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Fishdom 2 9 rate Love to keep an aquarium of your own, but you just couldn't find the time? Well, come and build up your fishdom in Fishdom 2 today and enjoy the feeling of owning a beautiful fish tank without the real life hassle of taking care of it! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Fishdom 2 is the place where aquarium dreams come true. Play fun-filled match-3 games to earn money that you can later use to fill your virtual aquarium with exotic plants and amazing décor. Populate your fish tank with rare and beautiful fishes as well as other underwater creatures like jellyfish and turtles. Don’t forget to improve your tank’s comfort so that your fishes will have a good home to live in! The game offers a huge variety of fishes, décor, tanks and tank devices that you can buy or unlock as well. This game allows you to keep an aquarium like you have always wanted, minus all the hassle that comes along with a real fish tank. If that sounds just about right to you, then what are you waiting for? Get Fishdom 2 today!


After a brief intro, you’ll be given your very first fish tank! There are 3 factors that you should be aware of for every fish tank you own, namely the fishes, beauty and comfort. A huge variety of fishes, both exotic and common species, can be purchased from the store and will increase your bar labeled ‘fish’ on the top right corner of the screen by a sizable amount. The best part is you don’t even need to feed them or clean the tank from time to time! In other words, in Fishdom 2, you to keep an aquarium like you have always wanted, minus all the hassle that comes along with a real fish tank! How cool is that, right?

The tank may look a bit barren to you, so what can you do to fix it? Why, by buying decorative items from the shops, of course! There is also a huge list of items that you can buy, ranging from underwater plants to broken ancient pottery which will constantly produce bubbles to aerate the tank. Not to mention, you’ll need to ensure that your fishies are living happily in the tank you provide – after all, no one likes living in a home that lacks a lot of the basic necessities of life, right? Similarly, fishes will require comfort items, such as lighting, and feeder. So, do remember to purchase some for your fishes to get that comfort bar increasing!

Once you’ve reached 100% for all 3 factors, you will earn a bronze trophy for your first fish tank. You can still choose to continue improving your current aquarium to get the silver, and subsequently, the gold trophy. However, considering that the next themed aquarium will also be unlocked for you, most people would prefer to check out and build up their fishdom in the new tank first. The same process of increasing each bar to the maximum is repeated, but this time, some of the items provided are different than in the previous tank and they are all much more expensive! So, what can you do in this game to earn some more money?

It’s easy really! What you need to do is by playing the match-3 games provided in Fishdom 2! Similarly to any match-3 game, you’ll be required to match 3 or more adjacent sea creatures, such as crabs, turtles, and seaweed, or sea-related items, like anchors and ships, in order to remove them from the board. If you managed to complete special matches, you will earn some pretty sweet bombs that make the game much easier in this game. For instance, 5-tile and 3x3 T-shaped or L-shaped matches will earn you depth bombs, which will destroy every tile within a 2-tile radius around them after they is detonated. You can denotate these bombs by clicking on them or by performing a swap.

Furthermore, there are other explosives in this game too! This includes the dynamite charge which can be obtained after making a 6-tile match. For 7-tile match, you will get the lightning power-up that will remove all the same tiles that you switched it with. If any match you made caused a huge avalanche of tiles, you may also gain some firecrackers. Firecrackers only appear as a result of a cascade match of 6 or more falling pieces and cannot be earned by a player’s match. These explosives and power-ups are vital in clearing tiles in places that are harder to reach, so you may want to consider saving them until the end of a game.

Fishdom 2 provides 2 different modes for you to play in, namely relaxed mode and against the clock (timed) mode. They are generally the same thing, except that in timed mode, you’ll be racing against a timer. However, this also means that you can earn more money per game you play, due to the extra time bonus score that you can get.

The objective in the game is simple – you will need to collect all the golden tiles from the board! However, the game can become rather challenging when there are obstacles, such as metal tiles whereby you’ll have to match it twice before you can collect the golden tile underneath, or chains that lock the tiles up so that you cannot move them. Luckily, the game is not as challenging as Candy Crush Saga, whereby the game limits the number of moves you can make.

After completing a few rounds of match-3 game, you may be brought to the bonus round. In this round, you’ll need to find a certain amount of hidden gems in the fish tank provided. You may even shift the décor in the tank around to uncover gems that are hidden underneath it.

After some seriously hard work earning money to build up your fishdom, you could also press the eye button on the top left corner of the screen to enjoy viewing your tank. You could also share your ‘pride-and-joy’ to your friends by clicking on the camera option to take a snapshot and upload the photo to your social media sites!


This game, or more accurately, the Fishdom series, has quite a following! However, because Fishdom 3 has been released, Fishdom 2 has become that ‘older game’ that people usually don’t play. It was pretty popular back when it was a new game though! Fishdom 2 is also currently available on the mobile market, and thus, this may contribute drastically to improving its player base as well!

Graphics/ Sound

Fishdom 2 contains very beautiful yet cartoonish 3D graphics. The fishes are very well-animated and can dart fluidly across your screen. The background images for each differently-themed fish tanks are absolutely stunning as well! The soothing music in this game completely suits the underwater theme of the game. There are a nice variety of music as well that you can enjoy as you play match after match in this game!


Fishdom 2 is the second installment in the highly popular Fishdom series. It is generally a fun yet challenging match-3 game, whereby you can exercise your skills in aquascaping for your very own virtual aquariums! The game offers a large variety of fishes, décor and comfort items that you can purchase and place in your aquarium. You’ll also earn a trophy/ cup every time you’ve completed the meter in any of your tanks. There are a total of 3 tiers of trophies that you can acquire! Not to mention, the game also provides 2 different match-3 game modes – relaxed and against the clock modes, that you can play and enjoy! If you have enjoyed the games in the Fishdom series, then you should try this game as well! You definitely won’t regret it!

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New Game Added: Fishdom 2

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Love to keep an aquarium of your own, but you just couldn't find the time? Well, come and build up your fishdom in Fishdom 2 today and enjoy the feeling of owning a beautiful fish tank without the real life hassle of taking care of it! Fishdom 2: Little turtles Double firecrackers in Fishdom 2 Fishdom 2: Red lobsters Read More

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Fishdom 2

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