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The Third Age 7.2.4 Update Introduces the Fearsome Valkyrie and PvP

Free gift code INSIDE! The Third Age 7.2.4 Update Introduces the Fearsome Valkyrie and PvP

Free-to-play fantasy game, The Third Age, from R2Games is receiving an epic update. Version 7.2.4 brings two huge additions to the game, reinvigorating PvP and introducing a new hero that is sure to become the latest fan-favourite. And, to celebrate, PC and Mobile players can redeem a useful gift code to help bolster their playthrough.

The Third Age is a popular strategy title set within a fictional world rife with monsters and magic. Players must wield their wits and skill in order to seize victory from the global player-base. Ally with distinct factions each embroiled in a war that has enveloped the realm and lend them your sword. City-building, PvP, and quicking-thinking strategies each play their part in establishing dominance. And now the competition is heating up.

Version 7.2.4 brings even more compelling content to its sprawling setting. With it comes a new game mode to expand on the PvP mechanics. Plus, a brand new hero in the form of the spear-wielding Valkyrie has arrived. Level-up your gameplay and get ready to tackle the latest challenges put up by fellow players. Because, as is often the case in the fantastical world of The Third Age, fortune will favour the bold.

New Cross-Server Game

Abundant rewards await in the latest game mode to be introduced. Ranked battles that span across various servers pit player against player, with the most proficient warrior rising to the top and reaping the greatest prizes.

The Ladder competition system is divided into Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze ranks. With Diamond playing host to the best of the best, the top-five scorers in this rank can then lay claim to the title of ‘Master’. But beware of the covetous competition vying for the throne.

Each rank is achievable via a points-based system. With wins granting five points and losses removing three, once players achieve the necessary points they will ascend (or drop) in rank. With ranks being updated every five minutes, players can expect a dynamic and heart-pounding play through of this exciting PvP venture.

Once players have increased their points and ascended in rank, even greater rewards lie in store. Keep thwarting opponents to maintain your place in the hierarchy. Then once each Season reaches the end, all rewards will be sent via in-game mail based on each player’s performance.

Once the Season ends, it’s back to square one with each player reverting to zero points. From there, it’s a matter of starting from scratch and reasserting dominance in the global fray. Holding onto power is never easy, after all.

Rewards System

The Challenger reward is a treasure trove dished out to whichever player instigates a battle. Whether the challenger wins or loses, plenty of rewards will be dished out either way immediately after the battle. As any veteran warrior or MMO player will tell you, bravery deserves to be rewarded.

A new currency, Carbonados, can also now be spent at the shop. By participating in ranked battles, players can enjoy a payout every hour, with higher ranks receiving higher pay.

But it’s not just about cash, as valuable Gems are also awarded based on rank. Players will be allocated Gems based on their success at the end of each season. Rewards will then be cleared after each event, but items purchased in the shop will remain.

A New Hero Emerges

Spear-wielding Valkyrie is the latest hero to unleash her power on the world of The Third Age. Joining an already colourful cast of compelling heroes, players can now throw the weight of this seasoned warrior behind their campaign. And like her Norse namesake, she’s not to be trifled with.

This coveted champion harbours a lot of potential. Specialising in agile combat, Valkyrie will prove a welcome boon to your military prowess. Be sure to spend time studying where Valkyrie would be best placed in your team, and ensure that she and your other heroes play to each others’ strengths.
Gift Codes

To celebrate the release of The Third Age Version 7.2.4 players can get their hands on a gift. Be sure to follow the guide on how to redeem the code, after grabbing yours below:

PC: 71DADC41161D4DFF84E27914122342A8
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Whether you’re a returning player or new to The Third Age, there’s never been a better time to jump into this world of high fantasy and warfare. Play it for free via the official website via PC or Mobile, or visit the Huawei App Gallery or Google Play store.

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