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8-Bit Armies 10 rate 8-Bit Armies lets you take control of your own faction and fight in real-time strategy battles in a gameplay experience similar to the Command & Conquer games. You can play the campaign or skirmish modes to test your strategic abilities. Take your skills online and fight against countless players around the globe. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The era of the Command & Conquer games is over and we can only fondly look back on the times we played Red Alert and Generals. Fortunately, 8-Bit Armies is around to help us relive the nostalgia. Now available on the PlayStation 4, the game is essentially a port - and a fantastic one at that - of the PC (Steam and Windows) version. You will get to control your own 8-bit army and select from six available factions. From there, you can then fight a war online or against AI opponents. Moreover, you have the option of going through the campaign either as the Renegades or the Guardians.

8-Bit Armies is already a great game in the PC version. But how in the world does the console version fare? Is it a worthwhile port, and should you pick it over the PC version? Before making a decision, let’s check out what it has to offer.


There isn’t a notable storyline in 8-Bit Armies, although there are short objectives in the campaign missions that let you know about the game’s lore. The lack of a story is excusable though, enabling you to focus on the gameplay.


8-Bit Armies’ gameplay is reminiscent of Red Alert on the PlayStation 1. In the Campaign, you will be asked to meet various objectives (like survive for several minutes or destroy the enemy HQ), while in Skirmish, the last commander standing wins. Each game starts with you and your lone headquarters and you’ll be asked to expand your base by creating the necessary structures like the barracks, refinery, and motor pool. Defensive buildings like rocket and MG turrets are available, while advanced ones like the Tech Hub (which gives you access to better buildings and units) and the missile silo are available.

Real-time strategy games on consoles have been a little difficult. After all, it’s hard to micromanage units and buildings using a controller. 8-Bit Armies enables you to control units and manage your buildings well with a Dualshock 4, making it a well-made port. The developers, Petroglyph Games, did a fantastic job at getting this done. You can open the unit creation menu by pressing the R1 button, while L1 lets you open the buildings menu which lets you construct the structures you need. When you create units, you can assign them on a team depending on which of the three buttons you’ve pressed (Circle, Triangle, or Square).

However, it’s quite easy to mix up different unit types and three buttons aren’t just enough. This reduces the layer of strategy the game dishes out. For example, if you’re planning to create exclusive teams with different unit types, like an APC unit for scouting and aerial units for harassing resource-gatherers, it will be difficult to do so without mixing other units up.With that said, you’ll be forced to mass up different unit types (and not divide them). Regardless, the control scheme reduces the learning curve and makes the overall experience easier.

There are several factions in 8-Bit armies, each with its own unit types. These include the Renegade and the Guardians, both of which have campaign modes of their own. Others include the Deathsworn (they have dragons), Lightbringers (archers and wizards), Craniods (comparable to the Zergs in Starcraft), and the Marines (which are like the Terrans in Starcraft). Note that each faction controls differently, thanks to having unique unit types.


Unfortunately, 8-Bit Armies doesn’t have a strong online community you can join and discuss the game with. There’s no active and sizable subreddit, though it does have a Steam community. Fortunately, the PS4 community online is active enough that you can find a game with a few players within a few minutes. There’s also an option for a Co-Op Campaign which is a great addition especially if played with friends.


As its namesake suggests, 8-Bit Armies uses 8-bit presentation. The game looks like an RTS version of Minecraft. Though it goes for a classic look, it is more refined than other current-gen games today. The pixels look smooth and modern and the overall art style looks like something the developers spent hundreds of hours on. If you add in the varied and well-designed maps and outstanding audio elements with superb voice acting, you’re in for a pleasant experience. The game runs smoothly on a base PS4 with no framerate drops and any problems at all.


Overall, 8-Bit Armies is definitely one of the must-play RTS games for fans of the genre. It’s a must-buy for anyone who wants to experience a modern yet 8-bit version of the Command and Conquer games. Though it only has two factions with a campaign, the other four can be used on Skirmish, enabling you to devise strategies and play styles by utilizing the various unit types. Despite not being made originally for the PlayStation 4, it feels like it was made for the console, making it a fantastic port.

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by Mikhail Sep 21, 2018
8-Bit Armies lets you take control of your own faction and fight in real-time strategy battles in a gameplay experience similar to the Command & Conquer games. You can play the campaign or skirmish modes to test your strategic abilities. Take your skills online and fight against countless players around the globe. Rocket helicopter squadron in 8-Bit Armies Destroying an enemy HQ in 8-Bit Armies Enemy units scrambling to defend from an incoming attack in 8-Bit Armies Read More
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