Oct 28, 2020 by Aethyna

Riders at the Ready! Equestriad World Tour Gallops Towards Early November Release

Licensed horse care and eventing game to release globally on November 5, on iOS and Android devices.

GoGallop Studios, a leading Australian mobile games developer, is excited to announce a new free to hay mobile title, Equestriad World Tour, now reaching a full canter towards a global release for iOS and Android devices on November 5, 2020.

Equestriad World Tour proudly holds the title of the first-ever fully-licensed equestrian mobile game. This is something GoGallop’s colt following of equestrian game fans has been calling for, and the studio is delighted to deliver that in Equestriad World Tour, featuring Badminton, Burghley, Kentucky, and Adelaide, the world’s preeminent 3-day eventing competitions.

World-renowned eventing course designers, including Mike Etherington-Smith, Capt. Mark Phillips and Ian Stark, can also be found in the game, with all likenesses accurately presented, allowing fans of the sport to enjoy a new level of immersion.

Step into the horseshoes of the world’s elite eventing riders, creating custom characters that represent the player. With equestrian sport being the only sport in the world where women compete on equal terms to men, all players will have the chance to (virtually) add their name to the list of eventing greats.

Players will nurture and train fillies and studs as they strive for success in dressage, cross-country, and jumping competitions. With a commentary team including the BBC’s Nicole Brown and Spencer Sturmey, and riding legends Lucinda Green and Mary King, Equestriad World Tour players will be able to enjoy the full, eventing experience.

Equestriad World Tour features:
- Care: Train, nurture, and groom your horse, strengthening your bond as they become a more powerful steed.
- Collect: Collect a variety of different horse breeds, each with their own stats and characteristics.
- Customize: Customise your horse with an array of exciting and beautiful-looking livery from the in-game Tack Shop.
- Compete: Gallop for glory in fully-licensed, three-day eventing competitions all around the world.
Equestriad World Tour will be available on iOS and Android devices.

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