Oct 14, 2016 by Aethyna Klondike Review

Visit the House of Horrors in Klondike!

Get ready for the greatest, creepiest fun of all time! Visit the House of Horrors in Klondike!

It's creaking and groaning all over, spiderweb-covered popcorn trickles from the ceiling, disembodied footsteps are thumping through the rows of seats... A group of bats is settled on the screen, and pitch darkness blankets the hall. Only a quiet whisper can be heard: Halloween's almost here and the spooky House of horrors invites all adventure-seeking explorers in Klondike for a visit!

However, the building is in dire disrepair. Help rebuild the place in Klondike and clean it out a bit while leaving a few cobwebs here and there for added effect.

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