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War Conflict 10 rate With your commander’s squadron destroyed, you have been appointed the next commander in charge of pushing forward the war effort. Build up your army and conquer various locations around the campaign map or duke it out with another player via the Assault mode. Will you be victorious in the war? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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With your commander’s squadron destroyed, you have been appointed the next commander in charge of pushing forward the war effort. Build up your army and conquer various locations around the campaign map or duke it out with another player via the Assault mode. Design and fortify your base with a variety of artillery to deter and destroy any player foolish enough to attempt to conquer your base. Set in World War II, you’ll gain access to all historically accurate models of machines of mass destruction, including tanks, aircraft and missiles, as well. Will you be victorious in the war? Play this amazing MMORTS, War Conflict, to find out!


Being a strategy game, the gameplay in War Conflict is separated into 2 main parts – Combat and base-building. Let’s start by taking a look at the former.

The combat system used in this game is pretty unique in its way. Despite seemingly simplistic in nature, the system is shrouded with a pretty in-depth strategy element that advanced players can use to get an upper hand in any battle they are in. However, we’ll begin with the game’s controls first. Since it is a mobile game, almost all the actions done in the game can be performed using taps.

On a standard battle map, your troops will be deployed to starter bases... and yes, you sometimes can deploy your troops in more than 1 base in this game. To move them, you’ll tap once to select half of the total troops you have in that base and tap again on the base you want them to head to. If you want to select all of your troops, simply double tap on the base with the troops instead.

Now, each base you own or managed to conquer in War Conflict will automatically generate a certain type of unit, depending on which type of base it is, until the base is full. Naturally, the bigger the base, the faster the troop production. When the base is full, the flag at the base will be raised. That being said, you will still be able to move troops to a full base to bolster its defenses if needed. There are 3 types of bases in total and these bases can be differentiated from each other by the shape of the base itself. The tank base, for example, is hexagonal in shape, while the aircraft hangar has a circular base. The missile silo on the other hand is triangular.

These 3 types of bases actually correspond to the game’s 3 types of military units, tanks, aircraft and missiles. Tanks and aircraft can be used to conquer bases, even bases of an opposing type, but missiles can only destroy the residing troops in a base. Thus, it is wise to fire a missile at an enemy base and follow it up with a team of tanks or aircraft to capture it right after. As evident in the previous sentence, timing is everything in a real time strategy game like War Conflict.

However, there are also some rules as to how your tanks and aircraft can move on the map. Tanks need to follow the paths as indicated on the map to move to a base while aircraft, being flying machines that can rain destruction from high above, can attack any base on the map no matter where it is. Similar to aircraft, missiles can be used to target any base on the map as well.

Interestingly, there’s even sort of an “attack cycle” in this game that many MMO players will be familiar with. For instance, tanks are more efficient when used to attack aircraft bases while aircraft works better against tank bases. So, if you find it hard to capture a certain type of base, you might have better luck by using units that can counter the type of base you’re after.

As you play the game, you’ll notice that some bases are much harder to conquer than others. Some may possess on-site military installations (a.k.a. artillery) like anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns, while others may simply have tougher defenses by having higher walls or armor. Fortified bases will cause 2 times more casualties while armored bases (the base will look like a cog) will cause 4 times more casualties. This means that you’ll need 2 and 4 times more troops to conquer a fortified and an armored base respectively.

Most of your battles will be fought on War Conflict’s PvE campaign mode. There are many maps on offer with each of them containing several stages. Most stages have prerequisites, such as having a particular type of unit in your army, while all stages (except the earlier ones) offer at least 1 secondary objective that players can complete to win additional rewards.

Every stage in the game can be played at 3 difficulty levels, and the subsequent difficulties can only be unlocked if you’ve successfully passed through the previous difficulty level. Once all difficulties have been conquered, you’ll then earn 3 stars for a stage. There are also missions from command and dailies that you can complete for extra resource and cash – silver (basic game currency) or gold coins (premium currency). Achievements, when they are completed, will reward you with some gold coins as well. Of course, you could always get more gold coins by spending real cash.

For PvP, the game has a multiplayer mode called Assault. In Assault, you’ll take on a randomly assigned player, who is around your level, in a faster-paced match. The map you’ll be playing in is actually the map of your opponent’s base so basically, you’ll be playing on his home turf. The map is specially designed by your opponent himself, and hence, making some of the PvP matches you play in quite tricky to win.

Every successful match will earn you medals and the total medals you’ve earned will determine your rank on the Company of Heroes leaderboard. If you managed to climb your way topmost of the list, you will not only win amazing prizes but also be moved forward to the next rank bracket where you can go head-to-head against much tougher players.

That being said, you should also prepare your base just in case you are attacked by another player. You can do so by heading to your base and switching over to tactical view. Here, you can move your bases and switch their type from tank, aircraft or missile according to your tactical plans and strategies. You could even reassign your starter base. The roads, however, are automatically added in depending on the positions of your base. So, if you plan on making your base map more of a tank-heavy map, then you will need to plan the positions of your base according to the paths the game will auto-generate for you. Of course, as you level up, you’ll also be able to construct additional artillery on any of your bases.

Aside from being a battleground for PvP matches, your basecamp is also your main source of income and troops. You’ll need to construct a variety of facilities like the tank factory or airport to unlock a new type of unit at the hangar. These facilities can also be upgraded to unlock new tanks, aircrafts or missiles, and you could purchase upgrades for your existing (unlocked) units too. However, to recruit units to join your army, you’ll need to head over to the hangar instead.

You’ve only got 1 free construction and recruitment slot though, so the building and recruiting processes can go a bit slowly in this game, especially when you reach higher levels. You could always speed up your progress using gold coins, but unfortunately, there isn’t any way for you to buy additional slots permanently in this game.

Once you reached level 3, you’ll then be allowed to customize your player profile by adding in your player name, as well as picking an avatar and a flag. The choices available there isn’t very limited for the free-to-play players, but if you really want to get some of the cooler avatars or flags, you might need to spend some gold coins. You could also buy shields for your base so that it will be protected for a period of time against any possible attacks. This is a great way to protect your base while you’re away.


The game has just been recently released so at the moment, the player population in War Conflict isn’t very high. This is actually great news for players who enjoy climbing rapidly to the top of the rank ladder, because this is exactly what you can still do in this game. However, playing the game alone isn’t much fun either. So, if you’ve enjoyed the game, be sure to recommend the game to your friends.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in War Conflict is something of a 50:50, but personally, I would give it a bit extra points because the graphics for the stuff that really matters in the game – the military units and buildings - is pretty good. The details put into these 2 aspects are good enough to make the units identifiable to even history buffs. On the other hand, the game environment itself, which admittedly isn’t very crucial to the overall gameplay or game experience, does look a bit plain though.

In terms of sound, the game managed to nail it perfectly. The sound effects are excellent when it comes to immersing the players into the game. The music used is also very inspirational and sound a lot like something you’d hear during a hero rescue scene in a superhero movie.


If you thought War Conflict is like “every other MMORTS games out there”, well, you’ll quickly realize that you’re dead wrong. The gameplay itself and the pace of the game are incredibly refreshing, despite not being entirely unique. The game’s apparent simplicity may also fool quite a lot of players as to the game’s average difficulty, but once a player moved past the basics, he will soon realize that there are many factors in play, factors that they can utilize strategically to gain an upper hand against their opponent, be it another player or the game itself. So, if you’re looking for a strategy game that’s easy to get into, has a World War 2 theme and is fun all around, War Conflict is definitely the game to play. Try it now!

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New Game Added: War Conflict

by Aethyna Nov 23, 2016
With your commander’s squadron destroyed, you have been appointed the next commander in charge of pushing forward the war effort. Build up your army and conquer various locations around the campaign map or duke it out with another player via the Assault mode. Will you be victorious in the war? War Conflict: Assault PvP mode Combat in War Conflict War Conflict: Plane warfare Read More
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