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Bubble Witch 3 Saga 10 rate The bubble-popping magic lives on in Bubble Witch 3 Saga. Match bubbles and help our hero, Stella the Witch, bring back the Fairy Queen. Level up and use powerful spells to ace each level and defeat the evil cat wizard, Wilbur! Collect Stardust to help rebuild and upgrade Stella's home. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Continue the magical bubble-bursting adventure in Bubble Witch 3 Saga. Help Stella rescue the Fairy Queen by freeing trapped owls, fairies and ghosts. Use powerful bubbles to clear an entire cluster or row, and make your victory more magical. Upgrade Stella’s home to unlock rewards and spells to make your mission easier and your bubble-popping powers even more epic.


The Fairy Queen has been kidnapped by the evil cat wizard, Wilbur. As a powerful witch, Stella takes on the task of going after Wilbur to save the Queen. Not only did Wilbur take the Queen hostage, he also destroyed Stella’s home. Now it’s up to you to help Stella go after Wilbur while her fairy friends rebuild her home.


Bubble Witch 3 Saga has the same mechanics as the titles that came before it. You have to shoot bubbles with the same color as the ones on the board to clear them or free certain creatures who are trapped. Hold down and aim the shooter towards the area you want to hit, and release to shoot.

There are limited amounts of bubbles you can shoot, and you can get five more bubbles at a time if you run out. You can buy more bubbles with Gold Bars. A generous amount of Gold Bars will be given to you when you first play the game. If you consume your free Bars, you can purchase more with real money. If you do not wish to do so, you can replay the level.
You are given only five lives for the duration of the game. Once they run out, lives are refilled every 30 minutes. You can get lives with Gold Bars or ask your friends to send you some.

The shooter will hold two bubbles at a time, and you can click on it to swap out bubbles before taking a shot. The more bubbles you clear, the more points you earn. To clear a level, you need to accomplish its goal. This saga has four game modes: Clear All, Lead The Ghost Upwards, Release the Owls and Defeat Wilbur.

Clear All requires you to clear all the bubbles on the board. Lead The Ghost Upwards would need you to clear all bubbles that blocks the baby ghost. Release the Owls require that you free all owls trapped in different-colored bubbles. In Defeat Wilbur, you have to pop bubbles to release fairies, who will fight Wilbur. The more fairies you release, the better the chance of defeating Wilbur and passing the level.

Depending on how well you did during the level, you can earn one to three stars. Earning stars will later allow you to earn Stardust, which you can use to rebuild and upgrade Stella’s home.

Clearing the board may sound easy, but it gets difficult as some levels will introduce Trouble Bubbles. These are different bubbles that make it hard for you to pop the regular bubbles. Black Bubbles cannot be popped – you have to make them fall by popping other bubbles connected to it or use a power-up. Clone Bubbles absorb the color of bubbles you just matched. While this is problematic, it can work to your advantage since they automatically match themselves.

To fight through difficult rounds, you can use power-ups. Power-ups are unlocked as you reach certain levels. Arcane Bubbles burst bubbles in a limited radius, Line Blast clears a row of bubbles, the Fire Arrow changes directions and you can shoot when it points to the direction you want, Fairy Nests release a group of fairies that clears bubbles in the color you shot it with, and so on. Watch out for more power-ups and don’t hesitate to use them during hard levels.

Once you reach Level 19, you’ll unlock the first Spell, which is called the Stereo Bolt. It can clear an entire row of bubbles, regardless of their kind or color. The Sparkling Blast unlocks at Level 34, and this one removes a circular area of bubbles. The Magic Beam unlocks at Level 49, and this spell wipes out a wide area and scrolls up to the top of the screen.


Bubble Witch 3 Saga is already off to a great start when it comes to its followers, as it has fans from the last two game titles. The Facebook fan page already has five thousand followers, and more updates are being done on the game. King, the game’s developer, also keep players updated with their official Bubble Witch 3 Saga blog.


The game’s graphics and sound is one of the best ones for its genre. It maintains the same quality of other King titles, and there is definitely nothing to complain about. The graphics are nice and creative, and the sound effects are on point. This solid formula makes the game extremely attractive and pleasing to the eye.


Bubble Witch 3 Saga combines bubble shooting with a compelling storyline and new characters. While the game elements and mechanics are not that different from past versions, new features like Stella’s home building is worth checking out. The game does a great job of balancing main bubble-shooting quests with story-related side quests. To anyone who adores the characters and magic in Bubble Witch, then this game should be next on their must-play list.

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New Game Added: Bubble Witch 3 Saga

by Kim Jan 18, 2017
The bubble-popping magic lives on in Bubble Witch 3 Saga. Match bubbles and help our hero, Stella the Witch, bring back the Fairy Queen. Level up and use powerful spells to ace each level and defeat the evil cat wizard, Wilbur! Collect Stardust to help rebuild and upgrade Stella's home. Bubble Witch 3 Saga: an arcane bubble power-up clear all bubbles in Bubble Witch 3 Saga defeat Wilbur in Bubble Witch 3 Saga Read More
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