5 Most Anticipated Upcoming Games of 2018

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It's the end of the year once again and like most gamers, we look to the next year to search for all the best upcoming games and pick the 5 most anticipated games of 2018. WWGDB - 5 Most Anticipated Upcoming Games of 2018

It's the end of the year once again and like most gamers, we look to the next year to search for all the best upcoming games and pick the 5 most anticipated games of 2018. Enjoy!

Far Cry 5

Far Cry is probably one of the biggest open world game franchise where the storyline is oftentimes as insane as its very misguided yet enigmatic villains. After deviating from the traditional guns and vehicle-based gameplay with Far Cry Primal, we’re glad to see that Ubisoft is back once again with a Far Cry game where we can gun enemies down and blow stuff up.

Set in Hope County, Montana, where a fanatical doomsday cult has taken its malignant hold, you’ll need to help the grassroots resistance movement take off and eventually free the poor oppressed people from the cult’s most-certainly insane (in a fanatically-religious sense) leader, Joseph Seed and his brainwashed congregation.

Far Cry 5 is guaranteed to be among the top-selling games of 2018 just because… well, it’s Far Cry, but for now, we all can content ourselves with mouthwatering gameplay/teaser footages and graphics released by Ubisoft as we wait for our pre-orders to finally come through. The game is slated to be released at the end of March 2018.

State of Decay 2

If you’re a fan of zombie-survival games, you’ll definitely be among the many who are eagerly, perhaps a bit overly so, waiting for the upcoming sequel to the popular game, State of Decay – State of Decay 2!

This second installment is guaranteed to blow your mind since it is quite different from the original. In this game, community management is a major part of its gameplay. So instead of surviving solo, you’ll need to make sure that your community of survivors, each with their own set of traits, skills, and attitudes, work together well enough to help make the community stronger.

Naturally, you’ll be able to assign tasks to each survivor, upgrade your base, help the community solve its issues (through completing personal quests, heeding advice, or resolving disputes), and of course, recruit more survivors to join your little troupe.

However, the change that takes the cake in State of Decay 2 is definitely its long-awaited co-op mode. Now, you can survive with up to 3 of your friends!

Sounds like fun? Well, the game is slated to be released in spring of 2018 and will be available on Xbox and Windows PCs. There's no pre-order option though, so you'll need to wait until the game's out before you can buy it.


Love games where you can do battle in a cool and multi-functional exosuits like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare or Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier? Well, Anthem is set to capture the sights of fans of such suits with an action RPG that will cast you as a daring Freelancer in a very dynamic world that can change from a peaceful landscape into a hurricane-wrecked area via the game’s many world-changing phenomena and even resulting world events based on your own decisions.

The suit is definitely as cool as it looks – it doesn’t only house an arsenal of weapons and abilities that you can use; it will also allow you to fly, leap, and climb your way across the game’s detailed, massive and breathtaking world. For explorers at heart, you’ll be glad to know that the game even hides plenty of fun secrets for you to uncover as you explore. Best yet, you can enjoy the game solo or in a team of up to 4 players.

Anthem is slated to be released during fall of 2018. The game will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Days Gone

We simply can’t enough of zombie-survival games and hence, we’ve decided to include this upcoming Playstation-exclusive game, Days Gone. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where most people had succumbed to a global pandemic and were turned into ever-ravenous yet mindless zombies, this game will put you into the shoes of a bounty hunter, Deacon St. John, who is not only struggling to survive but to find a meaning to life in a world changed beyond recognition.

Suffering intense emotional turmoil, you’ll get to feel what Deacon is going through while trying to help him survive by scavenging for resources, crafting better tools and weapons, exploring the world on Deacon's cool Drifter Bike, and completing a wide variety of challenges in whichever way you like. The game also has some really stunning game environments, cities (mostly ruined or abandoned ones, of course) and biomes to immerse yourself in.

Days Gone is slated to be released early 2018, but you can pre-order your disc and be ready to dive into some exciting zombie-killing action once the game is launched.

God of War

Aside from all the shooting action in the previously listed games, we’ve included another Playstation-exclusive game whereby you’ll get to play as the mighty Kratos once again and engage in some truly visceral close-quarter combat. Set in a time after exacting his vengeance against the Gods of Olympus, he was given a second chance at fatherhood to raise his son Atreus.

Kratos will need to teach the young boy all that he will need to know to survive while controlling the rage that had the better of him more times than he could count in the past. This game also features a massive and gorgeous open world for you to explore and tons of familiar and new Nordic creatures in addition to its thrilling gameplay.

God of War ensures its players a gritty and grueling, yet somewhat heartwarming gaming experience where you'll get to not only mentor a young boy in the intricate art of war, but also to help Kratos rediscover his fatherly side through the game's powerful storyline. This PS4 game is slated to be released early 2018. You can, however, pre-order the game through its PlayStation Store.

From our selections, you can see that we have a bit of a penchant for zombie-survival, shooters, and action-combat games. Due to this, the list of exciting upcoming game is definitely much longer if we are to include other games that we are as equally thrilled about, including the sequel to The Last of Us and the anime game, Kingdom Hearts 3.

That being said, if you enjoyed reading this and would like a follow-up article with 5 more upcoming games to drool over, do drop us a message and let us know!


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