May 5, 2021 by Aethyna

The Toxic Quarters Update in Arboria Is Now Live

The Toxic Quarters Update is here and a challenging opponent is waiting...

All in! Games has announced the release of Arboria’s 9th content update, the latest in a steady stream of updates to the game since it was released in Early Access last May. Developed by Dreamplant Studio, Arboria has garnered 77% positive reviews on Steam as it has evolved through time with the addition of new content and upgrades to the gameplay mechanics.

The Toxic Quarters Update introduces new levels and enemies, a new symbiont and mutation, a new gameplay mechanic, and a number of improvements and changes.

Some new features from the Toxic Quarters Update:

New Mutation: Mine Spitter

There is no shame in stealth. Plant a mine with the new Mine Spitter mutation and watch it explode when stepped on by enemies. In addition, you can use mana to charge up mines to deal more damage.

“Let my fruits explode into the faces of your enemies.” - Drupa Snoopa

New Symbiont: Chaindrill

Stab your enemies with a Chaindrill, a fancy weapon made up of a chain and two drills. Why two drills? If you use the attack enough, you’ll trigger a combo. Test the Symbiont to see all its possibilities.

“Pull and bore through their flesh, that is what this weapon was made for.” - Tadd da Bat

New Enemy: Behemoth

Behemoth is a hideous creature that roams the dungeons of Durnar. It’s rather slow and its attacks are close-ranged, but strong enough to deal serious damage. Behemoth is a great target to test your brand new Chaindrill on, so don’t wait till it comes for you—go out and get it!

New Miniboss: Banshee

Banshee is small, but fierce. This enemy can fly, attack from a distance, and it can create a hologram that will attack you for a while. Some say that a Banshee’s scream is an omen of death—you just need to make sure that it’s the Banshee that’s going to die.

New Gameplay Mechanic: Simulations - Godz Tests

Simulations are a set of challenges prepared by the Godz. They can be accessed by using a special device. Destroy all enemies in allotted time to pass the test and get special rewards. Do you have the courage to face whatever the Godz throw at you?

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