6 Tips and Considerations Before Buying a $60 Game

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Games are expensive and are quite an investment which is why it’s a must to first make sure if it’s worth your cash and if it’s a perfect fit for you or otherwise. WWGDB - 6 Tips and Considerations Before Buying a $60 Game

Full-priced games today are priced at $60. For many, it’s a negligible amount but for those who live on a budget, it’s quite an investment.

This is why it’s important to make sure that the games you’ll end up buying won’t be the reason why you’re regretting the empty space on your wallet. Before you jump on a game and make a purchase, here are a few tips and considerations:

See who made those games

Know who made the game first before deciding to buy it

Though there are thousands of studios developing games and studios financing them, the circle of game development is relatively small. Usually, the most popular and highly-acclaimed games are made by just a few well-known studios. This is why it pays to dig deeper and see who made that certain $60 game you’re planning to add to your backlog.

Certain studios are known to be consistently outstanding and regardless of what they make, you’re sure to get a great experience. For example, FromSoftware is known for creating challenging titles while Rockstar Games and CD Projekt Red are mainstays in making amazing open-world games. On the contrary, some studios (and publishers) may also have a negative reputation and it may be smart to wait for reviews before pulling the trigger on it.

Wait for or check if it’s on sale first

Wait for sales and discounts first

Before heading to your local distributor or an online shop, check if it’s on sale first especially if it’s an older game. The PlayStation, Nintendo, Steam, and Xbox online stores regularly hold seasonal sales. If you’re nearing a popular holiday, like Christmas or Thanksgiving, there will likely be a sale beforehand. It pays to wait a little because after all, you wouldn’t want to buy a $60 game only to see it go on sale for $30 a week a later.

If it’s an older game, scour local game stores and gaming groups

Check stores for old copies first

Usually, games have their prices slashed months after their release. Though the same can be said in the case of online stores, this takes a while. If you’re buying an older game and you want to save extra cash, scour local game stores for marked down copies. You can even look for gaming groups in your area and buy secondhand copies.

Play demos, watch reviews, and gameplay videos for key aspects

Play demos and watch gameplay videos first

Buying a game without watching or reading a review and doing research about it is like buying a gacha roll or a loot box crate. You know what you may get, but you wouldn’t what exactly you’ll get. This shouldn’t be the case when buying a new $60 game. You’re spending a lot of your hard-earned money, so it should be a must to at least make it an informed decision.

Playing demos, checking reviews, and gameplay videos will get this done. Of course, you shouldn’t dive in to deep to the point of spoiling the experience, especially if it’s a story-based game. With that said, do these and try to find answers to the following questions:
“Does the game run well? Does it frequently crash?”
“Is it a bland and bad experience?”
“What are some of the game’s dull moments?”
“Are there long queues in online multiplayer?”

And of course, the most important question that merits its own header is:

Is the gameplay the right type for you?

See whether the gameplay is for you or otherwise

In my case, there’s Bloodborne and Cuphead. Don’t get me wrong: they are masterpieces, but they just weren’t for me. They were so challenging that I was stressing out instead of having fun. Though I did not buy them at a full price (PS Plus free game and Cuphead is at $20), doing so would have been catastrophic.

This is why it’s a must to check the gameplay of the games you’re planning to buy first and see whether you can cope with their mechanics. For example, even seasoned strategy players may find Europa Universalis IV and Civilization VI to be “not for them”. Meanwhile, some open-world games can be too overwhelming to some while the puzzle elements of some adventure games could be boring for those who just want some action.

Is a subscription service required to access multiplayer?

See whether you need a subscription to access online first

Today, the three console platforms require you to have an online multiplayer subscription to access online multiplayer aspects of non-free-to-play games. PlayStation has PlayStation Plus, Xbox has Xbox Live Gold, while Nintendo has Nintendo Switch Online (NSO).

We’re sure there are people who bought games like PUBG, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, and the new Call of Duty: MW reboot fully expecting to play with their friends online. After they popped in the disc and try to enter matchmaking, they come to the horrible realization that they can’t without an online subscription. It’s impossible to play PUBG offline and you can’t complete your Pokedex on Pokemon Sword without an NSO subscription. In any case, it’s a must to see whether you need a subscription to access online features or otherwise.

So, what are some of your own tips when buying a $60 game or a non-full-priced one? Though most games are definitely worthwhile investments, they deliver varying experiences. It’s a must to see if the games you’re planning to buy will be a perfect fit for you or otherwise.

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