May 25, 2018 by Aethyna

Runescape Classic is Shutting Down on Aug 6th

...and this is not because there aren't any players; the systems that the older Runescape is running on are slowing breaking down and Jagex has no way to fix them. Runescape Classic is Shutting Down on Aug 6th

Runescape Classic was "THE MMO" to play back in its heyday. The graphics weren't the most astounding but boy... the game is just so addictive to play! The game provides players with such a vast and intricately-detailed world to explore, a fun community to play with, and lots of stuff to craft and sell.

Best yet, you can mould your character to become your ideal adventurer (emphasis on "your"). Basically, what this means is that characters in the game aren't restricted to "classes" unlike many modern MMOs.

Instead, your character will turn out depending on which skills you decide to level and which weapons you choose to use. In fact, if you are the perfectionist sort, you can level all the skills up and become proficient in everything.

The game is as golden as it was back then, but unfortunately, the systems that the game run on aren't, opening the game up to numerous "undesirables" like cheaters and bots. Like all older things, stuff are breaking down over there as well, and with the newer and more advanced tools that Jagex now has, the tools just aren't compatible to these older systems.

Rather than waiting until the game eventually crumbles to dust (figuratively-speaking, of course), Jagex decided to set a fixed date to pull the plug so at least fans of Runescape Classic will have a chance to drop by and say goodbye.

Runescape Classic may not be the longest-running MMO ever (but it's among the few topmost MMOs in the list), but it sure has given lots of young players fun times and great memories. So, if you want to relive your experiences and sooth your nostalgia, you can do so until 7 am GMT on August 6. After that, the Runescape Classic servers will be shut down for good.

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