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Fishing World 9.9 rate Fishing World is an excellent virtual fishing game that contains breathtaking sceneries and sound. By completing challenges, you can also unlock other equally beautiful fishing spots from around the world to have access to a whole new range of fishes that are just begging to be caught! Play now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Are you ready to set off on your great fishing adventure? Well then, hop on over to Fishing World now! In this game, you can have a blast reeling in the biggest and rarest fishes (the game has a massive variety of fishes) while country hopping to get to the best fishing spots around the world! Not to mention, you’ll need to complete challenges in each beautiful location in order to unlock the next fishing spot on the world map. There are also many different types of rods, baits and chums for you to mix and match to find the most suitable combination to handle catching the large fish that you’re aiming for! Are you competitive by nature? There are even fishing competitions that you can participate in to win fabulous prizes! If you’re a true fisherman at heart, Fishing World is definitely the perfect game for you! Hone your fishing skills today!


The game provides a very nice tutorial to teach you the basics in the game. The controls are rather complicated, particularly if you have absolutely no experience playing these sort of virtual fishing games, so you’ll need to pay attention to Jacob, your guide.

To start, you’ll need a fishing rod, some bait and a good fishing spot! You can purchase the rod (though you are given a sturdy free one) and also any bait you like from the Fishin’ Store, the solution to your every fishing need! For rods, you’ll need to take some care and check out their stats, such as the weight rating of the rod, the accuracy, durability and specialty, before buying as different rods will be suitable for different kinds of fishing. For instance, some rods are more accurate at casting, while some are only suitable for catching low-weight fishes (depends on the weight rating of the rod). Thus, from here, you should know that you’ll need stronger rods to catch bigger fishes!

How do you choose a suitable bait, you many wonder? Well, different fishes will have their respective list of favorite baits. Thus, certain baits will tend to get you certain fishes while some fishes will avoid your bait like it’s poison! You’ll need to experiment with different baits to catch larger and more exotic fishes! The game provides a huge range of baits, such as maggots, sweetcorn, earthworm, bread, creek club minnow, dragonfly, tadpole and ants, so your experimentation may take quite awhile.

You can also buy equipments at the store. By buying equipments, you can unlock new opportunities to get larger and rare fishes in harder to reach fishing spots! Some examples include tent, boots, barbed hook and fishing hat. The tent is needed for night fishing – night fishing will provide you with a new variety of fishes as well! Boots, on the other hand, are needed to get to difficult places to fish. The barbed hook decreases the chance of your fish getting off the hook when the line tension is low while the fishing hat increases your maximum energy value by 55. As you progress, you can even buy inflatable rafts or boats so that you can go further into the lake to get the biggest fishes instead of just fishing at the shore!

Once you’re equipped to the teeth and are combat… er, “fishing” ready, it’s time to pick a fishing location! Different locations have different fish species or even larger fishes for you to catch. Since you’re a beginner, you don’t have a choice but to start in the beautiful Kennebec River, USA. Each location contains 5 fishing spots (as indicated by the pins on the map) and you’ll have to choose a spot to get started. To unlock more locations from around the world with new lakes full of different fishes, you’ll need to complete enough challenges to fulfill the locations’ requirement. Get to it and complete those challenges, so that you can go on fishing trips across the globe in addition to getting a nice hefty reward!

Now that you’re all set up, it’s time to cast that line! Each time you cast, you’ll consume 35 energy points. Don’t worry though – you can easily earn back your energy points as it regenerates over time or if you want to speed up the process, you can head to the shop and buy snacks using either in-game money or real money.

All set and comfy? Great! Just press the “cast” button and click on the lake to choose where you want to cast. The bigger fishes generally live further out (deeper part of the lake) in to the lake though, so do consider that if you want to catch a big one! Furthermore, you can cut short on the waiting time by selecting an area on the lake where a ripple is seen. After you’ve done that a moving meter will pop up right next to the cast button. Try to cast with as much of the bar filled (green zone) as possible – this will affect how accurate your cast is! Then, just sit back and wait!

Once your bait sinks into the water, you can start reeling it in. Reel by dragging the circle around your reel outwards – the more outward you go, the faster you’ll reel the fish in. However, you mustn’t reel too fast or the line will snap and you’ll lose the fish. You can see the red warning signs at the line tension bar at the top of the screen. You will want to keep it in the green zone, which is in the middle of the bar. So, you’ll need to drag the circle inwards to slow down instead.

Alternate between fast and slow depending on the pull of the fish to avoid from reeling in too hard and getting the tension on your line high enough to hit the overload status. Overloading can have a severe impact on your rod’s life expectancy and since rods are not cheap, you might want to ease off on the reeling sometimes. On the other hand, if you don’t reel in enough, the line will get slack and the fish will get off too. So, to get a fish in, you’ll need to be reeling it in “just right”. When the fish is near enough, the reel button will turn into “net” button. You’ll just need to hit that to catch your fish! The fishing controls can take awhile to master in Fishing World, so you’ll need plenty of practice!

If you have a competitive spirit, fishing alone at the lake may not sound like a great time. Thus, you will need to check out the many fishing competitions organized in the game. If you win, you can get a nice stack of silver! The Competitions are separated by a level range and there’s a limited amount of time for you to sign up. Thus, to enter better fishing competitions, you’ll need to level up first. Moreover, once you missed a competition, you’ll need to wait for the other to come along. Fishing World also provides you the option of challenging your friends by allowing you to create your own competition no matter which level you are.

As you fish, occasionally, if you’re “lucky”, you may fish up something other than a fish. These “trash” items are mostly collectables in this game and after you’ve gotten them all, you can turn them in for a very handsome reward too!


Fishing World has recently hit the milestone of having 1 million total players in its game with over 100 thousand monthly active players! Thus, don’t be fooled by the lack of likes on its Facebook fan page! Although the game does not organize a lot of giveaways, there are plenty of other contests that you can participate in to win awesome goodies, like a brand new rod for your virtual fisher! If you want to meet and add new friends who play the game, feel free to drop by at their fan page as well!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Fishing World is absolutely stunning! The picturesque scenery will definitely captivate your heart and unlike other fishing games, which tend to be more anime-like, the visuals in this game is based off on photographs of the actual locations! It does make one want to recklessly hop onto the next flight there for a weekend off! The sound in the game is astounding too! Instead of putting in any studio-made music, the game delivers the calming sounds of nature directly to you at your home! The sounds seem to actually teleport you to wherever you are fishing at as you play the game! It is THAT amazing!


In short, Fishing World is an excellent virtual fishing simulation game that contains breathtaking sceneries and sound. Although its fishing controls can be a true challenge to master, with plenty of practice, you’ll be a master fisher in no time! Not to mention, by completing sufficient challenges in the starter fishing location, you can then unlock the other equally beautiful fishing spots from around the world to have access to a whole new range of fishes that are begging to be caught (by you, of course)! The game offers a huge variety of rods, baits, chums as well as equipments that you can use to increase your odds of getting that legendary fish you’ve been eyeing on! Even the trash you fish up can be compiled into collections and turned in for fabulous goodies! If you love to fish at beautiful locations, then Fishing World should already be in your Facebook library of games! Start fishing and show off your catches today!

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by Aethyna Apr 15, 2015
Fishing World is an excellent virtual fishing game that contains breathtaking sceneries and sound. By completing challenges, you can also unlock other equally beautiful fishing spots from around the world to have access to a whole new range of fishes that are just begging to be caught! Play now! Comet in Fishing World Fishing World: Chestnut Bank, USA Fishing World: Boudica Read More

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