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Support Thousand Miles Out on Kickstarter

You not only have to survive the dangers of the island; you need to escape from it! (Trailer video inside)

Inspired from the likes of Wasteland 2, and perhaps Flame of the Flood, Thousand Miles Out is a realistic, survival, point-and-click adventure game that offers progression, in the form of questing, crafting and building, and an ending... though whether the ending is a happy or a sad one depends on how well you play the game.

In Thousand Miles Out, the 4 characters in the game, each with their own special set of skills, are stranded on a seemingly safe tropical island after their research ship suffered technical damage and ran aground. They thought the worst is over, but they were wrong – the worst is yet to come!

Aside from needing to fulfil their basic needs like hunger and thirst, you’ll also need to make sure they have a good enough shelter against the elements as well as sufficient sleep and hydration. However, to do so, you’ll need resources, forcing you to direct your characters to venture deeper into the dense rainforests of the island to gather crafting materials and other necessities as they uncover new regions one by one. Of course, there are many dangers lurking in the thick forests and a lapse in awareness may result in the death of a member in the team.

Thousand Miles Out has a pretty straightforward crafting and building system, allowing you to create vital tools to building sturdy shelters that will keep your characters warm during those stormy nights. There are also quests that you can complete. These quests function as a kind of a guide, bringing you one step closer to being rescued every time a quest is completed.

The graphics in the prototype of the game look incredible as well. In fact, it does look like the devs already have had the framework all set up and ready - they simply needed the funds to actually hire the people they need to get started on the game. This brings us to their Kickstarter campaign for Thousand Miles Out.

They are offering a large range of incentives to those that donate, and provided you donated €20 and above, you are guaranteed a copy of the game when it released along with closed beta and early access. Naturally, the more you pledge, the more goodies you’ll get. Some of the best rewards include Kickstarter-exclusive skins, map, and alpha access.

If you're interested, there are still 27 days left to pledge your support for the game, and if you wish to do so you can click HERE.

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