapidly from the base to the tower that’s nearest to the enemy’s frontlines.

At the moment, Heroes Evolved provides 4 different game modes, including solo (single player); party (multiplayer); custom (create a game); and Co-op (practice with bots), with 4 more game modes to be released later on.... possibly during the game’s launch. Most multiplayer modes offer rewards for every match played, but for co-op matches, you’ll only get rewards for the first 5 matches you play every day. This is to prevent players from abusing this game mode to level up more quickly.

Are you the sort to admire your own screenshot-perfect stats? If so, Heroes Evolved offers a nice Stats interface whereby your overall game stats, such as total kills and assists, total wins and total matches played, are displayed. The badges that you earn during each match’s assessment are also shown along with the rank you are currently at. There are even tabs where you can watch replays, provided that you’ve saved your game recordings in the first place, of your matches and have fun creating a cool-looking nameplate that can showcase your brilliance

Every tiny little advantage may help – with this in mind, you might want to grab yourself a VIP status, so you can not only get some nice cosmetics, but also more coins from first win rewards and more. You could also purchase in-game items using premium gems, like resurrection stones, which will allow you to resurrect your hero on the spot right after death, or even any of the heroes that you have not yet owned.


Heroes Evolved is currently an open beta game and thus, its community isn’t exactly as huge as say, LoL or DotA 2, despite having the potential of being as popular of either one of those games. That being said, the queue time in the game isn’t very long. I’ve managed to play several matches with a queue time of around 1 minute. The game will also offer a Guild feature in the future and who knows? We might get to enjoy amazing Guild-vs-Guild matches and events later on.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Heroes Evolved are quite similar to those casual browser-based MMORPGs but with a bit more flair and style. There are even a few heroes that look like characters from a cartoon show for kids – they are just so adorable! In terms of music, the game has some excellent soundtracks that will get you pumped up and ready to start playing the game.


To sum up, Heroes Evolved is very similar, in terms of its gameplay and game mechanics, to popular MOBA games like DotA 2 or LoL, but also added in a few tiny but significant features of its own. However, the experience that you’d get from playing this game is a lot less stressful than if you play any of the aforementioned MOBA games. This makes Heroes Evolved an excellent alternative for players who are tired of all the flaming and toxicity that’s going on and wanted a fresh start.

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New Game Added: Heroes Evolved

by Aethyna Sep 15, 2016
If you love MOBA games but for whatever reason - may it because of the toxic community or that you simply can’t invest that much time into the game to stay competitive – do not enjoy playing any of the more popular ones like DotA 2 or LoL, Heroes Evolved looks to be an excellent alternative. Give it a try today! Attacking the tower in Heroes Evolved Heroes Evolved: Bombom Flavia gameplay in Heroes Evolved Read More
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