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Battleground Europe 7 rate Return to the 1940’s and get to see the battles of World War II in the European territories. In World War II Online: Battleground Europe, you can fight alongside the Allies or the Axis powers in a power struggle in conquering Europe. So, are you prepared for the battle? Play this game now and find out! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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World War II Online: Battleground Europe is a massive online first person shooter game where you get to experience some of the greatest battles during World War II. Players can pick their brigades from the army, navy and air force and battle the opposing country with infantry, tanks or aircrafts. The game features large maps that you can explore and complete orders or objectives to win the battle.


The game takes place during the World War II period during the European Theatre operations. You can pick any location based on real time events from around Europe, so you can get to see locations that are being recreated from how it looks like during the 1940’s.


Battleground Europe began its development in 1999, so most of its features are very dated. However some of its game features are far advanced for its time. Its main highlight is the multiplayer feature where it lets players to experience massive player levels that would be able to recreate almost some of the famous battles in World War II.

The control scheme is similar from any modern day FPS games, the movements are mapped on the WASD keys on your keyboard, and some unusual controls such as peeking on your left or right side by pressing Q or E. There is also the sprint action by pressing the left Shift key that is now a standard to any new FPS games in the market, and using the sprint will deplete the stamina bar found on the lower left corner, once it is gone you won’t be able to run faster. There are also some changes on the crouch function, as you need to press the F key to perform and can still sprint but at a slower pace, the crawl function is at the V key that lets you sneak past enemy lines unnoticed but at a very slow movement speed.

Using weapons are almost the same, the default main weapons have different firing rate, range and damage and they are categorized based on character classes. Some weapons can aim from their scopes by pressing the right mouse button. The reload time may vary on weapons, some are slow in reloading and disables you from attacking, and for some weird reasons you can still do reloads even with a full clip. And side from weapons, players can pilot any vehicles on the field. From Sherman tanks to jeeps and even classic fighter planes, anyone can use it as their advantage in their effort to win the war.

The missions are somewhat straightforward, such as capturing an important checkpoint or eliminating a highly secured personnel. And with the areas being based on real locations, the map sizes are just huge that exploring the area will take 10 to 15 minutes. And what makes Battleground Europe different from the other FPS games is that whenever a player gets killed in the battle, the overall supply of the army will deplete and once it if exhausted, that particular supply will be unavailable for the duration of the battle, so let’s say your ammo for your primary weapons drains out, you can’t use your weapon.

Another neat features is the commander mode, at the early 2000s, no other games have this feature and it was a neat addition to the game. Playing as a commander lets your provide orders to your units that can help them focus on what particular primary objective. Commanders can also unlock and research new development options that can provide a significant boost to your team.

The combat is a bit slower than your usual FPS game. As it focuses more on planning and accuracy, jumping in and doing an all-out frontal assault can lead to a devastating defeat if not coordinated well. This makes it different from newer games like Battlefield or Call of Duty as these games rely on quick combats. Approaching the game with a strategy can lead to rewards as players who performed well will be promoted and can unlock new weapons and equipment.


Despite the game being free for quite some time, only a small handful of players are playing this online. This can be a bad thing as Battleground Europe relies more on multiplayer sessions, and with a few player base, finding a populated game will be hard as there are no maps that are small to cater fewer players. Despite the lack of single player content, it features a separate training mode in offline where you can brush up your skills in using some of the weapons in the game.

Graphics/ Sound

Being released in the early 2000s, the visuals of Battleground Europe is very dated. With less detailed textures and the lack of shadow and lighting effects, some players who prefer HD gaming might get disappointed. The sound effects feature real gun shots from World War II weaponry, to give that authenticity in the game. Unfortunately it lacks any musical scores to provide some memorable tunes in the game.


World War II Online: Battleground Europe has some ambitious features and would have worked well during its time. But with the lack of updates and very few players, the game will lose its main feature to showcase massive battles. But if you can invite your friends to play it, you might have some great time with Battleground Europe.

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New Game Added: Battleground Europe

by Richard Nov 22, 2016
Return to the 1940’s and get to see the battles of World War II in the European territories. In World War II Online: Battleground Europe, you can fight alongside the Allies or the Axis powers in a power struggle in conquering Europe. So, are you prepared for the battle? Play this game now and find out! Battleground Europe: Reloading A friendly in Battleground Europe Battleground Europe: Flanking the enemy Read More
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