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Heroes at War 9 rate Being the king of a newly-founded kingdom in this brand new MMORTS game, Heroes at War, it is up to you to develop your empire into a formidable force, be it economically or militaristically. Do you have what it takes to become a strong yet fair ruler? Play Heroes at War now and find out! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Being the king of a newly-founded kingdom in this brand new MMORTS game, Heroes at War, it is up to you to develop your empire into a formidable force, be it economically or militaristically. Wage wars against other players to display your kingdom’s might as well as conquer various resource points and set up new cities throughout the map to remind your “subjects” who the boss is. Do you have what it takes to become a strong yet fair ruler? Play Heroes at War now and find out!


Heroes at War is a pretty comprehensive MMORTS that contains many aspects that may be familiar to avid Plarium’s fans (Games like Stormfall, Sparta: War of Empires and more). However, it also contains many unique aspects which allow this game to stand on its own.

One of these unique aspects is the “free build” option when it comes to your kingdom’s development. This means that you are free to place your buildings wherever you like as long as you place the structures within the areas provided. You can even move your buildings around so long as you are in the game’s Constructor mode after you’ve built them.

The buildings you’ll need to build come in many forms and types. Some of them will help you generate resources, namely iron, grain, wood, silver, and stone, while others will unlock new features and units when built. All of them can be upgraded to either increase their productivity or to unlock better units and options. However, the levels of your buildings are all dependent on the level of your Castle, so be sure to level that up first.

Interestingly, you can also build Chambers within your castle to give your kingdom some beneficial, passive speed-up bonuses. You can even hold city events at the castle whereby you’ll earn a certain amount of honor points, depending on the duration of the event. These points can then be spent in the in-game shop at the castle to buy resources, boosts, protection, mercenaries, and speed-ups.

That said, you are only given 1 construction slot for both building and upgrades. Thankfully though, if you are in a Clan, you should be able to speed-up any construction that is within the 6-minute mark for free. If not, you can simply join a clan – any clan will do - and you’ll automatically earn this special bonus. Not much of a clan person? Well, you could still spend premium gems, called Crystals, to buy speed-up tokens to quickly speed through the early building processes.

Like most MMORTS games, Heroes of War also offer you tons of quests to complete. There’s a Chapter-based quest chain which doubles as a lengthy tutorial. These quests will guide you through the various features and aspects of the game. There is also a series of daily quests that you simply need to activate, wait for the duration to complete, and collect your rewards. If you’re a VIP or in a clan, you can even activate special VIP and/or clan dailies consecutively with your standard quests to get more goodies (mainly resources) and to level up faster!

The resources you gain can then be used to either build up your army or to advance your kingdom’s culture. You can invest your resources to improve your people’s science knowledge at the university, which in turn, will grant you helpful and sometimes, pretty significant passive bonuses that will boost your army’s strength and your nation’s economy. Need more resources? Well, you could always trade the resources you have in excess for silvers and then use those silvers to buy the resources you need.

Once you have a strong enough empire, you might want to consider expanding your empire’s boundaries by setting up new cities. In this game, you can establish 2 colony cities at most, whereby each colony can support 2 normal cities. This brings the total to a whopping 9 cities that you can own and manage. The game also has a helpful “teleport” option for you to switch between cities easily.

Aside from your kingdom, you will have control of a hero as well. Like any normal RPG, you’ll be able to equip him with weapons and armor, upgrade his skills by investing skill points and send him out to slay various levels of monsters that roam the land. However, unlike most games where the equipment is dropped from monster kills, you actually earn materials from your hero’s adventures (as well as other methods), and these materials can then be converted into useful gear items via the forge. You could craft advanced materials, which is required to craft better items, at the forge too.

Ready to see some action? Well, there are tons of soldiers for you to recruit in Heroes of War, which you can then send out to attack other kingdoms or to capture crucial resource points, like ore mines, grain fields, and tree grove, on the map; you can mark them out using waypoints, by the way. Ranging from the normal foot soldiers to mages, archers, siege weapons and even spies, you can (and should) mix it up a bit when composing your army so you have enough units to counter whatever that your enemies have holed up in their kingdoms.

Naturally, it’s very wise to deploy your spies first just so you can gauge your enemies’ strength before rushing in your troops. After all, you’re in the business of plundering them for resources or massacring all their defending troops, and not just throwing your troops at their walls hoping that one day they might break through. Combat in Heroes at War is auto-resolved though, so it’s important to know which types of troops and how many of them to bring.

Of course, even if you send armies after armies to attack others, you should always have enough troops left behind to defend your home city. It wouldn’t do to be blindsided by a retaliatory attack when you’re too busy attacking others. Besides having a small army to defend, you could build a cache to safeguard a small amount of your resources from being plundered, and also a variety of traps which will help you “thin the herd (invading forces)” so to speak, so your defending troops simply need to mop whatever stragglers that remain.

In addition to attacking other players’ cities, the game provides tournaments, both individual and clan-based, whereby players will complete various requirements to earn tournament points. At certain point milestones, you can collect free gifts, so even if you’re not among the top few on the leaderboard, you still get something by participating. However, if you did manage to get to the top few spots, you can win yourself some really lucrative prizes.

In terms of in-app purchases, Heroes at War offers both a tiered VIP system as well as an in-app shop selling premium items at the cost of Crystals. You can earn a nice amount of Crystals simply by completing quests so you can actually afford to buy quite a number of items from the in-game store. There is a free lottery system where you can stand a chance to win some amazing freebies too.


Once you get the chance, it is best for you to join a clan as soon as you can. This is mainly because of the tons of benefits you can get by simply being part of a clan... and it doesn’t even have to be an active one. The advantages for being a clan member include free accelerators for construction and science research (up to 6 minutes), the ability to capture Citadels and Thrones, bonuses for your soldiers’ attack and defense, free periodic gifts from the clan, and more. Your clansmen can also help you speed up the construction process by lending you a hand.

However, if you’re in an active clan, you may be asked to contribute to the clan in return. Contribution can range from monetary (game currency) and resources to sending soldiers you can spare to build up an army for your clan.

Personally, I like that this game offers a whole lot more tools for clan coordination, allowing clan members to really be able to communicate effectively and coordinate a joint attack. There is also a clan-owned military headquarters where you can see all your ally’s attacks/ clan attacks and clan citadels owned. This allows you to send support wherever help is needed more quickly without needing a leader to actually tell you to do so.

Graphics/ Sound

Heroes at War runs surprisingly well on my middle-range tablet despite having breathtaking graphics. The details in each part of the visuals are astonishing and the art style used in this game is well-suited to the game’s medieval theme. The game doesn’t have any sound or sound effects though.


If you’re an avid fan of free-to-play MMORTS games, you should be familiar with the “template” for this sort of games. However, in Heroes at War, they have not only made the genre their own; they have also added in some exciting new features, such as more tools for better clan coordination, which honestly is and should be the bread and butter of any MMO strategy game, that change how you play the game. The gameplay is in-depth enough to keep you going and yet not too deep until it confuses the inexperienced new player. Overall, Heroes at War is a well-balanced and developed MMORTS that’s friendly to MMO gamers of all tiers, be it hardcore or casual. Do give it a try today!

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by Aethyna Mar 20, 2017
Being the king of a newly-founded kingdom in this brand new MMORTS game, Heroes at War, it is up to you to develop your empire into a formidable force, be it economically or militaristically. Do you have what it takes to become a strong yet fair ruler? Play Heroes at War now and find out! Heroes at War: World map Military academy in Heroes at War Heroes at War: Your castle Read More
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