DOTA 2 Underhollow: The Battle Royale for Roshan's Cheese

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Yes, DOTA 2 is getting a battle royale mode called “Underhollow”, which will basically be a multi-team battle for Roshan’s cheese. Should you look forward to it or not? WWGDB - DOTA 2 Underhollow: The Battle Royale for Roshan's Cheese

Can you imagine a MOBA game getting a battle royale mode? The concept is rather difficult to grasp, but DOTA 2 is making it a reality. You see, the game is getting Underhollow, which is essentially a battle royale for Roshan’s cheese. The new game mode will be available to all International 2018 Battle Pass holders which is currently available. And yes, you need to have a battle pass to play it.

Seems like everyone, including DOTA 2’s developers, is into the battle royale craze. It’s not a bad thing: we’re stoked and can’t wait for something new. After all, the game is known for introducing a plethora of other modes and campaign stories to keep us entertained. The most notable of which would be last year’s Siltbreaker campaign, a PvE co-op mode.

Anyway, is Underhollow a thing you should be looking forward to, and is it something worth spending time on?

How Underhollow is set

DOTA 2 Underhollow

Underhollow is set like your typical team-based battle royale mode. Numerous squads of three players enter a labyrinth-like arena which is filled with monsters and enemy teams. Your goal is Roshan’s cheese. Although it is unclear on how you get the thing, your task is to head to the middle of a “safe zone”, which is getting smaller due to the number of cave-ins happening in the arena. We don’t exactly know why teams are fighting for Roshan’s cheese, but given its effects in the 5v5 MOBA mode, it is probably one of the best things to place inside your mouth.

Anyway, the labyrinth isn’t just some sort of a maze. It’s an extremely large cavern wrought with monsters and enemies that are dead-set in taking your gold and gaining experience for themselves to get stronger. Though your goal is to survive and be the last team standing, it would help if you end up becoming more well-equipped than your opponents as you traverse to the center of the safe-zone. When you reach the center, it’s likely you will be in a pitched battle for Roshefort, Roshan’s rarest cheese.In any case, the game mode is a creative one that is sure to lure in countless players and be one of the biggest gaming stories in 2018.

Implications for MOBAs in the future

Underhollow will be a battle for this guy's cheese

In the gaming industry, developers are great at playing “monkey see, monkey do”. With that said, it won’t come as a surprise that other MOBAs will be copying this formula and may end up creating their own battle royale versions in the months to come. For example, Tencent (owner of League of Legends and Mobile Legends) will definitely cook something up if Underhollow explodes in terms of popularity. Considering they have a track record of making games and content inspired by others, we may see a MOBA battle royale on our smartphones soon.

Imagine a mode wherein you play as your favorite DOTA 2 hero, and you traverse around a supersized map - at least two to four times the size of the regular map - looking for enemies. The map is covered by your usual shroud of darkness and fog of war, and you won’t know if there’s an enemy hero hiding amidst the trees. You move around the map, scavenging for items and beating AI units to strengthen yourself as the safe zone dwindles. There are huge clashes involving other heroes, and you wait until the last moment to make your move. You end up winning, start playing again, and end up repeating the same gameplay loop all over again. It’s fun, exciting, and you’ll play it until you get burnt out.

DOTA 2 and timelessness

Despite looking rather aged, DOTA still looks playable

Everybody knows DOTA 2 came from the DOTA mod of Warcraft III, and even if the gameplay concepts have been around for over a decade, they’re still widely enjoyed. IceFrog (the lead designer of DOTA 2 and the man responsible for making DOTA) made this possible by constantly introducing new gameplay concepts. When DOTA was at its heydey, he and his team continued introducing new items, heroes, and tweaks to the map and each characters’ skills. This in turn gave players something new, enabling them to keeping them engaged.

Timelessness in video games is quite rare. We can see people getting burnt out by not just only battle royale games like Fortnite Battle Royale and PUBG, but also mainstream titles. There are a few people who tried out Persona 5 and quit after 50 hours (you need at least 80+ hours to finish the story, and a hundred if you want to get the multiple endings) despite one of the better single player RPGs this generation. Another good example would be first-person shooters, notably the Battlefield and CoD franchises, wherein they lose a certain percentage of their player-base.

DOTA 2 managed to curb major losses by introducing the battle pass, thus giving players a goal to work towards, and most notably, adding in new game modes and content. The player pool is still fairly large at 457,000 on average, which is extremely impressive for a five year-old game. If developers around the world would continue dishing out new content and further nurture their games, every gamer - like DOTA 2’s fanbase - would be happy and the gaming world, a better place.

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