WWGDB Celebrates 400 Users

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Do come along and join us as we celebrate reaching yet another milestone to create the ultimate database of game reviews on the internet - WWGDB! Read on to find out what we have in store for the future (P/S: We have some virtual cake to share as well).
WWGDB - WWGDB Celebrates 400 Users

When the number approaches the 400 mark, I could hardly believe my own eyes! It has been slightly over a month since our last celebratory article for reaching the 300 users mark. Seriously though, you people are as impressive as ever and we, at WWGDB, couldn’t thank you enough!

Admittedly, the journey had not been as smooth sailing as some may have expected and there had been several bumpy rides along the way. However, you, our dear readers, have stuck with us the entire way, and it is our utmost honor to have met you all here at WWGDB. To put it simply, we are really glad that you’ve found us. After all, we couldn’t have done this nor achieve this new milestone without you all. So, here’s a virtual toast to our amazing readers and thank you again for giving us your support!

As you may have noticed, WWGDB is very different from any other review websites out there. This is mainly because WWGDB aims not only to provide game reviews from a particular genre – cough... MMOs... cough – but we also cover exciting games from all the other genres. WWGDB is ultimately a database of game reviews and it won’t do to just stock it up with only games from 1 genre, am I right?

Echo of Soul

Since our last celebratory article, we have added a ton of new game reviews to WWGDB for you to browse through at your leisure. Naturally, we have new MMOs on WWGDB which include exciting MMORPGs like one of the most popular MMORPG there is - Rift (Apologies for covering this game a tad bit late though!); the new voxel-based MMO, Trove; an MMO where you can play as the devil itself Devilian; and a web-based, “World of Warcraft”-lookalike, Eternal Dream. You could even become a powerful Soulkeeper in this MMORPG, Echo of Soul. Like space-themed games instead? We have those as well - Star Trek: Alien Domain and Andromeda 5.

In addition to MMORPGs, we also have MMORTS and MOBA games like EndWar Online, Khan Wars, and The Settlers Online. Getting tired of MMOs already? Well, we have plenty more casual games that will most certainly tickle your fancy. Perhaps you would like to spend some of your time in a nice simulation game like Diner Life and Northern Saga or a match-3 games such as Frozen Free Fall and Fiesta: Match-3. Furthermore, we offer hidden object games, namely Dark Parables: Goldilocks and the Fallen Star; mahjong games like Mahjong Dash, and even solitaire games, such as Solitaire Spells and Machu Piccu Solitaire, as well. WWGDB is definitely the perfect website for players who enjoy a huge variety of games, that’s for sure!

In addition to our huge variety of game reviews, our reviews are also among the most comprehensive yet succinctly-put reviews that you can find. Each review contains information regarding the game’s gameplay, graphics and sound, plotline and even the in-game community – all the things you’ll need to decide whether a game is worth your time, or not. Let’s not forget about the whooping 9 images (minimum) that we provide for each game review so you can have a better idea of how the game is. After all, a picture – or in this case, an aptly-taken screenshot - speaks a thousand words!

Frozen Free Fall

Moreover, WWGDB has plenty of fun surveys that you can do, as well as articles and blog posts that keep you up to date with all the biggest news in the gaming community. Our team of writers even knocks heads now and then to produce insightful and possibly heated discussions on controversial topics. However, it’s somewhat bittersweet to say that our very own Adeaphon has left us for better pastures. That being said, for those of you who enjoy reading our discussions, you’ll be glad to know that he has agreed to stick around for a couple more discussions in the future. Thus, you’ll be seeing us duking it out once again in the near future!

For the future of WWGDB, we are glad to say that we have plenty of interesting stuff in store for you all. In addition to bringing in a larger variety of games to this website, we will start putting up game reviews for games that are in closed beta and alpha as well. This is a great way for you to read about game, perhaps get hyped up about it, before actually getting into the game to play once the game moves into the open beta phase or even launch. Who knows? We might even be able to get some free alpha or beta keys for you, so be sure to stay tuned to WWGDB!

In short, it’s really nice to see that we’ve built a pretty sizeable community here at WWGDB. This shows how far this website has come to since its “birth” early this year and honestly, this is only achievable because of your never-ending support. For this, we would again like to humbly thank you for being here with us. We’ll do our best to strive for the betterment of WWGDB and please don’t forget to let your friends know about us. Until then!

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