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A prehistoric park tycoon simulator that offers unprecedented control to build your very own “Jurassic Park” and 3 unique perspectives to play as, Mesozoica may just become one of the best tycoon games ever… if only you could lend them a hand. Find out how!

A prehistoric park tycoon simulator that offers unprecedented customization options and control to build your very own “Jurassic Park” and 3 unique perspectives to play as, Mesozoica may just become one of the best tycoon games ever… if only you could lend them a hand!

However, before you do so, you might, like any good consumer or donor, want to know more about the game itself. Developed by the indie company, Underdog Interactive, Mesozoica is the only tycoon game that offers several different perspectives to play as. As mentioned, the game features 3 perspectives, namely classic tycoon mode, human mode and creature mode. Classic tycoon mode is pretty much the “build mode” of the game where you can design and decorate your own theme park from the ground up. For human mode, you are able to actually navigate your theme park in first/ third person (this feature is still in development) and view your park from the eyes of a human visitor.

Most interestingly is the creature mode which allows you to play as the dinosaur of choice! Do take note that these perspectives are not merely changes in the camera mode, but instead, you can actually control the dinosaur or human in question. That being said, in creature mode, you’ll be able to roam the park you’ve built with other dinosaurs you’ve populated it with and the best part? As the game offers a huge diversity of dinosaurs, which fortunately includes both aquatic and aerial creatures, you’ll also get to experience the aquatic habitat as an aquatic dinosaur or even fly around as one of the winged dinosaurs! There are speculations that the game will even allow you to attempt to break out from your areas in creature mode as well. Now, how awesome is that?

In addition to these modes, the game boasts of having over 50 dinosaurs available as of now and they plan on adding plenty more along the way. Some examples include Allosaurus fragilis, Carnotaurus, Utahraptor, Suchmimus, and Dunkleosteus. These creatures in Mesozoica are even realistically designed. Did you know some dinosaurs have feathers? Well, if not, now you do! These dinosaurs may strike you as weird-looking at first though. The game also offers options for players to use and create dinosaur skins for their various dinosaurs. For instance, you can make your long-necked Alamosaurus look like a giraffe. There are detailed research notes for each species of dinosaurs in this game as well!

The core of the game though is not only to collect all these dinosaurs but also to manage your prehistoric theme park to the best of your ability. You’ll need to construct various park utilities, pens and attractions to reel in visitors and keep them safe from potential harm. The game offers rich customization options for park designs as well. For example, there are different fences for herbivores and carnivores, and upgrades for these fences will also change their looks. There are even decorative add-ons that you can get for your pens and facilities, such as adding a swing in your hatcheries.

Being a simulation game, Mesazoica naturally has astonishing graphics (though at the moment, it may not look as polished). Everything is so detailed, particularly the dinosaurs and the buildings. The sounds in the game are also amazingly realistic - they actually wrestle with a live alligator just to get that one sound one of their dinosaurs needs!

If you’re still not convinced, you can head on over to their website right now, download the free demo and do test the game out. Or, if you wish, you could also catch them on their Twitch channel as they show off the gameplay of their game.

Once you’re blown away by what Mesozoica has to offer, be sure to check out their Kickstarter page. They are offering a huge array of goodies for their backers, including a copy of the game, beta access, digital soundtrack, and even exclusive dinosaur skins. Of course, the more you pledge, the more rewards you’ll get!

There are 4 days left to pledge your support for the game, and with only $5000 more to hit their target, every little bit does help! Join the over 600 backers today and donate generously by clicking HERE. Don’t forget to let your friends know about the game as well!

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