WWGDB Celebrates 200 Games

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We here at WWGDB have reached our second milestone and are very proud of our achievement! We would like to share our accomplishments and what we have planned for the future! WWGDB - WWGDB Celebrates 200 Games

It was mere 2 months ago when we wrote about celebrating our first 100 games and now, we’re sitting at 200. Isn’t that amazing?

Worldwide Games Database is the brainchild of our vision of creating central database for every possible, and fun, game that exists along with a detailed and quality review of the game. With the arrival of our second milestone, we’re glad to say that we’re starting to achieve our goals!

Nurturing this website hasn’t been easy and there were many obstacles and challenges. For instance, we needed a dedicated team of content writers to contribute reviews on a daily basis to WWGDB to ensure its growth, and hence, we went ahead and hired a new writer. With more on board the team, we can guarantee that our readers will always have something new to read and enjoy on our website as well as to discover new exciting games with us!

Being a database of games, we wanted WWGDB to house quality reviews of games from a wide range of genres, whereas most review sites focus only on one… You’ve got to agree that there are simply too many MMO reviews sites out there on the internet as of current! Our reviews at WWGDB cater to all levels of gamers, from the casual to the core gamers, to even the most hardcore ones by reviewing all the different types of games these groups of gamers may enjoy!

Castle in Forge of Empires

We have MOBAs and MMO shooters, such as League of Legends and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Phantoms, for the hardcore gamer plus eSport fan. Core gamers may enjoy browsing our long list of strategy or MMOs reviews, like Forge of Empires and TERA Rising. For casual gamers, we offer a huge array of hidden object games, match-3 games, bubble shooters, farm games and many more!

We are all human and we have our own thoughts and feelings… likes and dislikes - Everybody have their own types of games that they love to play. However, if you feel like doing something entirely different, we are always here for you and will continue to color up your life’s dreary routine by introducing games that you may, to your surprise, enjoy!

Furthermore, we achieved our goals of adding new genres to WWGDB, further expanding the reservoir of game reviews that this website contains! These new genres include hidden object games and third person shooters. We are planning on adding even more game genres, including word games and music-related games, so be sure to keep an eye out on WWGDB to be the first to read the reviews for these amazingly fun games!

We have also introduced a new “People Also Played” system based on an algorithm we came up with to help you find new games that you may enjoy! Surely you have noticed the reel of pictures right above each reviews. These pictures represent game reviews of games that are of the same genre. There may also be several games that are cross-genre or hybrids, but they contain labels that are similar to the game review you’re reading about. This is one of the best tools that our readers can use to discover new games that have elements of the game you love in them and yet are new breathes of fresh air since the game is not of the same genre!

Animals in My Free Zoo

To bring more variety (and life) to the site, we’ve added plenty of interesting articles as well! The articles can be very specific or general, and they are all about the issues or topics raised in gaming and the gaming community and industry. Being a gamer, you may be interested to keep yourself updated to the hottest topics in gaming! This include ”The eSports Phenomenon”, ”Females in Gaming”, ”A Very General Guide to Gaming Terms” and ”How Games Make Money”.

In addition, we have stepped up the effort to produce more fun surveys for you to enjoy! You can choose your favorite race car from a selection of cars in Need for Speed: World, pick your favorite land animal in My Free Zoo or even the toughest scene you’ve encountered while playing Criminal Case!

WWGDB has indeed grown from a fledgling to an adorable young bird. A bird that is flapping its wings now and then, getting ready to fly! The website looks so much better and lively than ever and we have you, our loyal readers, to thank! Without your support, we may have faltered and perhaps given up along the way. Now, with plenty of new features, improvements and game reviews in mind, we assure you that WWGDB will only grow bigger, brighter and better!

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