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Gigantic 9 rate Combining the fun of boss fights with the team-based competitiveness of a MOBA, Gigantic is a game that’s not only one-of-a-kind, but also very entertaining to play. Dive into the clash between titans, defeat the opposing team and climb up the ranks today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Gigantic is a very unique MOBA-like game that offers fans of the genre a different gaming experience by combining an objective-based gameplay with some elements of a boss fight in an RPG. Teams will fight to obtain power for their respective guardians, who will then swoop over to the opposing side and pin down the enemy guardian when charged up, making it vulnerable to the players’ attacks. The game also provides a nice range of heroes for players to play as, with each offering very different experiences due to their special set of skills. Gigantic is definitely the first of its kind, and if you enjoy different sorts of MOBAs, you’ll love playing this game, that’s for sure!


One thing to note about Gigantic before we go into its gameplay is that the game will require you to have Perfect World’s game client, Arc, to play despite installing the game on Steam. Some players may find this troublesome but trust me, this game is worth it.

Being a rather unique game, Gigantic starts off with a compulsory tutorial, where you’ll be introduced to the game’s 4 main elements – its controls, the match objective, boss fights (rampage) and how to use focus, before the game modes are unlocked. There are 3 game modes in total – bot match is the co-op mode where teams of 5 players or bots, or a mixture of both fight it out on a battlefield; practice mode is a solo game where you can test out new heroes and skills; and lastly, the actual rank-based, 5-vs-5 PvP match itself, Gigantic mode, that is only unlocked after you’ve played a co-op match and reached level 2.

Now, once you get into a game, you’ll quickly realize how different Gigantic is. The game is played like an RPG whereby you’ll be using the WASD keys to move and you’ll be able to jump (spacebar) and sprint (left shift). You can also press left Shift to dodge during combat since the game’s action-based. Jumping, sprinting and dodging will consume stamina though and some stamina management is required in this game so that you have enough stamina to escape from a worsening battle so you can live to fight another time.

However, even as compared to the somewhat similar, 3D third-person-styled MOBA, SMITE, Gigantic’s gameplay is very distinct. The goal of a match is to defeat the other team’s Guardian, be it the gryphon Leiran from House Aurion or the serpent Grenn from House Devaedra. Guardians are too tough to take on even with 5 players and so you’ll first need to accumulate enough energy to power up your own Guardian. You can do so by defending your team’s power points through summoning special creatures who will also help you collect power when it’s ready. Summoned creatures can be upgraded by spending focus points that can be earned by slaying enemy heroes or creatures. You can steal other team’s power by collecting it directly from their power points too.

Once powered up, your Guardian will go into a rampage, swoop over to the opposing base and pin down the enemy Guardian, exposing the crystal which is its weakest point. Your team will then be expected to attack that crystal, while fending off attacks from the opposing team, to deal a wound to the Guardian. Getting kills during this rampaging stage will extend your Guardian’s grip as well.

The match will eventually end into an epic grand finale, the Clash, after 2 wounds has been scored on a Guardian. Here, the map is drastically narrowed down to the center where both titans will duke it out. In addition to continuing the power collection routine, players will also be expected to fight the other team and the opposing team’s Guardian whenever it’s possible.

There is no fog of war either and enemy heroes are marked on the mini map, so clashes between players are quite frequent. Often, there will be plenty of stuff going on all at the same time and it’s critical to have a strong awareness of what’s happening (and even what’s going to happen) so you can anticipate your enemies’ movements and intercept them accordingly.

Aside from the matches themselves, heroes are one of the game’s most interesting aspects as well. Like most MOBAs, free-to-play players will have a selection of 5 heroes to choose from and these 5 heroes will be rotated monthly. But unlike most MOBAs, the heroes here are incredibly well-designed and are very different from one another... and I’m not just talking about the obvious differences between a melee and a ranged hero. The skill sets, including the focus skill (a.k.a. ultimate skill), of heroes in similar roles vary widely, allowing players to enjoy unique experiences whenever they play a new character.

That said, each of these heroes can be purchased using either game cash or rubies (premium currency), and they can also be leveled up to increase their mastery ranks and some really nice rewards. Oh, and as a side note, I personally like that the game recommends skill upgrades as my hero levels up in a match. It does make playing the game slightly easier for the newbie.

Gigantic currently has three maps, which is definitely on the low-end, but considering how new this game is, I’d say to give the game a chance to catch up with the other games. There are also other features like the fortune cards, which function like missions, for you to complete as well as badges and medals to earn.

As amazing as its gameplay, I really like that Gigantic makes all its hero and creature skins available for all its players regardless whether you are a spender or not, and this generosity is not limited to only skins – heroes can also be purchased with either currency too. For spenders, you’ll still have plenty of stuff to buy, including various starter packs, boosts, and more rubies.


As you might expect, teamwork is a very crucial aspect in Gigantic, and as such, the game provides a series of quick chat options for you to rapidly let your team know when you need their help or when they need yours. Some critics may recommend supplementing the game with a third party VOIP but for me, I’d say to each their own. If you feel the need to use a VOIP, then by all means, use it; if not, then don’t.

Graphics/ Sound

One of the first things that will catch your eye in Gigantic is definitely its unique art style. Cartoonish in some way and yet stylish, the graphics uses a palette of bright colors to nicely define each character from its softer-looking environment. The music in this game is brilliant as well. It’s somewhat oriental-themed and is inspirational to listen to. The game’s sound effects and animations are also very well-done.


Overall, Gigantic is an entertaining and very well-made MOBA-like game that strives to stand out on its own in the highly-saturated competitive games market. I believe it has everything it needs to be different enough to attract attention, but whether or not it’ll be able to keep these players engaged is another matter. So, if you do play this game and found you enjoy it, you should definitely grab you friends along with you the next time you play.

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New Game Added: Gigantic

by Aethyna Jul 28, 2017
Combining the fun of boss fights with the team-based competitiveness of a MOBA, Gigantic is a game that’s not only one-of-a-kind, but also very entertaining to play. Dive into the clash between titans, defeat the opposing team and climb up the ranks today! Gigantic: Clash of guardians Team lineup in Gigantic Gigantic: Gameplay Read More
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