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Dragons and Titans 7 rate Dragons and Titans is a PC free to play MOBA game that added some RPG elements to bring a new kind of game. It features an easy to use controls that lets players focus more on the action. It also has different game modes from story missions to cooperative matches and PvP rank battles. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Dragons and Titan is a free to play MOBA game that combines the popular mechanics of DOTA 2 and added with RPG elements to provide a whole new MOBA experience. It features a wide range of dragons that you can use per battle and each has their own special abilities. The game also has a ton of game modes, specially designed to cater to different audiences such as PvP, PvE and Story mode.


It was told that there were two immortal Titans that ruled over Earth; the lord of darkness Astaroth and the lord of light Hyperion. A group of mages called the Titan’s Pact have gathered to lock both Titans where two factions must battle to decide which Titan will be set free and rule the realm for a century. So, a group of brave warriors called Dragon Riders will wage battles against one another to decide on which Titan should rule the world.


Dragons and Titans has a lot of similarity with popular MOBA games such as DOTA 2 and League of Legends, where you control a hero and do battle with other heroes in the attempt to destroy the enemy fortress. Though Dragons and Titans follows this formula, it has its own fair share of original concept that allows it to stand on its own.

When you start a new game, you will be brought to the tutorial section to explain all the basics of the game. You control your dragon by holding the right mouse button and drag to the desired location, you can attack with your basic breath attack with the left mouse button, and the breath attack has a certain attack range and will inflict damage to any locked target within the area. There are other special abilities mapped on the W button and its attack style will depend on what dragon you are currently using.

There are 30 different kinds of dragons and each has their own distinct abilities, from poison damage to flame damage, you can pick your desired dragon based on your play style. You can earn more dragons by spending on crystals or with real money. For those who do not want to spend money, there are weekly rotations where you can try different dragons for free on a limited time.

The objective of the game is to destroy the shrine that keeps your Titan encaged, once you managed to set your Titan free, you win the match. Depending on the map it will be one main lane where all of the clashes will occur and there will be two hidden lanes where it can be used for ambush attacks on unsuspecting enemy parties. There will be waves of creeps that will be marching on the lane from both sides, these can assist you on destroying towers and shrines and you can defeat the enemy creeps to give you experience points and gold.

You can earn levels and use the earned points to improve your dragon’s stats and skills, you can earn experience by defeating enemy creeps, but you can earn higher experience from enemy dragons. The gold you earned from creeps and dragons can be used to summon the Chaos Titan, to do so you must hoard enough gold and bring it your gold stash area to deposit it. Once the required amount of gold has been reach, you can now summon the Chaos Titan which can destroy structures along its path and will take a lot longer to defeat. But be careful as the enemy team can do the same to your base.

The new feature that makes Dragons and Titans a bit unique is the weapons. You can unlock new weapons and use them to your Dragons. These weapons will open a new set of skills for you dragons that can give you the edge against the enemy team. And some of them are best paired with certain dragons which will be indicated in the game menu. You can unlock these weapons by spending crystals, you can earn crystals from quest rewards or purchase them with real money.

There are different game modes from the standard Story mode where you can follow the lore of the game. Then there is the cooperative play where you can invite other players and challenge the enemy AI, and for the competitive players, there is the player versus player mode where you can earn ranks and get rewards depending on the rank that you have achieve.


There are some active players in Dragons and Titans, you can interact with them at the public chat as you can see a lot of them sending messages there that are looking for other players to play with. And there are more competitive players who are looking for PvP matches, which is why you can expect more matches on that mode than in cooperative as we tried doing matchmaking on the two modes and we found out that we had more PvP matches than in cooperative.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in the game feels dated, it seems it was designed as a mobile game but then it was brought as a PC game. As some of the textures of the dragons are less detailed and there are some jagged edges on some models. The soundtrack is a bit ok which has that generic fantasy theme with orchestral scores to keep the mood high, it also has some voice dialogues in certain story missions which gives a great narrative to the game.


Though Dragons and Titans try to make the game more original, it still feels like your ordinary MOBA game due to the large roster of dragons and the PvP layout. The dated graphics might discourage some hardcore players who want to optimize their gaming rigs, but to those who are looking for a quick MOBA game give this a try.

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New Game Added: Dragons and Titans

by Richard Feb 26, 2017
Dragons and Titans is a PC free to play MOBA game that added some RPG elements to bring a new kind of game. It features an easy to use controls that lets players focus more on the action. It also has different game modes from story missions to cooperative matches and PvP rank battles. Dragons and Titans: First co-op match Dragons and Titans: Heading into combat Read More
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