Dec 27, 2016 by Aethyna

Ujoy's Clash of Dawn Gameplay Trailer

Darkness is invading the whole continent. Who can welcome the light of dawn?

People have fought with the Soul Army for thousands of years with the Holy Lord as their all-powerful leader. However, the Holy Lord was somehow subjugated by the Soul World and his mind was addled beyond repair. From defender to invader, he became one of the strongest Immortal of the Soul Army, and by his command, he ordered the Dark Souls to invade the realm.

The humans in the realm aren't exactly united either, but with wave after waves of evil Souls encroaching their lands, they realized that they had no choice but to band together or they will all perish. As a result, the Mourners are formed. Besides fighting the invaders, the main mission of the Mourners is to revive the Death Holy Sword and defeat the Immortal of the Soul Army. With the Immortal gone, the world might know peace once again.

Are you willing to join the Mourner and be the beacon of hope for all mankind? Stay tuned as we'll be taking a look at this game soon and publishing our take on the game.

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