Fortnite Squads Etiquette: 10 Tips and Considerations Every Player Should Know

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In all online gaming communities, there are members that are the rotten eggs in the basket. Fortnite is no exception: there are people who will ruin the gameplay experience for everybody. So, how can you NOT be that GUY? WWGDB - Fortnite Squads Etiquette: 10 Tips and Considerations Every Player Should Know

Toxic people in online gaming communities have been around since the dawn of online gaming. You could consider them as playground bullies or those kids back in the 80s who would push other players off of the machine. Considering that Fortnite is a community withover a hundred million people, it is no wonder that there are players who are both bent on and are unconsciously ruining the experience for everybody. In order for you to NOT be like those players, here are a few tips and considerations you’d like the put in mind every time you grab that controller or mouse and keyboard:

Be nice

Be nice to others so you can all enjoy the game

The first rule when playing online is to be nice to other players. Treat them like you’re treating someone you just met in real-life. This means minimal swearing (especially if you’re paired up with children), and there’s absolutely no need to be an arrogant pipe hole if you see they aren’t good enough. If one player is being too noisy or abrasive, the best thing to do is just mute them and play on your own.

Don’t play music or scream onto the mic

There are gamers who prefer to play music in the background, as it helps get their adrenaline pumping. This is understandable, but please, please remember that not everybody likes your jam. Don’t blast your playlist in full volume while the game is on, as it is an invitation for other players to yell and mute you.

Moreover, mics today - even the cheap ones that come with a smartphone - are good enough to be used online. You shouldn’t yell as if you’re trying to get a message across to someone 10 blocks away. Converse in a volume that is as loud as how you’re speaking to someone in front of you. Finally, screaming is excused if they are: celebratory (like winning a match) and high adrenaline moments (like taking out an entire squad or successfully making an escape). However, don’t overdo it or else it will sound extremely irritating.

Unplug your mic if needed

Don't talk, just play in Fortnite

If your dog is barking loudly in the background, if someone is talking to you in person, or if a loud car engine is passing by, unplug the mic. Nobody wants to hear about your private conversations or have the enemy’s footsteps drowned out by your dog’s barks. Unplug your mic to avoid awkward situations and be sure to tell your teammates beforehand.

Random matchmaking? Don’t be abrasive towards noobs

If you’re playing with random players, chances are you could get paired with a noob or someone who doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing. Instead of being terrible to them, it would be best to be nice in order to make their day. And hey, noobs make perfect decoys and unless if they are conceited enough to think highly of themselves, they can be used as baggage supply trains or someone who could just shower enemies with bullets from an LMG or minigun.

Don’t talk too much or be too friendly

Don't expect to be too close with teammates in Fortnite

Although there are players who play to make friends, there are those that mainly play to have fun. “Fun” is drastically reduced if there are players who seem like they are there to chat instead of play. Don’t ruin the experience by talking about your life and personal problems to random people: don’t talk, just play.

Don’t steal your teammates’ loot

Don’t be THAT guy who runs over to the corpse of the enemy you just killed and grabs everything even if he never fired a shot. There are teammates like this, and it’s frustrating. If it’s your kill, it’s your loot. If you want something from the pile, ask your teammate or simply wait for him to get the lion’s share while you settle for the spoils.

Share items and ammo - if it helps you win

Share your loot, including those inside llamas in Fortnite

If you have enough ammo and if your teammates need health and shields, share what you have with them. After all, two to four bodies and guns are better than just one. However, ignore this if your teammate is absolutely terrible and there’s no point in sharing since he’ll get knocked down a minute later.

Patience is a virtue when you’re knocked out

When you’re knocked down, don’t DEMAND to be revived right away. Who knows, your teammates might still be in the thick of it, fighting enemies before it is safe enough to get you up and running. In addition, if you’re the one who is reviving downed teammates, always revive those who have lower HP first and don’t follow the policy of “loot first, revive later”. Share the spoils with your teammates: don’t hog everything, especially if you all played a role during a firefight.

Communicate what is necessary

Tell your teammates if there’s an unopened chest, an extra big shield, or a gun that you don’t need. Moreover, also mention if there are enemies nearby and in what direction. If you are shy about your voice, you can easily tell them about it using emoticons and prompts.

Finally, don’t play if you’re there to just joke around

Don't play if you're just there to make jokes out of everyone

The worst experience I had in Fortnite was when I and two of my regular teammates were paired up with a random 12-year old kid from Germany. He WON’T speak any ounce of English, which is undoubtedly impossible (we were saying “English please”, and “no German), so he kept showering us with German words non-stop. To make matters worse, he wasn’t cooperating and was even firing rockets AT US while we were battling with another team. Of course, we ended up losing and reporting him for being a troll.

We could not help but think the kid was being a kid and was joking around. If you’re thinking of following in his footsteps, it would be best to avoid doing so. You would not want to ruin the experience for others: play to win and be good to your teammates.

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