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Charm Farm 9.3 rate The Magic Forest is a place of peace and prosperity… that is until the evil sorcerer Garp descended upon the poor land and drove the land’s guardian, a fairy called Kaya, away. In response to the attack by Garp, Kaya has sent out a plea for help. Will you be able to help the fairy Kaya revive the Magic Forest in Charm Farm? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The Magic Forest is a place of peace and prosperity… that is until the evil sorcerer Garp descended upon the poor land and drove the land’s guardian, a fairy called Kaya, away. In response to the attack by Garp, Kaya has sent out a plea for help and being a wizard yourself, you have received her distress message. Will you be able to help the fairy Kaya chase away the evil sorcerer Garp and revive the Magic Forest in Charm Farm? Well, play Charm Farm now and find out!


In the Magic Forest, there once lived a fairy named Kaya. She guarded the forest, along with the hardworking Shmoos. However, one day, the evil sorcerer Garp and his army attacked, driving the poor Kaya away. As a result, misery and despair descended upon the Magic Forest. Kaya had called all the nearby wizards for help. Being a wizard yourself, you feel obliged to help Kaya dispel the evil sorcerer and revive the Magic Forest into its former beauty!


You’ve arrived in the Magic Forest and have seen the devastation that the evil sorcerer garp has wrought on the once beautiful land. However, it’s not easy to start the rebuilding process and thankfully, Charm Farm provides quests that you can complete to guide you through the basics of the game.

To perform any action in Charm, Farm, you will need magic energy called Mana. Fortunately, since Garp’s invasion, magic has been returning to the land in trickles, so wherever you go, it’s hard not to find Mana. You can collect the Mana you need via the Mana Source. However, the source will take time to fill up with Mana again, so use it wisely. You can also get much more Mana by growing plants and crops.

To do so, you’ll need to purchase garden beds and seeds from the store. There is quite a range of plant variety available, though a majority of them are fictional crops – Charm Farm is set in a magical land after all! Plant the seeds and wait for them to grow. Once they are mature, you can harvest them to get more Mana. Crops can wither in Charm Farm though, so be sure to return in time to harvest them!

In addition to Mana, you’ll need gold as well. You can get gold from your Shmoos’ shacks. You can also upgrade the shacks so you can collect more gold in a shorter period of time. Sometimes, you’ll get materials or collectibles as well. Materials are used to construct buildings while collectibles can be used to complete collections for various rewards!

To rebuild the settlement, you’ll need all types of different materials. The easiest way to get them is by collecting chests, but you can also get them by collecting from your buildings or harvesting crops. Different buildings will require different materials in varying quantities. Upgrades also consume materials too. There are also spells that can be made in the Magic Tower in exchange for some of your resources, mostly mana and cash. These spells can be used on buildings to boost production.

The rebuilding process will be tough and you can’t possibly do it on your own. Luckily, the adorable Shmoos will be glad to assist you. You’ll start off with only 2 Shmoos, but by building more houses for them to stay, you’ll be able to attract more Shmoos to your village. Shmoos are a hardworking bunch and they don’t like inactivity. Thus, remember to give them tasks to do. Some tasks are much more difficult and thus, your Shmoos will take some time to complete it. However, if you feel the need, you can speed up the process by spending rubies (premium currency).

Don’t get too busy constructing new buildings though! You should also take some time off to decorate your domain as well! There are many beautiful decorations available in Charm Farm, such as lanterns, sundials, columns, obelisks and others, and most of them are available for in-game cash. Running out of space? Well, you can ask your Shmoos to clear the weeds, trees and burnt-down buildings to free up more land for construction. Sometimes, you’ll get some resources in return, like when you clear trees, you’ll get wood instead. Or, you can spend some money to lift the veil of mist over neighboring lands.


Charm Farm boasts of having more than 100 thousand monthly active players and the game has over 31 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page. Thus, if you’re bored farming alone, be sure to drop by the fan page to meet and add new friends! After all, the more friends you have, the more bonuses (when you visit your friends’ farms) you’ll get!

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals in Charm Farm are very brightly colored and look cheerful (except for the areas covered in the magical purplish fog). In terms of music, the game provides a catchy and rather upbeat casual tune that has a magical feel to it. The background music is played along with the sounds of the countryside. For instance, you can hear plenty of melodiously chirping away in this game.


All in all, Charm Farm is a nice little farming game that puts you in the shoes of a budding wizard responding to the distress call sent out by a fairy called Kaya. Help her take care of the Shmoos, rebuild the beautiful town in the Magical Forest and drive back the purplish fog that the evil sorcerer Garp has cast upon the lands! Collect Mana from your Mana Source as well as from the crops you’ve planted and harvested to carry out various tasks around the place. Gather materials from trees and crops to construct houses for your Shmoos to live in. Don’t forget to decorate and beautify your farm too! If you’re looking for a simple yet beautiful farming game, you should definitely give Charm Farm a shot! You may just end up loving it!

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A Relaxing game in a magical world

Charm Farm is a magical world where you help restore an enchanted forest into what it once was. Long ago, the Magic Forest flourished in peace and prosperity. One day, an evil sorcerer called Garp wre...Full Review
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