Aug 13, 2019 by Aethyna

Wartune Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary and The Official Launch of Patch 9.0

Who doesn't love a celebration? Join in on all the fun at Wartune today! Wartune Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary and The Official Launch of Patch 9.0

When darkness falls, a metallic sound breaks out. One evening, the king governor of the Yoland continent has been badly injured by the invading evil, threatening people’s lives and making them homeless. You, as the descendant of the royal family, has the responsibility to draw away the devils and fight back for peace.

Occupy a town, prepare rations, recruit troops, upgrade the levels of the town to make yourself stronger, while bitterly striking the coming demons...

This soul-stirring scene is from one of the classic Browser MMORPG, Wartune, which will be completing 7 years in August. There will be a grand celebration made by Wartune official team both from Game Hollywood and R2 Games, bringing rich events, special title and themed clothes. The official fan page will also feature events, and players can win rewards by joining them.

Wartune Patch 9.0 will be online during this special period! New content in Patch 9.0 will bring up a new skill system - Nemesis, along with the new almighty equipment Peerage. Peerage Equipment is synthesized with Knighthood equipment with new materials and inherits from the original equipment, enchanted levels, refinement results, Gems, and Holy Forge levels. New skill and new equipment will upgrade the character on every side giving players more options to challenge the difficult dungeons and while also making suitable strategies on PvP battles.

Wartune Patch 9.0 is already available in some servers. Head on over to Wartune now and check out the new features!

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