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by Richard
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Battle of Immortals 8 rate Fight alongside Odin and other mythical figures to stop the Dragon Emperor from bringing Ragnarok back in Battle of the Immortals. Featuring an action-pack RPG experience, this game offers some cool features such as the Fate Cards and the Soul Gear. Do you have what it takes to defeat the evil Emperor? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Battle of the Immortals is an action based MMORPG where it was inspired by other action RPGs such as the Diablo franchise. You can play as one of the seven playable character classes and battle against dark beings from different kingdoms, you can unlock the powerful gear set called Sour Gears that can change its appearance as the player continues to use it. There are also dungeons to explore and other players to challenge in a classic PvP matches.


The game takes place in a word of mortals called Motenia, the Norse God Loki has invaded the world of Motenia, the other gods tried to defend the world in which resulted in chaos, where this era was called the Ragnarok. 300 years after the devastating end of the Ragnarok, the Goddess of Fate attempted to guide the mortals and saw in her vision a new era of destruction caused by a mortal called the Dragon Emperor.

Though the Dragon Emperor was still sealed, the Goddess still fears that he might escape, she believes that brave warriors who possess great artifacts can stand a chance against the emperor if one day he may escape from his prison.


Battle of the Immortals features a very familiar gameplay that is almost a tribute to the Diablo game franchise; a focus on dungeon crawling, monster slashing and loot hunting adventures. But Battle of the Immortals tries to add new content to bring out an MMO that could stand out from the rest of the available games in the market.

Starting off in the game, you will be able to choose from seven character classes; Berzerker, Champion, Heretic, Magus, Slayer, Summoner and Marksman, each of the classes uses different weapons and abilities that can be different depending on what kind of play style the players would prefer. Customizing the character’s appearance is very limited as majority of the customization can be done with costumes of armors and weapons which can be obtained from cash shops. The tutorial in the game is focused on an instanced mission where it explains the basics of the controls in the game and other important features when starting off.

The controls focuses more on mouse directions, where you point your mouse cursor in an area to move to that location, left clicking on the monster will let you attack them and using the numerical keys as hotkeys for your skills. The other interface windows can be accessed below the screen or from its keyboard shortcuts (usually B for inventory, C for character info and S for character skill sheet) and other event-related features at the upper portion of the screen.

Combat plays very similar to the Diablo series, where you go around dungeons and other wilderness. Depending on your selected class, you can dish out massive damage over a group of enemies or provide powerful buffs to your party to turn the tables to your advantage. You can improve or unlock more skills by improving your character level. There are special abilities that you can use at the expense of experience points that you earn, but these abilities can provide a great last resort attack when pinned with a horde of monsters.

A new feature called the Fate Card allows you to equip monster cards to your character, you can obtain these cards from specific monsters when defeating them and they can provide stat boosts, but some of them are suited for certain classes and you are limited to equip at a certain number of cards depending on your current level.

Equipment are one of the highlights in Battle of Immortals, aside from providing improved defense and attacks. Certain gear sets provide additional stat bonuses when equipped as a whole. And then there’s this unique and powerful gear set called Soul Gear. The set becomes powerful the more the players use these gear items. There will also be instances when the Soul Gear will evolve and change appearance. Soul Gear cannot be traded as it bound to your account.


The game has a healthy number of active players that you will encounter, which you can interact with or compete against. There is a PvP feature where you can challenge other players to a duel, though there are no penalties in dueling, players will not lose any items when defeated. There is also the Territory Wars, where guilds can battle one another in claiming certain territories in hopes of acquiring abundant resources as their spoils.

Graphics/ Sound

Visuals in Battle of Immortals are decent, featuring a fixed isometric view, you have no control on adjusting the camera angle with the exception of zooming the camera, character textures are great when zoomed out but you can see the dated details when looking at the models at close up. Music is also decent, with a handful of soundtracks in multiple areas but the tunes are a bit forgettable as it feels a bit generic.


Overall, Battle of the Immortals plays a decent free to play Diablo-like game, it has some original game features to help it stand out, but there are some hiccups that restricts it from being a memorable game. Fans of any action RPGs will feel welcome when playing this though some may feel reserve due to the grind in reaching higher levels, but Battle of the Immortals is a fun action RPG on a free to play format.

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New Game Added: Battle of Immortals

by Richard May 2, 2017
Fight alongside Odin and other mythical figures to stop the Dragon Emperor from bringing Ragnarok back in Battle of the Immortals. Featuring an action-pack RPG experience, this game offers some cool features such as the Fate Cards and the Soul Gear. Do you have what it takes to defeat the evil Emperor? Battle of Immortals: Sleipnir mount Character classes in Battle of Immortals Battle of Immortals: Completing quests Read More
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