WWGDB Celebrates 600 Users

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Wow, wow and WOW! It’s time, once again, to break out the wine glasses and have ourselves a toast! Besides virtual drinks, we also have awesome sneak peeks for you to celebrate this special occasion. Be sure to read on to find out more! WWGDB - WWGDB Celebrates 600 Users

It has been a pretty slow month, I know, but thank you so much for sticking with us. You never cease to impress us with your dedication and loyalty, and for that, we have so many exciting news and sneak peeks for you!

As you might have known from our previous celebratory article entitled WWGDB Celebrates 500 Users, our team has gone to Amsterdam (During winter... Brrr...) for the huge Casual Connect event and it was a very entertaining and definitely eye-opening experience... especially considering that I’ve never experienced winter, being a resident of a country with tropical climate. Needless to say, I now truly understand the implications of the popular phrase from Game of Thrones, “Winter is coming”.


That said, we have had quite a bountiful “harvest” at the 3-day event. Just take a look at our recent reviews and articles, such as our interviews with Gamblit Gaming’s CMO, RASPAD’s guild leader, NecrOFF and even with a new games marketing company, Simplaex. We even have a couple of new reviews up, which include both indie games and games from more established companies, like the fun and social bingo game,
Gamepoint Bingo, the fast-paced platform runner game,
Geki Yaba Runner, and perhaps one of the few uniquely innovative games I’ve personally seen in this year (so far)

However, these are constituted less than half of the wealth of content that we have in store, either from our experience at Casual Connect or ideas that are lurking in the depths of our minds, for you. And since I already have the materials and ideas that I need – well, mostly anyway – to write these articles and reviews, I’m in the best position to give you a sneak peek of what’s coming up next!

First off, we have a whole bunch of epic games that we simply can’t wait to share with you all, including Novus Inceptio, a survival-based simulation game with a generous dash of Sci-fi that is currently in early access, a range of kid games that the parents on WWGDB would definitely love, as well as several casual games that definitely deserve their place among the best games on WWGDB. The articles that we’ve put up so far have only managed to scratch the surface of what we have managed to get from Casual Connect. You can definitely expect some more interview articles along with insightful and educational “info-articles” about eSports and kids’ games monetization methods.

Of course, besides the stuff from Casual Connect, there are tons of new games that we will be reviewing as well, such as the Wincar Racers review and the perhaps long-awaited Blade and Soul review – an approximately 22 GB download, not including the patches by the way, can be unfortunately a tad bit taxing for my rig and for my internet bandwidth.

Blade and Soul

For articles, I have loads of them just mulling around in my brain, some of them are related to controversial issues in the gaming industry and community, just waiting for an opportunity to pop right out. Naturally, as with any controversial topics we’ve covered in the past, I’ll be sure to drag Adeaphon and GamingApe along for an epic showdown of words! There is definitely a plethora of exciting stuff that awaits you at WWGDB, so be sure to stick around some more to check them out!

Due to WWGDB’s growth spurt, we are also currently considering bringing on new folks to help us write some content. Hopefully, we might find someone, or someones, who will fit right into the community that we’ve built here. Fingers crossed!

That said, this journey that we’ve been on is definitely more fun than before due to the increase in number among our ranks, and we, the writers at WWGDB, can never thank you enough for being here with us. We will never take your support and loyalty for granted, and will continue strive to do our darnest to deliver the very best content, may it be reviews, articles, blog posts or surveys, to you. That’s definitely an oath that we can stick to! Till we meet again!

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