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Heavy Metal Machines 9 rate Heavy Metal Machine combines the addictive competitiveness of the MOBA genre with cool weapons-added and modified cars that can spit bullets or flame, all wrapped up in a heavy metal theme. This game certainly offers a MOBA gaming experience that is unlike any other! Try it today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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One of the most unique MOBA that was developed, Heavy Metal Machine, combines the addictive competitiveness of the MOBA genre with cool weapons-added and modified cars that can spit bullets or flame, all wrapped up in a heavy metal theme. It feels like a car version of Team Fortress played in a MOBA setting. It is truly unique! In this game, you are given up to 12 special drivers to choose from, each with their own roles to play in the game whether as a pusher, a carry, a nuker or even as the tank. Have fun with various distinct car abilities and wreak havoc by piling up crashed or destroyed cars! Don’t forget to spend the money you’ve earned to upgrade your car from time to time! Although the skill ceiling may be rather high even for an experienced MOBA player, Heavy Metal Machine offers a MOBA gaming experience that is unlike any other! If you’re a huge fan of MOBAs, this is a game you might want to try!


In this game, you play as the driver of a heavily modified vehicle as the gladiator of death in the arena for one of these 2 factions – R.A.I.D. or F.O.G.O, in a thrilling 5-versus-5 battle!

Eager to start? Great! Let’s choose your driver first! Each driver in Heavy Metal Machines has their own different “machine”. This includes a variety of vehicles such as a monster truck, a police car or even an ice-cream truck. You can even customize your vehicle prior to a match and that customization covers both practical and cosmetic aspects of customization. You can swap out or add on accessories for your “death machine” in order to reign supreme in the arena! One of these accessories, called “hacks”, gives you a different modification each, and, in addition to the cost, you can equip a limited number of them. So choose wisely - select hacks that will actually help in executing your strategies in-game. In terms of cosmetic modifications, there are plenty of “skins” that you can purchase to change your car’s looks or you could also customize it yourself and spray paint it a different color.

In Heavy Metal Machines, you could also ally yourself with “sponsors” in order to gain that extra help that comes in the form of 1 unique accessory in battle. The game offers up to 6 different sponsors, such as Dimitri and Prof Nitro. When allied with Dimitri, your vehicle will gain reinforced armor, partial engine protection and special hull for dangerous situations, making your vehicle extremely suitable to initiate a confrontation with the opposing team and to end it. However, if you ally yourself with Prof Nitro, your vehicle will have resistant engine, increased battery life and maximum speed. The perfect “ingredients” for hunting down that runaway bastard or to be a runaway bastard yourself! By renewing your contract with a certain sponsor, you can “level up” your reputation with him or her (up to level 28) and each level up may unlock new gadgets, accessories or features for you to play with!

Unlike conventional MOBAs, Heavy Metal Machines uses the WASD controls (much like SMITE but that’s about it, as far as similarities go). Your car will also have a nice stash of special abilities. Each car has 4 abilities and an ultimate. The abilities use an array of controls to trigger – for example, the default ability can be used by merely pressing your left mouse button while to activate the third ability, you’ll need to press the “shift” key instead! The vehicles in this game have some seriously unique and cool abilities. For instance, one of the vehicles is able to bunker down to reduce damage taken while another can burn a large circle of fire around itself. There is even a car that can use some sort of whiplash and drag an enemy player (a fleeing one, most of the time) towards it! It’s rather amazing!

For the ultimate skill, you are provided with an array of skills to choose 1 from. This is different from the compulsory ultimate skills that each hero has in other MOBA games. Not to mention, you’ll start the game with sufficient money to buy all of your skills at the beginning and thus, you can probably imagine the mayhem that ensues! This encourages players to be aggressive when meeting an opponent, so you’d better keep a lookout for ambushes and the like – constant vigilance - in this game!

Furthermore, although you’re controlling an awesome death machine on wheels in this game, it can be pretty hard to aim your abilities in this game, drastically increasing its skill ceiling and lowering its appeal for casual players and newbies. This is particularly prominent when you’re driving in twists and turns (like you’re some stunt actor in Fast and Furious) while trying to dodge your opponent’s fire and trying to return fire of your own! Being still while attacking or driving in a straight line will be the death of your car in Heavy Metal Machines, that’s for sure! Take note that you’ll have to pull off all these amazing maneuvers in a top-down view point. Therefore, learning how to control the vehicles is a huge part of the challenge in Heavy Metal Machines!

It’s time to smash some cars! To start, you’ll have to choose which game mode you want to play in – either demolition (PvP), whereby you’ll be fighting against other human players; or co-op vs bots, in which you’ll team up with your fellow humans to fight against bot-controlled opponents. After choosing a suitable mode, get into your vehicle and let the game begin!

The pace of the gameplay in Heavy Metal Machines can be a tad bit faster than what you’re used to. Players will actively engage enemies right off the bat once they encounter them and will pursue them as well! However, the game mechanics that governs any MOBA game still applies in this game. You’ll need to destroy enemy turrets in order to clear a path to the enemy’s core in their base. The turrets in Heavy Metal Machines have energy shields and thus, can take a lot more beating. There are creeps, which are called “drones” in this game as well! They usually walk their lanes mindlessly and will only attack when their path is blocked or when they detect hostiles nearby.

Moreover, you will earn money in-game even if you’re doing nothing (passive income) and you can then spend these money at the in-game store, which can be accessed anywhere in the game. With money, you can then upgrade your abilities or even stats by upgrading the bodywork, batteries and power of your vehicle. You can also build improvements for your machine by collecting scraps left behind by destroyed turrets, enemy cars, or drones.

One of the best aspects of Heavy Metal Machines is their maps. The map is very well-designed and is perfect for vehicular warfare! There are patches of ground that are obscured by smoke. When your vehicle is in that dark patch, enemies will not be able to see or attack you unless they enter that patch as well. However, this also means that you will not be able to attack players outside unless you exit the hiding area. These are nonetheless perfect for executing an ambush as they are mainly placed near critical positions, such as near a tower. There are also ramps that you can use to leap over the lanes below to perhaps avoid confrontations and bouncy platforms that work like spring boards to leap your car onto the terrain above.

In addition, unlike the 3-lane map configuration for most MOBAs, Heavy Metal Machines has many alternate paths for players to zip through, though the drones will still stick to the main 3 lanes. The game scatter sealed boosts, such as a one-time off health regen boost that you can break (the container) and collect (the boost) around the map. These boosts will reappear after some time. There are also neutral bases that you and your team can capture, which will provide your team with a vantage point from which you can coordinate your attacks.


Currently, Heavy Metal Machines has around 32 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page and that number is on the rise! Unlike other MOBAs, this game doesn’t seem to be going towards the eSports market although the game does have the potential. The game is not specifically designed to be marketed to players in the English-speaking countries as well despite having the game translated into English (not yet completed). It feels like they love being a niche MOBA game and they intend to stay that way as of now. If you want to try the game out, you should take note that a majority of the players in the game speak (or type) Portuguese and not many can/ are willing to type in English, making team cooperation in this heavily team-based game a tad bit difficult when you cannot understand each other.

Graphics/ Sound

The atmosphere in the battle arena is very amped up in Heavy Metal Machines due to its heavy metal music in the background. If you’re a huge fan of heavy metal and MOBA, you will love this game! In terms of graphics, the game depicts all of its drivers and vehicles in a cartoon relief. For example, after you’ve managed to kill an enemy, you’ll see a “Kaboom” sign pop up, like what you’d see in a comic book. The visuals are made to look as comic-like as possible by strongly outlining the edges of the drawings – in fact, it may remind you, somewhat, of the graphics in the Borderlands franchise.


In a nutshell, Heavy Metal Machines is a truly unique MOBA that mashes up the genre with vehicular warfare and all of these are bundled up in a heavy metal outfit. In this game, you’ll be playing as a driver of a fire-spewing, laser-zapping or bullets-spitting “machine of mass destruction”, depending on which of the 12 drivers you choose to play as. Enjoy testing out and formulating strategies using the special abilities that your vehicles have and start showing off how much death and destruction your “death machine” can deal if the player behind it has the “leet” skills needed. Spend your earnings in upgrading or customizing your car so it can look good while dishing out death sentences to any opponents who dared to stand in your way! If you’re looking for a challenging (the skill ceiling to play this game is rather high) and “Team Fortress”-crazy type of MOBA, Heavy Metal Machines comes highly recommended. Experience this unique MOBA game today!

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