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by Aethyna
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Cakes 10 rate Cakes: Three in the Row is a unique game that provides assorted colorful and delicious-looking cakes for you to match up in threes in order to collect them. Help the little girl to spread the joy of cakes to the fictional world in this game! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Join in for some delicious fun in this aptly named match-3 game, Cakes: Three in the Row! Help the little girl collect the cakes she needs and defeat the big bad wolf so that she can spread the joy of cakes to the fictional world in this game! In this game, you can expect to see some of the familiar mechanics of a match-3 game, such as obstacles, as well as some much more unique features like the jumper. There are even power-ups that you can use to ease your journey across the land of cakes and confectionaries! If you’re bored with the other ‘generic’ match-3 games, Cakes: Three in the Row is the match-3 game for you! You are even guaranteed colorful, delicious-looking cakes to drool over every step of the way, so don’t wait - play the game now!


The game starts off with a tutorial. The tutorial in this game may not be very comprehensive but it’s a match-3 game so it isn't that hard for you to grasp the mechanics of the game.

Like any match-3 games, you’ll need to match 3 or more adjacent colorful cakes in order to remove them from the board. The cakes will need to be of the same color for them to be successfully matched up. For 4-cake matches, you’ll earn ‘super combinations’ or special cakes that will allow you to clear entire rows or columns after you match them up of course. Whether the super cakes will turn out vertical or horizontal depends on the direction of your swapping in order to create the match-4.

For 2-times match-threes in the L or T shape, you’ll obtain another type of super combination that will allow you to clear both row and column that the special cake is on after being matched. If you managed to match up 5 cakes, you will get a very colorful lollipop instead! Lollipop is a very useful super combination that collects all cakes of the same color as the one you swapped it with. Furthermore, in this game, you are allowed to combine different types of super combinations together to get something much more powerful and amazing! For instance, by combining lollipop with vertical super cake you will turn all cakes with the same color as the vertical super cake into vertical super cakes as well! All of them will be activated simultaneously too, giving you a very awesome show of cakes being collected!

The game mechanics in Cakes: Three in the Row is very straightforward and simple, particularly if you've had experience playing match-3 games. The game does not impose a time limit on you, but it does provide you with limited moves to complete each level. Moreover, at the end of any level, any remaining special cakes (super combinations) will be automatically activated and any leftover move will award you with 2700 points each.

In addition, the game objectives in this game are very straightforward and simple, particularly if you've had experience playing match-3 games. The most basic level goal is to collect the required quantity of specifically-colored cakes. The levels are not too hard at the beginning (the first 10 levels or so) and will gradually increase in difficulty as you’ll be introduced to more and more obstacles and special items that you’ll have to collect or destroy, such as the jumper, cookies (more like biscuits) and flour.

Not to mention, the game offers you a nice variety of unique obstacles as well! One of the more distinct ones includes the jumper. The jumper is a very special cake that can move by itself. It usually appears at the very bottom and will jump up 1 square at each turn. Since you’ll need to collect any jumpers that appear on your level, these jumpers are colored similarly like any other cakes and can be swapped to match. They can be matched manually or automatically when they hop themselves into a match right after a jump. Pretty special, huh? There is also the usual stuff, like biscuits that can be destroyed by collecting a combination over it.

Each level in this game has 3 stars that you can attain, so be sure to keep racking up those scores! Furthermore, each level you get through, you’ll add certain ingredient to the delicious food that you’re making. Every stage in this game will provide you with a different yet appetizing food stuff to make. For example, the first food stuff you’ll be making is a tiramisu. At the end of every stage, there’s a big bad wolf with a toothache for sweet cakes as well, who will want to steal your food from you… don’t let him!

Some levels can get pretty tough to solve in cakes: Three in the Row and every time you fail, you’ll lose 1 life. You are given a total of 5 lives to lose, and once you've lost all of them you’ll need to wait for them to regenerate or you can also cough up some dosh and buy more lives!

Thus, to avoid losing too many lives than necessary, you can purchase power-ups that are available in the game using coins, which can be bought using real money. Some examples include the fork, which allows you to destroy one desired game item, the skewer that allows you to destroy all game items of one type (works similarly like a lollipop) and tongs, which allows you to swap 2 objects’ positions without missing a move. There are also the usual power-ups such as +5 moves that provides you with additional 5 more moves.


Considering that the game was just released 2 weeks ago, Cakes: Three in the Row has more than 100 thousand monthly active players and that’s a huge accomplishment! The game encourages people to add each other or at least friends to the game as well to fulfill the requirement in its daily bonus coins quest. You can easily find plenty of willing and potential friends at its Facebook fan page.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in this game is simply astounding! The cakes are so colorful and delicious-looking that you’d wish that you could just stretch out your hand and grab those cakes from your screen! This game is indeed a cakes wonderland! In terms of sound, the game provides excellent soundtracks, which include a very catchy tropical-like tune in the interface that you may find yourself nodding/tapping along with the beat as well as another type of music for when you’re playing the levels. The music is not at all repetitive and is very pleasant to listen to!


In summary, Cakes: Three in the Row is a fun-filled and mouth-watering match-3 game which contains plenty of casual yet challenging puzzles for you to enjoy! Although the game may seem easy at first, the game gradually ramps up the challenge by introducing plenty of different obstacle types… some of which are rather unique and one-of-its-kind! If you have any difficulty in solving any of the puzzles, the game offers a huge range of power-ups that you can buy and use to get through the tougher levels. Therefore, if you aren't satisfied with just candies (hint: Candy Crush Saga), then you should definitely hop on over to Cakes: Three in the Row to, virtually, feast on these tasty sweet desserts that are sure to tickle your sweet tooth!

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New Game Added: Cakes: Three in the Row

by Aethyna Apr 12, 2015
Cakes: Three in the Row is a unique game that provides assorted colorful and delicious-looking cakes for you to match up in threes in order to collect them. Help the little girl to spread the joy of cakes to the fictional world in this game! Cakes: Delicious cakes Match-3x3 in an L or T shape in Cakes Cakes: Match-5 gets you a lollipop Read More
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