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Avalon Legends Solitaire 8.3 rate Journey through the magical lands of Avalon in this amazing solitaire game, Avalon Legends Solitaire, in search of the mysterious deck of healing cards! Starting in the fantastical city of Camelot, trudge through icy peaks and dark forests as you scour Avalon for any clue for the cards' whereabouts! Interested? Join in the search now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Journey through the mysterious and magical lands of Avalon in this amazing and challenging solitaire game, Avalon Legends Solitaire, in search of the mystical and legendary deck of healing cards! Begin your noble quest in the impressive city of Camelot and match cards to the foundation card to clear them from the board as you search for any clue where the mystery cards may be! Complete levels of solitaire game with the perfect hand to earn more score points, which in turn can be translated into more money! The money can then be used to purchase useful artifacts of power that will aid you tremendously in your quest! Help the druids recover the lost yet powerful cards today in Avalon Legends Solitaire!


Welcome to Avalon - a land of lush forests, beautiful landscapes and most of all... magic! Similarly to the wizards who draw their power from runestones, Avalon is home to a different group of magical users, the druids, who employ magical cards instead! However, like runestones, the cards themselves are not at all very powerful – it depends on the arrangement of the cards.

There was one a talented druid who designed a mysterious deck of cards that reputably has miraculous healing powers. However, the deck was lost after its inventor passed. Now, the druids sense that the time has come and the cards will be needed. This is where you come in!

You are tasked to search and recover the legendary cards. Your perilous quest will begin at the walled city of Camelot. Throughout the cobbled streets of this bustling metropolis, gossip flows like a river. Perhaps there are useful rumors to be overheard, which will lead to you to the first of the cards...


To start, you are presented with 2 game modes – the normal mode and the free play mode. The normal mode is story-driven and can be rather long. It is a lot like the “campaign” mode of a game. Your progress in normal mode is saved and you cannot return to replay the levels unless you failed to complete it. On the other hand, free play mode is like “skirmish” level whereby a random layout that you’ve unlocked in the normal mode will be given to you to solve. Most players will start with the normal mode though, since you’ll need to unlock layouts first before you can play free play mode... and there’s the tutorial as well!

In this game, like any other solitaire games, you are presented with a layout of cards with only the topmost and unblocked cards shown to you as the rest of the cards are face-down. Only by removing the topmost cards will you be able to uncover the face-down cards...well, unless you use a power-up. To remove cards, you will have to click on cards that are 1 number higher or lower than the foundation card as seen at the bottom of the screen. For instance, if the foundation is a 4, you can play any 5 or 3 card on it, while aces can be played on any king or 2 and vice versa. The suit of the cards doesn't matter in these solitaire games. When there are no more cards you can use, click on the draw deck to flip over a new foundation card. The deck has limited number of cards though, so use them wisely!

Avalon Legends Solitaire contains a combo system as well! You will need to match more than 5 cards in order to start the combo. After the combo is triggered, every subsequent card you collect will earn you bonus points. However, once there are no more cards that you can collect from the board, you’ll be forced to draw a card from the deck and ending the combo streak. The card combos will also earn you magical points to fill up the magical necklace at the top right corner of the screen. The necklace collects your combos accumulatively, so if you ended a combo and start another combo up again, the necklace will just pick up where it left off. How much magic the necklace has at the end of a level will determine how much multiplier you will get.

In Avalon Legends Solitaire, there are 2 different objectives that you will need to achieve - A level objective and stage objective. To clarify, each location in this game is considered as a stage while the hands you play in each stage are named as levels. Each stage has around 10 hands, a location name, such as Camelot or icy peaks, as well as its part of the storyline. There are a total of 20 stages in this game. You will need to complete the level objective in order to proceed to the next while you need to complete the stage objective to move on to the next stage and continue the story.

Furthermore, you can end a game without collecting all the cards on the board. Your bonus completion score will be deducted depending on how many cards you have left on the board. If you have too many left, then you’ll lose the entire 100 points. Not to mention, the chart where your progress is recorded will indicate that the level is “not perfect”. You’ll get this note most of the time. If you managed to clear all the cards, you’ll earn the full “perfect hand” bonus instead – a whopping 500 points and you’ll also get an achievement to boot!

Sometimes, you will encounter special cards such as the bland-looking wild card. The wild card does not work like a joker card in other solitaire games. Unlike the joker card, the designation on the wild card is clearly marked, so you can only use it like any other card you get from the board/deck. You can also keep every wild card you find/uncover up to around a maximum of 3 cards. There is also a hammer card that will only appear if the crusted cards appear as it functions to break the topmost crusted cards to get the ball rolling. Moreover, you are also given 1 free undo per level. You will not be penalized if you use the undo.

To prevent you from settling into the boring rhythm of solving solitaire puzzle after puzzle, Avalon Legends Solitaire provide some pretty interesting obstacles, such as cards that are encrusted with stone. Crusted cards will appear as face-down even when they are the top most card. If so, how can you turn the topmost crusted cards over so you can match them? This is where the hammer card (as aforementioned) comes in! After you uncover the hammer card, the card will conjure up a hammer and crush the crusts on the cards, allowing you to get busy matching. The crusts on the subsequent crusted cards below can be easily broken by matching the cards on top of them.

There are also snow-covered cards and they usually come together with frozen/ iced cards. To uncover the topmost snow-covered cards, you will need to match all the frozen cards first. Frozen cards can be easily matched and removed like what you usually do for the normal cards. Once all the frozen cards are gone form the board, the topmost snow-covered cards will be revealed!

The game also provides a nice magical shop whereby you can spend some of the money you’ve earned. The shop sells some truly amazing magical artifacts, such as the Pendant of Foresight, which lets you know how many cards remain in the deck; Crystal ball that reveals 10% of the face-down cards; Deck of Plenty which will add 5 extra cards to your deck and Merlin’s ring that grants you an extra undo per level. There is also a Rabbit’s Foot for sale that will provide you with a 5% boost to the total score points you’ve earned. Guess, the foot is lucky for you, but not so much for the rabbit!


The community at Avalon Legends Solitaire is pretty decent - There are around 120 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page! There, you can meet and chat with fellow players and fans of Solitaire. There is also another place you can make new friends who has similar interests as you do, that is the Big Fish Games forum that is allocated to this game.

Graphics/ Sound

The music in Avalon Legends Solitaire is amazing! It is haunting yet fantasy-like, allowing you to conjure up this beautiful image of the mystical Avalon. In addition, each stage of the game has its own music. For instance, you can hear birds chirruping in the first stage, which is a perfect fit to its background of a beautiful grass plain. The second stage has a more eerie and mysterious music as it has a background of a unicorn in a moonlight snow–covered peaks (hence, the aptly named stage, “icy peaks”). Besides the backgrounds, the cards are very nicely-designed as well!


In brief, Avalon Legends Solitaire is an entertaining and fun Solitaire game that has an intriguing storyline. The game provides plenty of levels and stages that gradually get tougher as you progress due to the many interesting “obstacles” (if you can call them that). With clever use of your wild cards as well as some timely “help” (powerful artifacts) purchased from the in-game shop, you can get through tougher levels much easily. Push yourself to the limit to try to obtain a perfect score for every level as well as to acquire all the achievements in the game! If you love solitaire games with a nice fantasy theme, Avalon Legends Solitaire is definitely a game you’ll like! Try it today!

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by Aethyna May 8, 2015
Journey through the magical lands of Avalon in this amazing solitaire game, Avalon Legends Solitaire, in search of the mysterious deck of healing cards! Starting in the fantastical city of Camelot, trudge through icy peaks and dark forests as you scour Avalon for any clue for the cards' whereabouts! Interested? Join in the search now! Avalon Legends Solitaire: Hammer card Encrusted cards in Avalon Legends Solitaire Beautiful background in Avalon Legends Solitaire Read More

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A Solitaire Game and RPG in one!

Welcome to Avalon Legends Solitaire, where role-playing and solitaire are merged into one stunning game.

In this game, if you play the Story mode, you play the role of a Druid who has to collect a...Full Review
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