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Cosmic League 9 rate Fight your way into a galactic battle against bots and cosmoloids in this intense combat game called Cosmic League. Join and dominate the Leagues for a chance to achieve your heart's desires by acquiring the magical material called the Cosmic Piece. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Cosmic League is an action-packed combat game which is guaranteed to take your fighting skills to the next level. With over a dozen ways to attack an enemy, a huge community to form a team and a compelling storyline, this colorful MMO combat game is engaging as it is challenging.


Cosmic League is a galactic-scale battle event where Humes (an advanced species) and robots engage in combat. The price is not fame nor wealth, but a chance to have their wish granted by the Cosmo Piece, a magical material capable of making wishes become reality.


To begin playing Cosmic League, you need to download the game client, open it and load all game updates. This game is free to play, but you need to register with your email address to create an account. Once you’ve registered, you can login to the game.

When you start, you are prompted to choose a Cosmoloid, which will be your initial character in the first few stages of the game. Don’t worry, you can add more cosmoloids later on. Cosmoloids are divided into different classes: Assault, Panzer, Aerial, Buster, Fortress and Jammer. Each one has their own specialized skills, and you can learn about them as you go through the game.

Once you’ve chosen your cosmoloid, you’ll be entered into a training mode with the help of a trusty robot master. Here, you’ll learn about all the mouse and keyboard controls you will need to use to move, dodge, fly and attack. The standard WASD is used to move your cosmoloid forward, backward, left and right, while other keyboard controls will make you jump (Spacebar), fly (hold down Spacebar) or perform your Alpha Strike (Shift). An alpha strike is a cosmoloid’s unique attack ability to deal direct damage.

The mouse is used for changing your cosmoloid’s looking direction, firing her main weapon (left mouse button) or her sub-weapon (right mouse button). The right mouse button can also be held down to lock an attack on multiple enemies. Once you’ve mastered the controls, you can use a combination of keyboard and mouse clicks to control your cosmoloid.

After a few practice rounds, your training assistant will let you proceed to the Lobby, where you can join a league (a fighting match) according to your level. At the start, you can join a Rookie league and the game will create a match. With Rookie Leagues, NPCs are included in the game to make for easier targets for the beginners. Once a player reaches the right level, he or she can then join the Prime League. In this league, there can be as many as 15 players in a two-team match. Towers will appear during the match and would need to be defended to win the round.

Once your rank is high enough, you can join the Master League, with upgraded towers to make the match more challenging. There’s also an invitation-only league called the Golden League. To enter, you need to buy a Golden Ticket. The rewards are greater and more valuable when competing in the Golden League. Finally, an Event League is a limited event with special rules and stages and you can win special Cosmo Pieces after these events. Like the Golden League, you need Event Tickets to participate in the Event League.

When you participate in a successful League match, you will be rewarded with the game’s currency, which can be UCs (Universal Credit) or FPs. Both of these are acquired by winning matches. The premium currency, Rt (Root) can be acquired from events or purchased with real money.
If you think all these currencies are hard to get, then don’t worry. After you win your first match, you’ll get enough rewards to gain a decent amount of UCs and FPs. You can use these to upgrade your weapons or get another cosmoloid when they become available.

You can view and edit your team of cosmoloids by clicking on My Ship when you’re not in battle mode. Here, you can add or remove cosmoloids from your team. You can assign cosmoloids into different Leagues according to their fighting abilities. In addition to cosmoloid management, you can also see a list of parts and other items that you own here.

One of the most enjoyable part of this game is fighting battles in a League. The fights are fast-paced and charged so you need to be on constant alert. As long as you master your cosmoloid’s attack controls, you’re sure to enjoy every single kill. Combat animation is as accurate as it can be, and game controls are responsive enough to achieve that deadly strike. The tower defense aspect gives you more than one objective within a fight, and forces you to prioritize your moves rather than just hacking blindly at enemies.

Let’s also not forget that this is an MMO game with a large following, so you can form groups and take on other groups with the game’s Group Matching feature. So, instead of entering the usual League, you can select “Group matching” and wait for the game to match a group to yours.


Cosmic League has over 20,000 Facebook followers, indicating a huge number of fans and players. You’ll find the game full of new and advanced players at any time. You can also check out forum for special events like fashion contests and giveaways.


The graphics can be adjusted according to your computer’s specifications, so playing this game even in older machines is possible. However, this game looks amazing with the highest graphics settings. Animations are also spot-on, especially during combat. Sounds and voice overs are also great, but don’t be surprised if most speaking parts are in Japanese.


Cosmic League truly lives up to its name, with its storyline and an out-of-this-world fighting experience. While there are many game features, it focuses on providing a dynamic combat environment and lots of fighting actions for versatile attacks. If you’re looking for a game to make you lose yourself in battle, then Cosmic League will show you the fight of your life.

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New Game Added: Cosmic League

by Kim Apr 27, 2016
Fight your way into a galactic battle against bots and cosmoloids in this intense combat game called Cosmic League. Join and dominate the Leagues for a chance to achieve your heart's desires by acquiring the magical material called the Cosmic Piece. a tower in Cosmic League Cosmic League: Fiona in combat a sword attack in Cosmic League Read More
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