H1Z1 Lands on the PS4 While Fortnite Soars with the Jet Pack

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Fortnite got itself a new patch this week, while H1Z1 finally started its open beta on the PlayStation 4. It’s safe to say we’re going to have a battle royale bonanza this week. WWGDB - H1Z1 Lands on the PS4 While Fortnite Soars with the Jet Pack

We’re a month into Fortnite’s season four, and we can’t ever deny that it has been an outstanding one. Thanks to its huge updates and map-changing events and pop culture crossovers, the battle royale game’s popularity is skyrocketing, even if it is yet to reach its zenith. Anyway, this week’s update featured a few updates which are sure to make you soar high into the sky. Let’s take a look at what unfolded along with the upcoming events this week.

Jetpack Joyride

Probably the most notable addition in Fortnite this week is the jetpack, a limited time item belonging to a brand new gear category aptly called backpacks . It works like...well...like a typical jetpack: you strap it on, press the jump button twice and soar into the air. Doing so enables you to reach extremely high places and huge forts, as well as escape from a losing battle.

Jet pack action in Fortnite

The item can be picked up from chest, has a legendary rarity category, and it takes up an inventory slot. Equipping it also means your back bling won’t be visible. Note that you cannot enter targeting mode (which means you need to use hip fire) when in the air. In addition, it also has a limited fuel and once it is completely depleted, it will be destroyed and removed from your inventory. We can’t wait to use a hop rock, an impulse grenade, and a jetpack all at the same time while being a bush wookie. Oh, and don’t forget that you’ll still take fall damage if you don’t slow your descent.

Two limited time modes

Solid Gold V2 now with more weapons!

Epic Games decided to bring back the Solid Gold mode which features legendary (gold-labeled) items. Back in the day, it had no shotguns, which earned the ire of many players. With the inclusion of the heavy shotgun last season and the FAMAS burst assault rifle a week ago, the LTM is freshly gilded. Moreover, the mode will also feature increased shield, special grenade, and healing item drops as well as yield more harvest when farming stone and metal resources.

Close Encounters is a new LTM that will be implemented on May 25th. Like its name suggests, there is emphasis in close combat and shotguns are the only weapons that will be picked up. Matches will last 15 minutes on average, and the storm will also move faster during mid to late game.

New challenges

Much like every week, there are new battle pass challenges you need to accomplish in order to level up and earn rewards faster. The ones this week are:
  • Eliminate three opponents in Snobby Shores

  • Collect Treasure between a Bench, Ice Cream Truck, and a Helicopter

  • One trap elimination

  • Search seven ammo boxes in one match

  • Visit the center of different storm circles in a single match

  • Search seven chests in Wailing Woods

If you’re having trouble finishing them, here’s a cheat sheet made by Fortnite player TheSquatingDog:

Fortnite Season 4 Week 4 Battle Pass Cheat Sheet

Although the challenges are rather straightforward, the trap eliminations challenge is considerably more difficult due to the traps being nerfed. Before last week, they dealt 125 damage but was reduced to 75. To help you accomplish the storm circle quest, there are storm trackers you can pick up which tell you where the next storm circle will be. Finally, the treasure (which is 10 battle stars equal to one battle pass tier) is located on an inconspicuous spot in Moisty Mire.

H1Z1 is now available in the PlayStation Store

H1Z1 has landed and is available for download

In other battle royale-related news, H1Z1 is now up for download on PlayStation Store with a file size of 10 GB. Like Fortnite, it is free-to-play and is in open beta. Created by Daybreak Games, it hopes to take a slice off the huge PlayStation 4 player base with its rather half-realistic, half arcade-like approach to battle royale. It is a perfect option for gamers who are put off by Fortnite’s eccentric and cartoony art style, as well as those who aren’t impressed (or are just plain awful) at the game’s building mechanics. Note that it has evolved into a game wherein players stage building battles, creating huge spires a 100 feet into the air before the actual shootout starts.

Unfortunately though, H1Z1’s release is mired with server outages, bugs, and numerous issues. These will fully be tackled in the review we will be churning out by the end of the week, so please look forward to it. Nonetheless, it is a rough diamond and once Daybreak manages to polish it for the 1.5 million concurrent players, the game will definitely have a seat for itself among the great games in the PS4 era.

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