Mar 9, 2018 by Aethyna

Record of Lodoss War Online's Guild Content Updated!

Teleport directly to the guild through ‘Guild Teleport’, access the Guild member-only ‘Guild Shop’, and participate in raiding the Guild Dungeon for precious loot! Record of Lodoss War Online's Guild Content Updated!

Fantasy MMORPG, ‘Record of Lodoss War Online’, co-created by L&K Co., Ltd (CEO Nam, Taeg Won, L&K), and GameOn Co., Ltd (Japanese subsidiary of Neowiz Games), updated its guild member exclusive ‘Guild Shop’ , ‘Guild Dungeon’ , and many other Guild Content on Feb 22nd (Thursday).

First, ‘Guild Teleport’ system has updated for guild members to easily teleport directly to ‘Guild Hall’ and ‘Guild Hideout’. Guild Master can manage, create, and register ‘Guild Hall’. A guild member can utilize the ‘Guild Teleport’ system.

Guild members also can purchase randomized items on ‘Guild Shop’. ‘5 Star Labyrinth Armor Box’ (the user receives additional abilities in the Labyrinth), ‘Eternal Shard Box’ (randomized accessory), ‘Elixir Box’, and two other boxes can be found in the ‘Guild Shop’

‘Guild Dungeon’ is also updated into two levels of difficulty. The Dungeon can be entered through the ‘Guild Dungeon Manager’, an NPC located in the ‘Guild Hall’. Easy Level Dungeon is available on every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Hard Level Dungeon is available on every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

‘Batis’, the ‘Ruler of Valley of Death’, and its three guards appear in the Easy Level Dungeon. ‘Rachas’, the ‘Conquerer of Burning Forest’, and its three henchmen, and 20 guards appear in the Hard Level Dungeon. Awards for completing the Dungeon are randomized from ‘reward box’ to ‘low-level adventurer association tactics textbook’ to ‘6-star rare weapon box’, and many precious items.

You can play Record of Lodoss War Online on GNG, JC Planet, or Warp Portal. You can find more information about the game on

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